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15 Best Things to do in Derby, England

Thinking of the best things to do in Derby, Derbyshire is an industrial city in England well known for its cotton and silk spinning industry that dates back to the 18th century.

The city, which is situated along the banks of the River Derwent, is renowned for its high-tech influence on all of England.

There are numerous tourist attractions in Derby, including historical landmarks, factories, buildings, and parks, as well as the city museum, which provides comprehensive information about some of the city’s elite.

The city is the birthplace of  Joseph Wright, a painter credited with capturing the spirit of the early Industrial Revolution, and you can view many of his works at the Derby Museum and Art Gallery.

From its outdoor events to its historic castle to its parks and industry, Derby is a diversified region that appeals to a wide range of tourists.

Here are the best things to do in Derby to help you schedule your trip

Things to do in Derby


1 Derby Cathedral Quarter

things to do in DerbyThe number one place to check out whenever you trip to Derby is Derby Cathedral Quarter. The place is a few miles away from Derwent River comprising Restaurants and shopping venues.

There are many restaurants and nightlife alternatives in this stunning area, where the architecture of the industrial revolution is still proudly on exhibit, to keep you entertained during your trip.

Additionally, Derby Cathedral boasts the second-largest tower in England, which is only accessible to guests once every month. Make time to visit the Cathedral which is among Derby’s things to do.


2 Derby Museum and Art Gallery

Derby things to doFor history buffs, the Derby Museum of Art and Gallery is a must-see destination. Visitors will find the museum appealing due to its intro and decoration.

The collection’s varied subjects include geology, archaeology, natural history, and military history.

The first step for tourists is learning about the fascinating lives of some of the city’s aristocracy and the historical events that occurred. Families and individuals who want to learn something new can tour the museum.


3 Derwent River

things to do in DerbyDerwent River visitation is one of the top things to do in Derby. If you want to experience a natural setting free from the effects of contemporary life, this is the perfect location to go.

beginning a 2-mile stroll that begins from Saint Mary’s Bridge and travels south along the river’s west bank. You’ll pass by a lot of lush parklands and other vegetation along the journey that will make you feel far from the city.


4 Visit Foremark Reservoir

things to do in DerbyForemark Reservoir is among the best outdoor things to do in Derbyshire. It serves as the starting point for sightseeing and relaxation.

Additionally, there are other outdoor activities available for guests to partake in the area, including horseback riding, birdwatching, and fishing.

Community woods, Jack and Jill willow sculptures, a variety of fauna, stunning views, and Carvers Rocks Site are just a few of the spectacular attractions that abound in the place.


5 Markeaton Park

things to do in DerbyMarkeaton Park comprises 207 acres of garden in Derbyshire. This is one of the city’s ancient sites dating back since 18 century of its erection.

Is perfect that makes up summer vacation in the city that welcomes millions of visitors every year with a wide range of activities and facilities beginning with its count crazy golf, donkey rides, a bouncy castle, a craft village, a high ropes course, pitch and putt, a paddling pool for toddlers, a boating lake, and a children’s park.


6 East Midlands Aeropark

things to do in DerbyThe Aeropark is a booming international passenger and freight airport that serves as an aviation museum where visitors can study preserved historical aircraft or witness modern airliners landing and taking off.

There are both indoor and outdoor exhibits in the region, and a significant number of beautifully preserved vintage aircraft are on display.
The aeropark hosts open cockpit days many times a year where youngsters can take a seat in the cockpit of their favorite aircraft.

7 Kedleston Hall

things to do in DerbyIf you’re looking for the top things to do in Derby, stop by Kedleston Hall to see the city’s actual architecture and culture. The Hall is made up of three-story buildings connected by passageways and 21 finely adorned columns.

There are so many decorations that draw people to the Hall. Also, Derby also has many culturally preserved places like this, which include Haddon Hall, Hardwick Hall, and Sudbury Hall.


