12 Best things to do in Killington VT

Are you looking for the best things to do in Killington VT (Vermont)? Killington VT is a beautiful city located in Rutland County USA known for its best Ski resort in the eastern USA.

This lovely town is surrounded by verdant mountains, making it the perfect destination for a family holiday.

Outdoor enthusiasts are drawn to the natural beauty of the mountains and rural landscape all year long, but the Killington region truly shines when it is covered in snow.

Rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking, and camping are all popular summer activities in Killington, Vermont.

The city also includes a location for visitors who go on winter excursions and engage in winter sports like skiing, snowboarding, sledding, and snowshoeing.

So here are the top places to go if you’re seeking the best things to do in Killington, Vermont, both during the summer and the winter.

Things to do in Killington VT


1 Killington Ski Resortgondola lift 1949683 1920

Killington ski resort is also known as “The Beast of the East” is one of the best Ski destinations on the east coast of Killington Vermont.

The Ski resort which is located at 4763 Killington Rd, Killington is a thrilling destination for hiking, a bocce ball court, and a children’s playground.

With its lush greenery mountains and stunning fall color, the area makes a great summer holiday destination.

A wide range of winter activities is available for those who don’t ski, such as snowmobile tours, the Beast Coaster, bike rentals, beautiful gondola rides, sleigh rides, snowshoe tours, and a tubing park.

2 K1 Express Gondolayuta koike 8xqRNTHiUSY unsplash

Take the K1 express Gondola ride for a great vacation experience if you’re looking for the ideal way to explore Killington Ski Resort.

A takeoff ride from the K1 express Gondola ride will take you to the summit where you will find fantastic views of the surrounding neighborhood of Killington Mountain.

The neighboring mountains and the valley below can both be seen beautifully from the ride.

In the winter, the area appears to be a winter wonderland due to the snow-covered trees and walkways.
A once-in-a-lifetime experience, the gondola trip should not be missed.

3 Explore Coolidge State Parkthings to do in Killington VT

Coolidge state park is the best park in Killington Vermont known for Hiking, Camping, and picnicking.

The Park which is a few miles outside of Killington near Plymouth, Vermont, serves as the gateway to the Black River Valley and the Green Mountains.

The park’s campground features two camping loops with 25 RV/tent sites, 36 lean-to sites, a group camping area, a play area, a nature center, a picnic shelter, showers, and restrooms.

Snowmobiling is the best winter activity that usually took place on the Park tracks and roads.

4 Pico PeakThings to do in Killington vt in winter

The mountain Pico Peak is well-known for adventurous hobbies like skiing and snowmobiling.

The Pico is surrounded by beautiful lush forest and scenic views have a latitude of  3,957 feet, making it the sixth-highest peak in the state of Vermont.

The Sherburne Pass parking lot is the starting point for the hike, which starts as a steady rise. Wildflowers dominate the forest floor in this area, and there are a few tiny mountain streams.

Autumn, when the trees change color and the air is dry, is the ideal season for hiking to the summit.

Pico Peak is the ideal best thing to do in Killington VT in winter.

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5 Gifford Woods State Parkthings to do in Killington VT in winter

Gifford Woods State Park is a well-liked camping and hiking destination that is located at the foot of Pico Peak.

Gifford Woods State Park is a campground with two camping loops with 19 lean-to campsites, 21 RV/tent sites, and four cabins.

Every year, rainbow trout and brook trout are stocked in the park’s Kent Pond, making it a favorite fishing site for devotees.

In the summer, the park is lush and verdant; in the fall, it is painted in entrancing hues of red, orange, gold, and yellow. This is one of the top best things to do in Killington Vermont.

6 Visit Norman Rockwell Museumpeople 2944065 1920

Norman Rockwell Museum is a national museum house for the collection of Arts in Vermont.

Norman Rockwell Museum is A wonderful spot to spend the day viewing American Art.

Most people remember Rockwell as a painter and illustrator of scenes of the American people.

He is especially well-known for his Four Freedoms paintings, which were created in 1943 to coincide with President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s speech to Congress. His works of art are titled Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Worship, Freedom from Want, and Freedom from Fear.

The museum has in total of 2500 pieces of wildly known Art include magazine covers, calendar images, commercials, and book drawings.

7 Take An ATV Tourmotocross 1283236 1920

One of the best things to do in Killington, Vermont, is to go on an ATV tour in Vermont. The ATV tour is a guided tour of the area’s mountains and grounds.

The tour guide leads guests to the most attractive sites for exploration.
This is the most effective approach to exploring the countryside on foot with an ATV trip.

8 Visit Killington Peakemily ho n9T81H5AhaY unsplash

Being the second tallest peak in Vermont, Killington peak is a lush greenish mountain with an elevation of 4,241 feet (1,292 meters).

The Peak which is accessed by K1 Express Gondola is breathtaking with a scenic view.

One of the most enjoyable outdoor pursuits in Killington, Vermont, is climbing Killington Peak.

Take the Long Trail to the peak, though, if you enjoy hiking the Long trail which is one of the top hiking routes in the northeast.

At the Killington Peak Lodge, you can choose to eat or have a few beverages once you reach the summit.

Through its glass walls, the lodge at Killington Peak offers a panoramic view of the mountains.

9 Greenbrier Gift Shophubert buratynski Oyuul1nwaOI unsplash

In Killington, Vermont, the Greenbrier Gift Shop is a luxurious store offering distinctive gifts.

The store offers wonderful items that are sure to please everyone on your shopping list.

Buying items from the shop is one of the greatest ways to tell your loved ones about your trip to Killington, Vermont.

The Greenbrier Gift Shop offers a variety of beautiful gifts, such as jewelry, Votivo candles, gourmet foods from Vermont, Thymes fragrance products, framed art from various artists, throws from Kennebunk and Churchill Weaver, children’s and baby’s gifts, Vera Bradley bags, home decor items, and more.

10 Long Trail Brewing Companydrinks 1746272 1920

A stop at Long Trail Brewing Company for a cool beverage is among the best things to do in Killington Vermont.

The company, which is notable for providing a distinctive taste of beer scent, is situated along the Ottauquechee River in Killington, Vermont.

Visitors can experience a distinctive setting at the Long Trail Brewing Company that combines pleasant home comforts and modern architecture.

11 Pico Mountain Ski Resortpexels xue guangjian 1705667

Skiing at Pico Mountain Ski Resort is one of the most popular activities in Killington Vermont, both in the summer and winter.

During the winter, the Pico Mountain Ski Resort offers both tourists and residents a good area to go skiing and snowboarding.

Families and individuals who enjoy skiing have access to the Triple Slope Terrain Park at Pico Mountain Ski Resort, which is served by seven ski lifts.

At Pico Mountain’s central base, there are stone fireplaces, a pleasant lodge, and dining options which make it an ideal summer tourist destination.

12 North Star Lodge and Resortlodge 2438655 1920

A stop at North Star Lodge & Resort comes with an ease of wonderful adventure at Killington Vermont.

Located in Vermont’s Green Mountains, this lodge and resort is a home away from home that provides guests with a relaxing atmosphere.

North Star is ideally close to local restaurants, nightlife, and recreational activities.

Spending time on the lake, kayaking, fishing, biking, hiking, or visiting the Adventure Center are all options for visitors visiting North Star Lodge & Resort.

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