18 Fun things to do in Swansea

Looking for a city that is elegant with history, museums, ancient castles, sandy beaches, and galleries,  Swansea happens to be the city that has all these features.

This beautiful city located in Wales is best known for its historical formation, the city has everything that travelers required to keep themselves busy.

Swansea is rich with culture and the lifestyle of the Walsh which will interest both history buffs and lovers of nature. For better travel convenience, we have listed the top fun things to do in Swansea.

Fun things to do in Swansea

1 National Waterfront Museum

things to do in SwanseaIf your history addict, then this museum will captivate you just a 10-minute walk from Swansea railway station. With exhibits spanning that span centuries, the Waterfront Museum tells the story of Wales and its industry, all housed in a contemporary glass and slate building.

At the museum, you’ll learn about the role that Wales’ famous docks played in trade, or simply admire the boats while learning about the area’s vital canal system.

There is something to interest everyone’s attention, from archeological discoveries like mammoth teeth, bones, and golden artifacts discovered in Welsh soil to artwork from the 16th century up until the Industrial Revolution and the creative concepts that influenced UK manufacture. The entrance is free, making it the ideal family outing.

2 Three Cliffs Bay

Screenshot 20221222 230215It takes 20 minutes to drive from downtown Swansea to Three Cliff Bay, a stunningly gorgeous bay on the Gower Peninsula’s south coast. It’s a great area for a walk or a picnic and is so named because of the three cliffs that jut into the harbor.

The main beach is actually surrounded by a number of other beaches on each side. Be aware that they are typically only reachable when the tide is out and the area resembles one big beach.

The location is so fascinating that many visitors find it to be so enjoyable that they park their caravans nearby and go on camping vacations. Some people bring their dogs with them to play in the water.

3 Stroll in Clyne Gardens

Screenshot 20221222 230423The Clyne garden is one of the best places to be in Swansea as a visitor. The garden is so lush in nature making it an ideal top location for couples to explore.

This magnificent botanical garden, which was previously a part of the old Swansea Castle, was founded in 1860 and is renowned for its vibrant displays of rhododendrons and azaleas. It has 47 acres of parkland and gardens.

The gardens contain over 2,000 different plant species in total, including over 800 different types of rhododendrons mentioned before. An ancient admiral constructed a charming gazebo as a park centerpiece to monitor ships entering Swansea Bay.

4 Plantasia Tropical Zoo

things to do in SwanseaPlantasia Tropical Zoo is a fully immersive experience that lets guests get up and personal with a variety of animals and plants. It is situated at the Parc Tawe shopping center.

About 5000 plants thrive in two climate-controlled regions that are composed of a tropical jungle and an arid region. These feature gigantic bamboo, bromeliads, orchids, and palms, giving visitors the ability to easily picture themselves in a real rainforest.

Water features with scary red-bellied piranha, colorful koi, crocodiles, caimans, and pythons sunbathing around the pools can be found within the areas of lush flora.

Bright macaws abound in the trees, and through the undergrowth are glimpses of meerkats, marmosets, and sleek leopard cats.

Visitors can participate in a variety of zoo activities, such as assisting with crocodile feedings, keeping an eye on the tarantulas, or watching over the meerkats while they eat. Many of the animals can also be adopted.

5 Plantasia

Screenshot 20221222 231033It was established in 1990 and has two climate zones: dry and tropical. This enormous public hot-house is located just outside the city center.

Covering an area of around 70 square miles, many come for the glorious beaches, such as Llangennith, Oxwich Bay, and Rhossili, which are especially popular with surfers and families.

Along with meeting some very unique locals like tarantulas, parrots, chameleons, and geckos, visitors may learn all about the local flora and fauna. At Plantasia, which served as a backdrop for an episode of the cult BBC show Doctor Who, you may have a ton of fun for hours.

The peninsula is also home to no less than six castles, as well as a large number of cairns and standing stones, some of which date as far back as the Upper Paleolithic period.

The wildlife is also stunning; seals, dolphins, and porpoises are commonly seen near the coast, while cormorants, razorbills, and snowy-feathered kittiwakes build their nests on the craggy cliff walls. On the Gower, there is something surprising and inspiring around every corner.