8 Darley Park

things to do in DerbyDarley Park is 80 acres of rolling fields and forest on both banks of the Derwent River. The park can be easily reached through Darley Abbey, an 18th-century mill village.

The Park is well known for its flower beds and was inaugurated to the general public on the same day as Markeaton Park in 1921.

In Britain, the park is home to the largest collection of hydrangeas, 400 different types, and is renowned for its spectacular display of color from May to June.


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9 Drive along Swarkestone Bridge

things to do in DerbySwarkestone bridge is among the top sights in Derby. The bridge is one of the ancient and medieval bridges in England linking the villages of Swarkestone and Stanton.

The bridge has consistently demonstrated its strategic value. It served as the primary Trent crossing in the English Midlands for over 300 years and the only crossing between Burton on Trent and the City of Nottingham.

The Bridge is a prime example of Derby’s antique and medieval architecture and a wonderful place to sight around the city.


10 Pride Park Stadium

things to do in DerbyOne of the amazing places in England to watch football is Pride Park Stadium. The stadium is a 33,597 capacity and is among the top 20 biggest stadiums in England.

The two figures pictured in front of the stadium’s entrance are Peter Taylor and Brian Clough, both of whom are well-known among English league fans.

The stadium is the official stadium of one of the English clubs Derby County.


11 Visit The Flowerpot

things to do in DerbyThe Flowerpot is a laid-back location in the center of Derbyshire and one of the best spots in the city of Derby to sample unadulterated beer.

This well-liked neighborhood bar offers 14 different true ales, a robust variety of unfiltered beer that is hand-pulled from a cellar below. The place is among Derby’s things to do for most adults.

The Flowerpot is a great place to catch acoustic musicians performing soulful music on weeknights, and rock bands performing on weekends.


12 Derby Market Hall

things to do in DerbyDerby Market Hall is a must-see in the city even if you’re not shopping. The main draw of the hall is its enormous size and vaulting metal and glass design, which is complemented by its opulent galleries.

Every day but Sunday, the Market Hall is open for business and features stalls offering standard groceries including fish, meat, fruit, vegetables, freshly baked bread, cheese, and candy.

Don’t leave the market without trying a classic Derbyshire meal called a pyclet, which resembles a crumpet and comes with a selection of sweet or savory toppings.


13 Donington Grand Prix

things to do in DerbyOne of the exciting things to do in Derbyshire is to visit Donington Grand Prix, a sporting arena close to East Midlands Airport and England’s first permanent park racing circuit, founded in 1931.

Donington Grand Prix is a collection of F1 cars, including a whole set of Vanwalls from the 1950s and 1960s, a number of McLaren, Williams, and BRM vehicles, as well as rare four-wheel drive F1 cars.

Before the Second World War, it served as the site of the Donington Grand Prix. After that, it served as a military vehicle depot before being converted back into a speedway in the 1970s.


14 Ride on Heights of Abraham

things to do in DerbyHeights of Abraham is a car in the hilltop park on Masson Hill located in Matlock Bath. At the place, there are two adventure playgrounds where you can let your kids play and enjoy the view.

The fossil factory, heritage estate, and walking routes are just a few of the major attractions in the vicinity.

Visitors can take advantage of two well-known cavern excursions, see movies at the High Falls Film Theatre, and view the exhibit at the Masson Pavilion.


15 Visit Derby Gaol

things to do in DerbyOne of the prominent things to do in Derby is to visit Derby Goal. It is an ancient prison house from the 18th and 19th centuries but was later turned into a museum.

Derby Gaol is said to be one of the most haunted locations in the UK, which is unsurprising for a site with such a scary history. The owner hosts an evening ghost walk around the city center that begins and concludes at the Gaol.

The structure housed many executions in the 18th and 19th centuries, and the museum contains replica gallows, preserved cells, and narratives from the time.


Best Time to Visit Derbyshire

The city has a frigid winter and a summer that is moderately mild. The hottest month is July.
Late June to late August is the ideal time of year to visit Derby for warm-weather activities.


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