Missoula to Glacier National Park 12 best things to do

Missoula to Glacier national park

Glacier National Park in Montana is the place to go if you want to experience nature at its majestic view. The location is so spectacular that it appeals to those who appreciate nature and breathtaking scenery. Families take a short day excursion to the park, which is brimming with fantastic eateries and other cultural attractions.

Along the journey, don’t forget to take in some of Montana’s top attractions. Whether you’re for a day trip outside of the city, an overnight hiking trip, or camping Glacier national park is a perfect spot.

Here are some of the most prolific things to do as you proceed on your Journey from Missoula to Glacier national park.

1 Seeley Lake & Morell Fall HikeMissoula to Glacier National Park

Beginning your adventurous journey from Missoula to Glacier National Park is the Seeley Lake & Morell Fall Hike. The area is incredibly abundant in natural beauty.

On your road trip from Missoula Montana to Glacier National Park, take a few hours to hike to this hidden location approximately 5 kilometers total. Along the walk, you can pick fresh blueberry bushes and find a ton of wildflowers. It is undoubtedly a location worth visiting repeatedly.


2 National Bison RangeMissoula Montana to Glacier national park

It’s all delightful when visitors pause at the 18,000+ acre refuge to discover and gain a basic understanding of bison. The location is so stimulating that visitors can witness magnificent creations revolving around the park.

Ancestors of the current herd, which is located in the center of the Flathead Indian Reservation, were saved by the Qlispé people when they were orphaned calves.

NOTE Except when on an authorized trail, remain in your vehicle when you visit the place.


3 Stop at Stoney KwikMissoula to Glacier National Park

When visiting Missoula Glacier national part, it is recommended to stop at Stoney Kwik for a memorable encounter with some animals. The place makes a good picture stand with some Bulls moving around.

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When advancing in the area, there are high chances of seeing a big Bull mostly from Missoula to Helena, grab the one which is harmless, and take pictures together. this adds up to your happy journey. Mostly, kids are the ones who have all the pleasure when traveling to the location.


4 Llama Trekking at Swan MountainMissoula Montana to Glacier national park

Llama Trekking at Swan Mountain is a summer vacation trek in the wilderness of Montana. For both inexperienced and seasoned hikers, it offers a wide range of llama pack treks.

The location offers a range of activities for singles, couples, families, and groups of individuals. A summer vacation at the place is the ideal way to create priceless memories.

Whether you are a local or a visitor to the region of Montana, taking in the breathtaking nature of Glacier Country with llamas is an amazing experience that sticks with your memories.


5 Ninepipe National Wildlife Refuge

Missoula to Glacier National Park

Ninepipe National Wildlife Refuge is a perfect place to spend time with nature and geographical lovers. The place is located between Missoula and Kalispell, close to Charlo.

At the spot, great blue herons and short-eared owls are among two of the more than 200 species that can be viewed at this wildlife preserve on the coasts.

Drive 15 minutes to Ronan, where there is a public golf course with views of the Mission Mountains, and play a round of golf there after spending some time at the Ninepipe National Wildlife Refuge. this is one of the best ways to enjoy your trip from Missoula to Glacier national park.


6 Flathead LakeMissoula to Glacier national park

Flathead Lake is a place of relaxing when traveling from Missoula to Glacier national park. It abounds with much comfort, recreation sites, and multiple state parks. Visitors get to camp, hike, and swim in this beautiful setting among mature forests and spectacular views of the Swan Range and Mission Mountains.

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Flathead Lake is a set place to enjoy Montana on fresh water directly from Mississippi.


7 Downtown KalispellDowntown Kalispell

At the entrance to Glacier National Park, Kalispell, Montana, you’ll sense some of the beautiful  Western heritage with its renovated downtown area loaded with local and international cuisine restaurants, galleries, and more.

This unique location is housed in a historic building in the heart of Kalispell that features stained glass windows, a marble bar, Tiffany-style lighting fixtures, and a copper-tin ceiling. It is a popular place for tourists to rejuvenate with locals and have pleasing times.

8 Garden of One Thousand BuddhasMissoula to Glacier National Park

When cruising from Missoula to Glacier National Park, the Garden of One Thousand Buddhas is a fantastic place to visit. The area is abundant in lush mountains and botanical gardens.

The Garden of One Thousand Buddhas is one of the most prominent places in Montana to see some of the lush gardens. The garden serves as a hub for traditional gatherings, retreats, and studies of Tibetan Buddhism. The garden welcomes more than 2,000 visitors each year and is open to the public.

There are 1000 Buddhas and 1000 Stupas in total, all of which are precisely placed in the garden. It is a very dramatic setting with views of the mountains as a background. Make out time to visit this great place when adventuring from Missoula Montana to Glacier national park.

9 Carousel for MissoulaMissoula to Glacier National Park

Carousel for Missoula is a place of amusement designed to amuse fellas of all ages. It’s a beautiful site where people of all kinds congregate.

The venue serves as a play area for couples, families, and other close friends who socialize and ride on exquisitely carved horses. The area is built to provide the community of Missoula with a new option for good, old-fashioned fun.

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10 Windmill Village BakeryMissoula to Glacier National Park

Windmill Village Bakery is a village in Montana that serves delicious fresh baked donuts every day. The village specializes in handmade donuts with a delicious taste. The location is in Ravalli, Montana, halfway between Missoula and Flathead Lake.

They use fresh eggs from the farm and local fruit to make pies, turnovers, muffins, and other baked goods that travelers will be delighted to taste. Windmill Village Bakery is worth the visit when traveling from Missoula Montana to Glacier national park.

11 The Whiskey BarnMissoula to Glacier National Park

The Whiskey Barn is a beautiful place to visit and sample the fine locally labeled whiskey. Visit the tasting room to try this locally-produced beverage and other spirits. Just 7 miles separate you from Glacier National Park’s West Entrance. Only tourists can attest to how mind-blowing the emotion is and how it makes for a memorable adventure.


12 Glacier HighlineMissoula to Glacier National Park

The Glacier Highline is the ideal location to test out a treetop outdoor adventure. The area is a well-liked site for more than 50 various Highline and ropes course activities, including the Tarzan Swing, Burma Loops, Log Walks, Cargo Nets, and Glacier Ziplines.

Glacier Highline is the ideal location to zipline close to Glacier National Park and spend a summer day in the treetops. This family-friendly treetop adventure park offers high ropes course activities for both adults and children.


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