6 Singleton Park

things to do in SwanseaIf you’re interested in outdoor things to do in Swansea, Singleton park got you covered. There are lots to do at the Park if you’re up for anything, including boating and a reservoir, as well as crazy golf, an adventure playground, botanical gardens, and a museum.

When the pedalos are not in use, the lake has roughly 11 pegs available for anglers and includes a number of carp, tench, bream, and roach.

You can also explore the 18-hole crazy golf course, the adventure playground, and the stunning flowery borders and expansive glasshouses at Singleton Botanical Gardens. You can also have a relaxed family competition there.

7 Ninja Warrior UK Adventure Park

Screenshot 20221222 231330One of the fun things to do in Swansea with families with kids is to visit the Ninja warrior adventure park in the city.

Are you an aspiring ninja? Fortunately for you, The Ninja Warrior UK Adventure Park Swansea is always a terrific spot for entertaining yourself and honing your agility and ninja skills.

You get the opportunity to unleash your inner ninja champion at Ninja Warrior Adventure UK Adventure Park Swansea, which was inspired by the popular ITV show. Using and honing your Ninja skills, you can climb, balance, jump, and swing across various obstacles.

For families that want to have a fun fill outing, the park is the ideal destination to visit and keep the kids active.

8 Limitless Trampoline Park

Screenshot 20221222 231507There are always a lot of fun and interesting things to do at Limitless Trampoline Park. The park is best known for providing a safe, clean and fun environment for children and adults.

If you want to check out all the wonderful amenities available, “Open Bounce” trampoline sessions are excellent for you!

87 trampolines, the Foam pit, Basketball lanes, Walk the Wall, the Interactive light zone, Flip lanes, and Activity Zone is all available for bouncers to let wild on. In the main park, there are additional angled walls and launch decks to give your skills a different dynamic.

Prior to using the trampolines, anybody under the age of 18 must have a waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian.

Bouncers under the age of six must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. One may go for free; each extra set of parents or legal guardians costs £5. Additionally, grip socks costing £2 each must be purchased by each bouncer.

9 Swansea Castle

Screenshot 20221222 232249The ruins of the massive castle that has protected Swansea since the 1100s are conveniently located in the city center of Swansea.

The castle, which occupied a sizable 4.6 acres when it was built by Henry de Beaumont, the first Earl of Warwick and Lord of Gower, has witnessed numerous battles over the years.

In addition, it served a variety of purposes, including those of a bottle factory, a workhouse, a post office, and a military drill room in 1670. Even the South Wales Daily Post, an early employer of the well-known Welsh poet Dylan Thomas, called it home.

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10 Visit the Glynn Vivian Art Gallery

Screenshot 20221222 232357Richard Glynn Vivian, a well-traveled art collector from a prosperous copper family, bequeathed his creative creations to the Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, which was established in 1911 to display them.

The gallery had a multi-million dollar restoration in 2016, making it a more contemporary location to house art gathered over the previous century.

Today, the Glynn Vivian Art Gallery is supported by a grant from the Arts Council of Wales and the Heritage Lottery Fund.

It has a diverse collection of works from various visual artists, including modern Welsh painters Bedwyr Williams, Gwen John, Ceri Richards, and Augustus John as well as works by masters like Claude Monet. Additionally, it has ties to London’s renowned Tate galleries.

11 Oystermouth Castle

Screenshot 20221222 232621Oystermouth Castle sits majestically on the hill in Mumbles, with stunning views overlooking Swansea Bay. The Castle is now closed for the winter during weekdays but remains open on weekends in October, 11 am-5 pm, last entry at 4.30 pm.

The Castle appears to be larger than it actually is when seen from the foot of the slope. For families that want to focus on the historical legacy of the city, this is a fun day excursion to check out whenever you visit the city of Swansea.

12 Norwegian Church

Screenshot 20221222 232739During the 18th, 19th, and early 20th centuries, Wales saw its fair share of Norwegian seamen. The Grade II listed Norwegian Church in Swansea was reconstructed in 1910 in the center of the Dock district after being originally constructed at Newport Docks farther down the coast.

