15 Best Tourist Destinations in Vietnam

Tourist Destinations in Vietnam

Looking for the Tourist Destinations in Vietnam? Vietnam is a country that is geographically located in the southeastern Asian continent.

It is easy to know why Vietnam has become a home for tourist attractions in the Asian continent in recent years. It is gathered that Vietnam is the 7th most visited country in Asia in world tourist ranking by United Nations World Tourism Organization with approximately 18 million annual visits.

Vietnam is a country that is focused on tourist attractions based on its natural outlook and cultural diversity with numerous national parks to explore. Plan your adventure visit to this beautiful country with our 15 top tourist destinations in Vietnam


15 top tourist destinations in Vietnam


1 Halong Bay

Tourist Destinations in Vietnam

Halong bay is one of the most memorable adventure trips in the city where you can a better view of sea life. With thousands of limestone islands and caves surrounding the border. Halong Bay is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites which can be found in the Gulf of TONKIN.

Revolving around Halong Bay by boat is one of the prime activities done on the Beach with a better experience of the caves which can be accessed and entered especially caves Hang Sung Sot & Hang Dao Go

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2 Hanoi

Tourist Destinations in Vietnam
Hanoi bridge

Being one of the most beautiful provinces on the Asian continent, Hanoi is the capital city of Vietnam with its beautiful tourist destination ranging from old Pagodas, lakes, and Dung Xuan market out front.

Exploring the city of Hanoi is full of fun, especially with swarming motorbikes and scooters. visiting Hanoi is full of fun with a better experience and exploitation of the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum which is in the northern part of Hoan Kien lake. this particular district tells a better story of modern Hanoi, other places to explore in the city are Hoa Lo Prison and Jade mountain.

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3 Ho Chi Minh City

Tourist Destinations in Vietnam

Visiting Vietnam without the experience of Ho Chi Minh city is considered visiting a club without dancing. Being a commercial and rural area in Vietnam, the city is considered one of the major cosmopolitan areas on the Asian continent. This city is clogged with Motorbikes, Cars, Hotels, Restaurants, and cafes of different types.

Here you get to explore HCMC Museum which is a collection of facts about the city, Da Kao which is made up of their French colonial architecture, and Jade Emperor Pagoda which tells a better story of the country’s popular religion of Buddhist, and Taoist

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 4 Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park

Tourist Destinations in Vietnam

Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park is one of the best places to visit in Vietnam which is the best place to explore Caving. World Heritage-listed Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park as a dramatic karst mountain. this park is full of beauty with caves that are home to stalactite and stalagmite displays.

the popular destination in Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park is Cave Paradise which is 31 kilometers above the ground. another destination cave in Tu Lan cave which is popular activity over here consists of swimming through the cave.

Another popular place to visit in Phong Nha-Ke Bang National park is  Phong Nha Caves which can be accessed by boat ride

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5 Hue

Tourist Destinations in Vietnam

Hue is a historical city that gives a full explanation of Vietnam with the wonderful experience of tourism. with ancient artifacts and statues of Vietnam heroes.

Touring Hue includes visiting the Gorgeous perfume River, Ngo Mon Gate, Thai Hoa Palace, and Hall of Mandarins.

One of the most excellent ways of having a better experience of Hue is by touring with a riverboat cruise on the gorgeous river.

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6 Hoi An

Tourist Destinations in Vietnam

Hoi An is considered the most atmospheric province in Vietnam with historical living architecture. it is also regarded as the fishing base in Vietnam, situated on the southern coast of the Chinese sea with a common canal that leads through to china. Hoi is a combination of Vietnamese and Chinese inhabitants.

7 Sapa Province

Tourist Destinations in Vietnam
Sapa terraces

Sapa is a town in the northwestern part of Vietnam with a common accessible border with the Chinese. Rice terraces are the common activities found in Sapa province with Muong Hoa and Fansipan mountains being the major background.

The people that have the better experience in this province are the people of  Hmong, Giay, Dao, Tay, and Giay who are the major rearer of farm products such as rice terraces, maize, vegetable, etc. these places attract tourist visits with it all greenish nature and surrounding Mountains.


8 My Son

Tourist Destinations in Vietnam

My son is an ancient Hindu temple that has been in existence since the 4th century constructed by the Chan people of Vietnam. Talking about My Son means the collection of multiple Hindu temples that are dated back to 1,600. some of these temples are still standing firm on their feet which makes them one of the tourist destinations in Vietnam


9 Cu Chi Tunnels

Tourist Destinations in Vietnam

Cu Chi tunnels are collections of multiple tunnels that were used as a base for Vietnam soldiers during the Vietnam war. the tunnels are 250 kilometers deep allowing the Vietnam troops to communicate and lung attacks on their opponent. Cu Chi Tunnels is built in the city of Ho Chi Minh. Accessing the tunnels required an experience indigene to lead you and at some point, visitors get to crawl on their hands and knees. This is an adventure tour of personal choice and experience.

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10 Phu Quoc

Tourist Destinations in Vietnam

Phu Quoc is a tropical island beach in Vietnam that is located on the coast of Cambodia. this is a tropical forest beach that is called Bai Dai in the local language that welcomes lots of visitors regardless of its neatness this beach is known for producing fermented fish sauce that is widely consumed by numerous individuals worldwide.


11 Thien Mu Pagoda

Tourist Destinations in Vietnam

Thien Mu Pagoda in Hue city of Vietnam is regarded as the tallest pagoda in Vietnam. this particular pagoda surpasses one of the perfume rivers. Built over 1,600 years ago during the kingship of Nguyen Lords. this pagoda attracts tourists with its ancient exploitation of Vietnam artifacts.


12 Con Dao Islands

Tourist Destinations in Vietnam

Con Dao is a combination of 16 islands on the south coast of Vietnam. this is the particular place where millions of prisoners were kept after the Vietnam war, nevertheless, it has a new dimensional purpose which the 16 islands attract Tourist visitors mainly for scuba dividing and snorkeling.


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13 Khai Dinh Tomb

Tourist Destinations in Vietnam

Khai Dinh tomb is in Hue province of Vietnam with the architecture of both Buddhist and Roman catholic. statue and tomb are all made of bronze. constructed far way back in 1920 with images of high-profile Vietnamese that are long gone. It attracts tourists with mostly a focus on Buddhism and Catholics.


14 Marble Mountain

Tourist Destinations in Vietnam

Located in southern Da Nang, this Mountain is caves with Buddhist structures and shrines that are very much active from before the Vietnam war till date which is also a sanctuary during hospital during the war period. it attracts tourists mainly for mountain climbing.


15 Mui Ne

Tourist Destinations in Vietnam
Mui Ne island

Mui Ne is a coastal region that is known for fishing, kitesurfing, and also sailing, it develop into a tourist destination with beautiful resort beaches


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