17 Best fun things to do in Mossel Bay

things to do in Mossel Bay

Mossel Bay is one of the top places to go in South Africa if you’re looking for an exciting place to go. This lively metropolis is a top-rated place to have a good time with family and loved ones.

There are always fun things to do in Mossel Bay for both young and old.

You will be astounded by the range of tourist attractions available here, regardless of your preferences. Visit the downtown area to look for museums, shops, or that next tasty lunch.

What piques your interest? At the restaurant, you’ve been hearing about, a delicious five-course dinner? Or perhaps you’d prefer to sit in one of the town’s many cafes and read the newspaper while drinking hot coffee. Attend a performance at the theater or simply stroll down the main road while observing people go about their daily lives.

For a better travel experience, here is the list of top things to do in Mossel Bay.

Top things to do in Mossel Bay

1 Mossel Bay Zipline

things to do in Mossel BayMossel Bay Zipline is situated over the beautiful Indian Ocean, this zip line glides you over the cliffs of the Bay. The Bay Zipline is the longest over-ocean zipline in the world.

Adventurers are greeted at base camp, where a thorough safety briefing and all safety gear will be distributed. Once outfitted, adventurers will be taken to the start for an unforgettable experience.

With a length of over 1.1 km and a height of almost 90 m above sea level, adventurers can anticipate dizzying speeds of over 80 km/h, making this one of the most daring experiences on the garden route zip lines. Perfect for both families and adventurers.

2 Hike At St Blaize and Oystercatcher trails

things to do in Mossel BayThe St. Blaize Trail is a popular 13.5 km trail that follows the 30-meter contour along the cliffs westwards from the Cape St. Blaize Lighthouse and ends at Dana Bay.

It begins at the Cave below the Lighthouse, and ends on the beach at Dana Bay (it can be run in either direction, or do an out & back run), and is marked in white with the sign of the Oystercatcher, as it forms part of the greater Oystercatcher trail starting at the Gourits river mouth.

3 Cape St. Blaize Lighthouse

things to do in Mossel BayOverlooking Mossel Bay is the active Cape St. Blaize Lighthouse. A rectangular structure with red tiles and a white exterior stands atop a moss-covered cliff. Its tower rises above it.

This magnificent lighthouse, which overlooks the Indian Ocean, is a great place to spot whales, dolphins, and ships offshore. Enjoy a picnic with your friends and family while sitting on the lawn in front of the magnificent lighthouse.

Discover fascinating animals in this peaceful area, including rock badgers. Visit the building in the evening when the night sky is dark and the structure is lit up. The 46-foot (14-meter) tall lighthouse has a balcony and a lantern.

Due to the attractive surroundings and bustling towns on the Western Cape, it should be noted that the lighthouse was a preferred place for lightkeepers to work. Cape St. Blaize Lighthouse is one of the top-rated places to visit especially for families.

4 Bartolomeu Dias Museum Complex

things to do in Mossel BayThe Bartolomeu Dias Museum Complex is a multidisciplinary organization devoted to preserving and advancing the country’s natural and cultural heritage.

The complex, which is named for a well-known Portuguese nobleman and explorer, houses the largest shell museum in Africa, a botanical garden, and a display of maritime history.

The site’s main attraction is a life-size reproduction of the caravel, a modest sailing vessel, that Bratolomeu Dias utilized.

5 Robberg Nature Reserve

things to do in Mossel BayAmong things to do around Mossel Bay is to visit the Robberg Nature Reserve. Dunes, unspoiled, uninhabited beaches, and magnificent circuit paths are among the attractions in Robberg Nature Reserve.

Select a hiking route from a range with varied levels of difficulty and length, and then embark on a self-guided excursion to take in the reserve’s breathtaking landscape, capture some priceless photos, or enjoy a picnic on a stretch of sand that looks like it belongs on a postcard.

You might see several whales and dolphins as well as a colony of fur seals along the route.

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6 Friemersheim Diy Walk

things to do around Mossel BayOne of the enjoyable stops that is a must for families traveling to this region of South Africa is the Friemersheim DIY Walk.

