15 Best things to do in Cedar city

Cedar city is a well known festival city in the United State of America. Being a anticipated tourist destination. the city is highly rated for summer vacation and relaxation with plenty of fun things to do.

The city’s unique mountains, forest, desert, and beaches make it an ideal all-summer vacation center for numerous outdoor activities every summer.

The city attracts about 7,000-15,000 tourists each year and is situated 250 miles (400 km) south of Salt Lake City and 170 miles (270 km) north of Las Vegas.

Cedar City is a fantastic destination with a wealth of natural wonders, fascinating history, and stunning natural scenery. Some of the activities that abound in Cedar City are cycling, hiking, and discovering the national forest’s mountain waterfalls.

Navigate your vacation to Cedar with things to do in Cedar city.

  • Things to do in Cedar City

1 Cedar city Art Center

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Cedar city Art center is a famous tourist destination for lovers of outdoor events. the Art center which is located in the Red rock country in southern Utah is a famous artists’ community that serves as a monument to the state’s remarkable natural beauty for nature lovers.

the Art center is a showcase of frame work made by some US legendary artists of both past and current.

If you’re looking for the best things to do in Cedar city with the mixture of crafted Arts, Cedar city Art center got your taste covered. Is a best recommendation.

2 Cedar city’s Zions National Park

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Cedar city Zions national park is one of the most visited area in the west. the national park which is located in the southwestern Utah is famous for it natural beauty and hiking.

The formation is believed to have been created by winds, water, and layers of rocks and the park is home to a variety of plants and animals.

The park is a viewpoint for breathtaking of Virgin River which hiking and nature enthusiasts found the park enjoyable to explore.

3 Brigham Young University, Cedar City

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BYU preferably called is a non Governmental and nondenominational university which have been in existence for over four years.

The university is owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Letter-days Saints which is dedicated to arts and science discovery.

The BYU is open for every nature lovers and religious believe, which makes it one of the best destinations to visit in Cedar city. Here, you can enjoy yourself to the fullest by experiencing the picturesque beauty, the warm locals, and the distinctive building design.

4  Park Discovery

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One of the best things to do in Cedar city is visiting Park Discovery with friends and love ones. The park is a destination that buy you much happiness and fun life.

The park is a memorable day trip vacation spot in Cedar city that has a vibrant play area with plenty of play equipment that consistently captures the interest of young kids and older siblings.

Park discovery is a perfect destination with good environment to stay glue to your love ones

5 Visit Timpanogos Cave

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Timpanogos Cave is ideal location for travelers and tourist vacation center to visit in Cedar city. The Caves is one of the most exciting spot to visit.

The caves were named a national monument in 20006 and are the largest known caves in the entire world.

Timpanogos Caves is a famous cave in America believed by the natives as the rest place and escaping from wild animals.

Timpanogos caves is located in Utah, and one of top rated tourist attraction in Cedar city.

6 Utah Shakespeare Festival

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The Utah Shakespeare Festival is one of the oldest festival events in North America. The festival is an annual celebration held at Southern Utah University that features William Shakespeare’s plays.

The event took place yearly from June till October which Actors’ Equity Association members from across the nation perform in the principal roles at the Utah Shakespeare Festival.

The festival is a leading occasional event that attract many people all over the world which is one of the things to do in Cedar city.

7 Cedar Breaks National Monument

ronald diel JaptXYc yKc unsplash

Breaks National Monument is a canyon with different geological formations located at the southern end of Cedar Mountain in Utah.

The monument has a beautiful canyon formations that attract visitors of mostly photographers and hikers around the globe.

The monument is ideal location for selfies and breathtaking of the surrounded mountains.

8 Visit Red Hills

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 Red Hills is a good formation of canyon is the southern parts of Utah in Cedar city. the hills rough region with a long historical manifestation.

The hills is a definition of walking and trekking in a botanical garden with a view of beautiful desert plants.

Visiting the Red hills is one the best things to do in Cedar city. in addition, it offers a pleasant refuge from the hustle and bustle of the city.

9 Camping at Sunset Campground

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Camping at Sunset Campground is one the top things to do in Cedar city and is a gateway for many immigrants and adventurers in the 1800s and the early 1900s.

The campground is the perfect place to relax after a workout. Families can spend quality time together at the campground while taking advantage of the great weather and the many nearby attractions.

This is the best place to spend an outdoor weekend with family and friends in an exquisite environment.

10 Cedar City Visitors Center

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The Cedar City Visitors Center is a collection of information about the rural, urban, forest, mountains, and resort areas that make up Cedar City.

The place is filled with information about ideal attractions and tourist destinations in the city. the house which consist of consists of brochures, pictures, antiques, and maps that tell a better city’s historical artifacts on how the city became famous attractions in United State and the whole world.

11 IG Winery & Tasting Room

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Located in the downtown of Cedar City, IG Winery & Tasting Room is a product-blend vintage company that is into wine and blended whisky production.

Doug McCombs, a talented winemaker who is passionate about creating good wines with unique ingredients, creates IG Winery & Tasting Room wines.

The IG Winery and Testing Room is a fascinating location to unwind and take in the lush surroundings with a taste of evocative memory.

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12 Dixie National Forest

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Dixie National Forest is an adventure for those who enjoy the outdoors and want to learn more about the forest and its historical manifestation.
With two million acres, the magnificent Dixie National Forest is a national forest that is home to numerous natural wonders.

The location hosts fantastic outdoor events that highlight a breathtakingly gorgeous forest. is fantastic for camping, fishing, and hiking in addition to sightseeing.

13 Cedar Ridge Golf Course

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Cedar Ridge Golf Course should be in your agenda cause is one of the best things to do in Cedar city. The golf course which is open for everyone of ages is a par 72 golf course is ideal for beginners.

During the round, obstacles like trees, water, and undulating greens will provide you with a variety of difficulties that will have you coming back for more.

Additionally, the Cedar Ridge Golf Course has dining facilities that are great for a variety of events, including corporate and group outings.

The place is a perfect place to learn golf and also have fun to the fullest.

14 Visit Hogle Zoo

wilkins morales eLcPJeK Unk unsplash

Hogle Zoo is one of the largest zoo in the world and the zoo is about few minute drive from Utah.

They have a wide variety of creatures on show, including monkeys, pythons,  tortoises in addition to bears, giraffes, rhinoceroses, and lions.

in addition to some of the animals in the zoos includes Haribo, Twix, and Skittles.

Hogle zoo is one of the best places to visit in Cedar city.

15  New Harmony Apple Festival & Fall Harvest

A trip to Cedar city is incomplete without a touch down to New Harmony Apple Festival & Fall Harvest.

The festival happen yearly where you get to see thousands of travelers who comes to have a taste of American Old West.

The event serves as a yearly fund-raiser for the volunteer fire department, which uses the capital to purchase equipment and supplies that save lives.

These are some of the annual events that draw tourists to Cedar City each summer.


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