15 Fun things to do in Scarborough Toronto

For more than a century, Toronto has been a well-liked vacation spot for travelers in Canada. The cost of living in the city is exorbitant. Still, there are some locations where you may experience a high level of serenity without going bankrupt, and Scarborough is one of those locations.

Looking for the perfect things to do in Scarborough, a fascinating town with plenty of attractions like parks, picnic centers, restaurants, lakes, and many more?

Scarborough is conveniently located east of the downtown core of Toronto, giving it access to the edge of great Lake Ontario.

The city is a weekend gateway that can be enjoyed enjoy on a low or no-cost budget for people of all ages.

For a better travel experience, here is a list of fun things to do in Scarborough Toronto.

Things to do in Scarborough Toronto

1 Visit Scarborough Bluffs

Things to do in Scarborough TorontoThe Scarborough Bluff is a stunning, several-mile-long, 200-foot-high cliff that runs along Lake Ontario near Scarborough.

For a day trip outside of the city, get outside and explore the Bluffs, an escarpment on Lake Ontario that rises 91 m (300 ft) above the lakeshore.

There are 11 natural parks in this family-friendly neighborhood, one of which, Bluffer’s Park, features a white sand beach.

Scarborough Bluffs Park is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts who want to hike, sail, or paddleboard. Make sure to add Scarborough as one of the top things to do in Scarborough Toronto.

2 Visit Toronto Zoo

things to do in Scarborough TorontoWhether you are 7 or 70, visiting the largest zoo in Canada and the third largest zoo in the world is always a wild and fantastic experience.

There are more than 5,000 creatures totaling more than 450 species. Explore the more than 700 acres of award-winning exhibits, which include the Great Barrier Reef, the Gorilla Rainforest, and the 10-acre Tundra Journey.

See the Zoo’s larger one-horned rhino calf Kiran in 2018 and don’t miss the Aldabra tortoises, one of the most giant reptiles in the world, when they make a comeback.

3 Explore Scarborough Museum

things to do in Scarborough TorontoVisit the Scarborough Museum to learn more about the area’s history and how it developed.

The museum, situated in Thomson Memorial Park on the 200-acre estate previously owned by David and Mary Thomson, features historical buildings and a replica 19th-century garden.

Many community events and exhibitions that tell the history of Scarborough and Toronto are held at the museum.

4 Visit Guild Park & Gardens

things to do in ScarboroughTake a leisurely stroll through a sculpture garden composed of relics of Toronto’s old architecture. Enjoy free outdoor family films, take in Shakespeare in the Park in Scarborough at the Greek outdoor theater, and go on walking excursions.

The garden located along the Scarborough Bluffs, Guildwood Park, was home to Rosa Breithaupt Hewetson & Spencer Clark, who were patrons of arts and preservationists.

The Guild Park & Gardens has a fascinating past that includes contributions to the art world produced by well-known painters, influential politicians, and other notable individuals. Make sure to add Guidwood & Garden park to the list of fun things to do in Scarborough.

5 Enjoy Outdoor Sports in Scarborough

fun things to do in ScarboroughExperience the beautiful wooded trails in Scarborough that wind through gorges and skirt Lake Ontario while you hike, bike, or skateboard. From Morningside Park to Lake Ontario, take the Highland Creek Trail to take in the variety of natural plants and birds that call the Highland Creek Ravine home.

You can begin the route in any of the parks nearby, including Morningside Park, Colonel Danforth Park, Lower Highland Creek Park, and East Point Park.

In Scarborough, there are many opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, whether you gather with friends for a summer Barbecue or go tobogganing in the winter.

6 Milliken Park

things to do in Scarborough TorontoExplore the large park, stroll the boardwalk, and watch trumpeter swans, and waterfowls enjoying a swim in the pond. Situated in the region once known as Milliken’s Corners, a hamlet established in 1807 by Norman Milliken, a United Empire Loyalist from New Brunswick, near north-east Scarborough.

Take a hike, or a run on the paved trails around the park and enjoy the beautiful scenery. The park has landscaped gardens with gazeboes and water features. There is also a small rain garden.

You can access the park through pedestrian entrances to the hiking trail that goes around the park. One of the playgrounds is situated at the park boundary near Alton Towers circle.

7 Rosetta McClain Gardens

things to do in Scarborough TorontoThe fully accessible garden park has raised planters, rose gardens, customized braille signage, and a rock fountain encircled by a pergola.

Bird and butterfly lovers, as well as lovers of flowers, will find it to be a paradise. At the top of Scarborough Bluffs, the park offers breathtaking views of Lake Ontario, making it a favorite location for wedding photography.

