things to do in laramie wy

12 Best & FunThings to do in Laramie WY 2023

Looking for a great city with scenic views and historical sites? Visit Laramie to experience the grandeur of a blue and blazing sunset.

Laramie abounds with great outdoor activities that attract visitors from around the whole World. with more than 20 historical sites around Laramie, the city is a gateway for historical discovery.

The University of Wyoming is located in Laramie, a small town that has a lot to offer tourist visitors.

You might want to prolong your trip by one or two extra days due to the abundance of things to do in Laramie.

Make Laramie part of your next trip plan for a lush getaway that will stick in your memory. Here is the list of the best things to do in Laramie WY.

 Things to do in Laramie WY (Wyoming)


1 Visit Laramie River Greenbelt Park

things to do in laramie wy

One of the top things to do in Laramie Wyoming is to visit Laramie River and Greenbelt Park. the park abounds with outdoor activities like hiking, walking or jogging, Sitting on the riverboat and fishing,

Every outdoor enthusiast found Laramie River Greenbelt Park a perfect spot to chill around for its many open activities.

2 Visit Labonte Park

things to do in laramie wy

Laramie’s Labonte Park is a popular camping site, especially over the holidays and weekends. A camp is a great place for families and close friends who like to spend time outdoors.

Both young children and older people can find entertainment in the park. Children’s skating, a soccer field for football fans, and a picnic area are just a few of the attractions available here.

Labonte Park is regarded as a perfect spot to build bonds for families or loved ones.

3 Vedauwoo

things to do in laramie wy

One of the recreational mountainous spots in Laramie to visit is Vedauwoo. The mountain which is located in the southeastern part of Wyoming is an ideal location for rock sighting, mountain climbing, Hikers, and Bikers.

Looking for unique things to do in Laramie Wyoming? Vedauwoo has them. Is one of Laramie’s most popular tourist attractions, and nature buffs have identified it as the best place to view the region.

4 Visit Laramie Plains Museum

things to do in laramie wy

 Laramie Plains Museum is one of the blended historical landmarks in Laramie, the structure provides tourists with an insight into the early-American frontier culture in the US.

Its owner, Edward Ivinson, who resided there with his family in the 19th century, gave the Laramie Plains Museum another name—the “Ivinson” Mansion.

The mansion is now a tourist attraction and reception center in Laramie, and some of the items on display in the museum are fixtures and furnishings from the time of the building’s original design.

5 Visit the American Heritage Center

things to do in laramie wy

Looking for one of the best things to do in Laramie WY? Visit the American Heritage Center for artifacts of Wyoming.

The museum house gives a fully explained history of early inhabitants of Wyoming as compiled by Grace Raymond Hebard a century teacher and historian.

She also conducted an in-depth study on Native Americans, the West, and the history of the state, which is the basic foundation of the American Heritage Center.

The list, as documented by Grace Raymond Hebard, contains the names of Wyoming’s prominent citizens and their contributions to the standard of Wyoming.

6 University of Wyoming Art Museum

things to do in laramie wy

The University of Wyoming Art Museum is the best place to visit when it comes to Art, the university which has been in existence since 1972 and has made art masterpieces accessible to the public.

The Museum is the finest spot to see examples of art is at the museum, which features permanent collections with more than 9,000 items and hosts 16 different types of art exhibits annually.

Japanese ukiyo-e prints from the 18th and 19th centuries, paintings from Europe and America, and photographs from the 20th century are just a few examples of the artwork on show.

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7 Visit Wyoming Territorial Prison

things to do in laramie wy

Among the historical sites of Laramie, the Wyoming Territorial Prison is worth a visit. Between 1872 and 1903, the former location was used as a jail to house the majority of notorious criminals.

You’ll Learn about the methods used to punish and rehabilitate prisoners inside the jail, which is now a museum. This is one of the memorable things to do in Laramie Wyoming.

8 Laramie Recreation Center

things to do in laramie wy

Looking for some of the greatest free activities in Laramie? Visit the Laramie recreation center for thrilling outdoor activities.
The recreation center in Laramie offers a good gym, a swimming pool, and numerous playgrounds.

The facility is exciting and kid-friendly with lots of outdoor events.
The Laramie Recreational Center is the ideal location for admiring lovely amenities while planning a romantic date

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9 Visit Laramie Railroad Depot

things to do in laramie wy

Visit Laramie Railroad Depot, the historic hub for travelers in earlier Wyoming till early 1983.

This historic Railroad gets all the credit for connecting cities in the olden days but today only the depot remains standing in the city.

You can visit the depot now to see collections of railroad artifacts that serve as historical records of early US transportation. Additionally, the location is open to public gatherings, live performances, and art galleries.

10 Laramie War Memorial Stadium

things to do in laramie wy

Visit Laramie war memorial stadium for a variety of outdoor gatherings. this decade stadium host most of the public activities in Wyoming such as Arkansas Razorback college football, concerts, and other occasions.

The stadium was constructed in 1968, and it continues to meet the highest standards in the world for public events. The stadium is one of the top tourist attractions in Laramie.

11 Rocky Mountain Herbarium

things to do in laramie wy

Visit Laramie Rocky Mountain Herbarium for a great discovery of botanical knowledge, which focuses on the classification, distribution, and identification of the plant and fungi taxa found in the Rocky Mountain region.

People that are interested in biology or plants visit Rocky Mountain Herbarium for a great study.

The Rocky Mountain Herbarium which is located inside the campus of the University of Wyoming ranked 75th, among the 2,962 total herbaria.

12 St. Matthew’s Cathedral

things to do in laramie wy

Visit St. Matthew’s Cathedral for great Architectural exploration.

A renowned man by the name of Reverend Ethelbert Talbot was chosen to oversee the Missionary District of Wyoming and Idaho from 1892 to 1896. He is credited with designing St. Matthew’s Cathedral’s architectural style.

The St. Matthew’s Cathedral is just one of Laramie’s four historic buildings in the area once known as the St. Matthew’s Cathedral Close.

Visit Laramie St. Mathew’s Cathedral for exquisitely crafted architectural features and pipe organs,  one of the best Skinner organs in the US.

Best time to visit Laramie WY

The best and busiest month for tourist visits in Laramie, WY, US is May, and August, followed by September. According to tourists, these are the perfect months to enjoy everything the city has to offer.





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