In 1870, a mission outpost called Friemersheim was founded. It had no genuine use for many years after that and was merely admired for its charming old-fashionedness. The town is currently positioned on a circular path through the Garden Route scenery.
A refreshing cup of tea can be enjoyed in Hester Uithaler’s garden in the center of the old hamlet as part of the DIY tour, which also includes a stop at a lavender nursery with 10 distinct varieties of the plant.

7 Fragrance Route

things to do in Mossel BayFragrance Route was created to commemorate the diversity and sheer beauty of this wonderful stretch of South African coastline. The Fragrance Route is also located in this lovely region of the Western Cape, tucked between Mossel Bay and George.

The Fragrance Route has some amusing attractions including Brothers Coffee Roastery, Hakuna Matata Game Farm, The Kobus Halliday Car Museum, The Great Brak Museum, and others.

This trail, which circles the Great Brak River and is roughly 40 kilometers long and passes through the stunning Garden Route region, which is peppered with pleasant stops. It is open to visitors all through the year by appointment.

8 Mossel Bay Craft Art Workshop

fun things to do in Mossel BayOne of the many fun things to do in Mossel Bay is to go to the Mossel Bay Craft Art Museum. The Mossel Bay Craft Art Workshop exhibits works made by local artists, including glass art, paper mache, township art, hand embroidery, beadwork, and other crafts.

The location is quickly gaining a reputation as housing one of the most varied collections of locally made craft art along the Garden Route and serving as a role model for empowering skilled local artisans.

You may not only see the artists at work but there are also many interesting presents to pick from.

9 Visit Santos Beach

things to do in Mossel BaySantos Beach is a sandy coastal region known as a popular place for whale and dolphin sightings. The area of the beach in the back is popular with tourists and locals alike due to the interesting landmarks, stores, and restaurants that line it.

Swimming in the clear, warm water of this lovely Santo beach is a great way to spend time with family or other loved ones.

Take pleasure in the peace of the beach, which is surrounded by a row of trees and other vegetation. Enjoy a picnic with friends by spreading out a blanket on the sand.

Participate in water sports including paddle boarding, surfing, and fishing. To see the variety of colorful fish here, snorkeling is very popular in the clean water. Stay till the sunset to take pictures of the yachts silhouetted against the night sky.

10 Enjoy A Sunset Cruise At The Seven Seas

things to do in Mossel BayThe Seven Seas is a 60-foot motorized luxury catamaran that has a reputation for providing passengers with an enjoyable trip in comfort and style while taking in stunning scenery.

Among the services provided by Seven Seas is dining selections. Other benefits include hour trips, excursions to seal islands, sunset cruises, and champagne breakfasts. They also serve delicious pub fare, lunch, or cake and tea.

For a luxury lifestyle in Mossel Bay, The Seven Seas is an ideal place to visit.

11 Horseback Riding Tours

things to do in around Mossel BayHorseback riding is one of the many outdoor activities available in Mossel Bay. Bozzola Equestria is one of the well-known firms in Mossel Bay that offers horseback riding activities.

Whether you are an experienced rider or this is your first encounter with one of these powerful animals, Bozzola caters to your needs and abilities.

The trails are leisurely and take around two hours to finish as they wander along the base of the majestic Outeniqua Mountain Range. You can explore Mossel Bay’s natural beauty by passing through farms, walking through woodlands, and following old routes.

To make sure that everyone has a pleasant and enjoyable time, snacks and refreshments are offered (to horse and rider!).

12 Visit Cape St. Blaize Cave

fun things to do in Mossel BayThe Cape St. Blaize Cave is a rough grotto that was inadvertently formed into a rock face that faces the ocean. The cave’s roof is occupied by an antique lighthouse with a beautiful wooden viewing platform.

The cave’s aperture, which is 72 feet (22 meters) wide, provides a breathtaking view of the ocean and the fierce waves that crash at the cave’s base.

Discuss the site’s fascinating past with your friends. Due to the fact that bats once lived there, the location is also known as the Bat’s Cave.

Take pictures from the exterior of this fascinating shelter. Be sure to stay away from the sharp rocks when you join the swimmers in the water next to the cave. Enjoy a picnic on one of the boulders with a blanket spread out and the sound of crashing waves as a backdrop.