It was scheduled to be moved once more in 2004 to its current location, where it is currently a jewelry store.

The Church was originally built as a place of worship for Norwegian sailors when they visited the UK. It was relocated to Swansea in 1910 at a site directly opposite the Sainsbury’s supermarket on the River Tawe.

In 1966 the Norwegian Seamen’s Mission in Bergen told the last minister, Pastor Somerset, to abandon the Mission and return to Norway. However, a Norwegian who had settled in Swansea, Eric Benneche, wrote to the Bishop of Bergen offering to run the church from the expatriate community’s own resources.

13 Blackpill Lido

things to do in SwanseaBlackpill Lido is an outdoor water park including a paddling pool, splash pad, kids’ dry play area, climbing rock, and picnic tables.

Even though you know it’s going to be crowded, it’s still worth visiting because there are extras like inflatable slides and game stalls set up during the school holidays. Just make sure to dress the kids in something noticeable and colorful so you can keep an eye on them in the crowd.

With plenty of other attractions nearby along Swansea Prom too it makes a great center point for a day’s family exploration, including the award-winning Clyne Gardens, a fun Pitch and Putt course, the Bay Rider, and Swansea Bay. There are many things to do to make it a fun family day out.

14 Penllergare Valley Woods

Screenshot 20221222 233022If you want to stroll along a beautiful lush wood, the Penllergare Valley Woods is an ideal place to visit in Swansea.

These lovely woods are ideal for a leisurely stroll or picnic. This gorgeous valley is located to the north of the city and is lovely in all seasons, with charming lakes and streams, offering a small haven of peace for visitors.

15 Gower Heritage Centre

Screenshot 20221222 233129If you’re looking for an ideal place in Swansea to enjoy a park, indoor small play area, cafe, good cider, animal park, and gift shop then The Gower Heritage center is a nice spot to visit.

The Gower is a small peninsula renowned for its beaches and rich heritage. The Gower Heritage Centre is well worth a visit, whether it’s to learn about the Welsh-costumed cockle pickers who supplied markets across the nation or simply to comprehend the significance of Gower in history.

16 Swansea Grand Theatre

things to do in SwanseaThe Swansea Grand Theatre is one of the best things for families to do in Swansea. Built-in 1897, this stunning late Victorian theater was inaugurated by local resident and famed opera star Adelina Patti.

It was saved from closure in the 1960s and today hosts its own theater company and presents musicals, dramas, and ballets. An evening at the theater is a fantastic addition to the Swansea “must-do” list, with a 1,014-seat auditorium that’s filled with period atmosphere.

17 Hafod Copperworks

things to do in SwanseaHafod Copperworks is a historical landmark in the city to visit. This great place used to be quite significant during the Industrial Revolution because of Swansea’s great position for processing copper and tin mining in Cornwall.

This was transported on large boats over the Bristol Channel and then delivered to a number of smelting facilities in the Swansea vicinity.

Hafod Copperworks allows visitors to fully immerse themselves in the region’s industrial past while providing a peek at a long-forgotten industry.

18 Mumbles pier

things to do in SwanseaMumbles is a charming, endearing town. The streets are lined with independent shops, restaurants, and pubs, as well as the internationally renowned Joe’s, an ice cream shop that is equally well-liked by locals and visitors.

Mumbles Pier, a Grade II listed structure that juts out over the water for 835 feet, was built in 1898 and gives stunning views of Swansea Bay.

The pier contains a bustling outdoor bar arcade and the Gamez Room, which offers bowling, a pool, a free jukebox, and many other activities, in addition to the customary attractions you’d anticipate taking in on a vacation to the seaside.

There are restaurants and cafés around that serve delectable snacks. The new RNLI Lifeboat station sits at the further end of the pier. Relaxing on Mumbles Pier as the sun sets is one of the nicest things to do in Swansea and makes for a wonderful way to end the day.

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Best time to visit Swansea

The busiest month for tourism in Swansea is May, and June, followed by July. Tourists are also likely to visit the city during the winter season. Visitors can take advantage of the many seasonal activities that are available during this time to keep them engaged.