13 Hartenbos Seefront

things to do in Mossel BayHartenbos Seefront is the ideal location for getting active, whether you choose to play sports or engage in vigorous exercise.

If, like most people, you adore the term “free,” you’ll be pleased to learn that this sport and fitness center is indeed free. While you’re in the area, make sure to visit Santos Beach, Botlierskop Private Game Reserve, and Mossel Bay Golf Club. A visit to the Hartenbos Seefront is one of the fun things to do around Mossel Bay.

14 Nkonzo Wildlife Research

things to do in Mossel BayNkonzo is a private conservation and research organization that specializes in the Fynbos Biome of South Africa.

Nkonzo is a leader in non-invasive, moral conservation and research efforts, focusing on the practical application and impact of conservation projects and research.  The research focuses on regional conservation management, behavioral ecology, and human-wildlife coexistence.

For lovers of wildlife, a visit to Nkozo wildlife research is one of the interesting things to do in Mossel Bay.

15 Garden Route Casino

things to do in Mossel BayLocated on Pinnacle Point in Mossel Bay, the Garden Route Casino is a popular entertainment spot with gaming excitement, dining, lodging, events, and shows.
Visitors can take advantage of the gaming facilities, which include 16 gaming tables (including 3 poker tables), a Salon Prive, The Admirals’ Buffet, a quick food section, and a Cosmic Candy Sweet Shop. There are 412 slot machines in all.

There is a play area and creche for the kids.  Garden Route Casino forms part of the Pinnacle Point Estate and Golf Resort which is ranked as one of the top 10 new golf courses internationally.

16 Langeberg Mall

fun things to do in Mossel BayOne of the fun things to do in Mossel Bay is a trip to Langeberg Mall. Located right off the N2 and halfway between Mossel Bay and Hartenbos on the Garden Route, Langeberg Mall is an outdoor shopping center with glimpses of the town’s maritime past.

The Mall welcomes you with the scent of an ocean breeze and clear blue skies, which quickly relaxes you and makes shopping much simpler.

The Langeberg Mall has plenty of open, free underground parking, making shopping there hassle-free. You can choose from a wide range of national stores, including those that offer fashion, food, jewelry, financial services, and beauty products. Enjoy a culinary adventure while watching restaurant chefs prepare delicious meals.

17 Pinnacle Point Beach and Golf Resort

things to do in Mossel BayAfter paying the entrance fee, take your time and enjoy Pinnacle Point’s golfing location to the fullest. Pinnacle Point Beach and Golf Resort are close to Santos Beach, Botlierskop Private Game Reserve, and Mossel Bay Golf Club if you’re looking for more exciting sightseeing excursions in the vicinity.

Pinnacle Point Beach and Golf Resort is a great place to improve your swing. For an afternoon of fun and fresh air, round up your buddies, schedule a tee appointment, and hit the fairways.

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Frequent-Asked Questions About Mossel Bay

What is Mossel Bay famous for? Ans is known for its natural beauty and beaches.

Is Mossel Bay worth a visit? Ans With its many popular attractions, including Bartolomeu Dias Museum Complex, Mossel Bay Post Tree, and ReedValley, making it is well worth a visit.

Is Mossel Bay close to Cape Town? Ans Mossel Bay lies 400 kilometers east of the country’s seat of parliament, Cape Town.

What language is spoken in Mossel Bay? Ans The first language of 67.6% of the population is Afrikaans, while 21.5% speak Xhosa, 6.5% speak English and 1.3% speak Sotho.

Is there a train from Cape Town to Mossel Bay? Ans The Train by locals, and situated at Santos beach, Mossel Bay in the heart of the famous Garden Route of South Africa.

How much does it cost to go to Mossel Bay? Ans Bus or fly from Johannesburg to Mossel Bay? The best way to get from Johannesburg to Mossel Bay is to fly which takes 3h 56m and costs R 1 200 – R 7 000.

Best Time to Visit Mossel Bay

The best and the biggest month to visit Mossel Bay is from March, April, and May. This is the ideal period to unwind and enjoy Mossel Bay’s seasonal activities. Tourists are unlikely to visit Mossel Bay in December.










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