Enjoy a walk along the lush gardens bursting with the colors of the season.

8 Attend Scarborough Festival

things to do in Scarborough TorontoVisit Theatre Scarborough to catch a live performance any time of year, and attend the Scarborough Global Film Festival to watch multicultural movies.

Visit Neilson Park to take in the vibrant junior Caribana Carnival, Highland Creek Village to take part in the annual Heritage Day festival, and Scarborough Afro-Carib Fest to discover the richness of the cultural fabric that makes up our magnificent city.

Free performances are offered every Sunday all year long in the Scarborough Civic Centre or during Port Union Summer concerts and be entertained by great musicians at Scarborough Town Jazz Festival.

9 Visit Scarborough art Gallery

things to do in Scarborough TorontoScarborough Arts operates the Bluffs Gallery, an intimate community space that exhibits works by local artists, collectives, and partner organizations.

The Bluffs Gallery, which is housed inside the Scarborough Arts building, also provides a venue for community events and activities in addition to hosting group and solo exhibitions.

Appreciate classic visual art exhibits at Cedar Ridge Creative Centre. The Cedar Ridge Creative Centre also holds juried exhibitions of contemporary art.

10 Visit Sunnybrook Park

things to do in Scarborough TorontoLooking for a beautiful walk? After that, proceed to Sunnybrook Park. For both city dwellers and visitors, this lovely sliver of nature in the middle of the metropolis offers a distinctive getaway.

This park has a lodge where you can grab a quick snack, as well as numerous tables and restrooms so families can easily set up a barbeque or two and enjoy their own meals during a wonderful, electricity-free day of just hanging out. The park is also pet-friendly because it has stable and numerous caged dog parks.

11 Don Mills Shopping Center

things to do in Scarborough Looking for the best nightlife in Scarborough, then head on to the Don Mills Shopping center. This place is regarded as Scarborough a night owl’s paradise.

This party hub, which is open 24 hours a day and is surrounded by a lovely tiny park with statuary, fountains, and installations, is home to high-end clothing stores like Altos and five-star restaurants like PF Changs. It also regularly hosts events like festivals and skating rinks.

12 Wexford restaurant

things to do in Scarborough Looking for the best way to experience delicious cuisine in the city of Scarborough, there is no other possible way than the Wexford restaurant.

Since the 1950s, this neighborhood restaurant has served breakfast all day as well as lunch and dinner menus. Indulge in a steaming hot cup of coffee and some of their famous hand-pressed orange juice with a stack of fluffy pancakes or salty fish and chips.

Every summer, you can head over to the Taste of the Danforth Street Festival, where proud Greek immigrants share their love of food, dance, breaking plates, and general culture with kid-friendly stalls, food trucks, and stages filled with local talent.

A visit to the Wexford restaurant is one of the recommended things to do in Scarborough Toronto.

13 Sri Varasiththi Vinayagar Hindu Temple

things to do in Scarborough TorontoAmong the best things to do in Scarborough as a tourist visitor is to explore the great Sri Varasiththi Vinayagar Hindu Temple. Sri Varasiththi Vinaayagar Hindu Temple was established in November 1999 by Dr. Sivasri Panchadchara Vijayakumara Kurukkal, to fulfill the spiritual need of the growing Hindu community in Toronto.

There are numerous gods present at the Sri Varasiththi Vinayagar temple, including Lord Ganesha, Lord Muruga, Lord Shiva, and Goddess Durga. If you’re fortunate enough on the day of your visit, you might receive a special puja.

A visit to the Sri Varasiththi Vinayagar Temple in Toronto will make you feel like you’re in India. A visit to this great Temple is one of the best things to do in Scarborough Toronto on a weekend.

14 Trail the East Point Park

things to do in Scarborough East Point Park, one of Canada’s largest parkland areas, provides a breathtaking perspective of Lake Ontario. More than 178 different bird species may be seen in this park, which is also the monarch butterfly’s preferred staging region.

With views of the park’s meadows, beaches, and cliffs, you may hike, ride, or skateboard along the pathways. Explore the countless tangles and plants that live in this park.

15 Agincourt Recreation Centre

things to do in Scarborough More than two years after a fire severely damaged the building, the Agincourt Community Recreation Centre in Scarborough, Ontario, formally reopened its facilities.

The building usually hosted two indoor ice rinks, drop-in programs, an indoor pool, fitness facilities, and more.
In addition to the basic repairs, the city said it introduced a new HVAC system to the building, refreshed the existing courtyard with a new patio, and created new community space.

Best Time to Visit Scarborough Toronto

The busiest month for tourism in Scarborough, ON, Canada is July, followed by August and June. These are the list of top months to explore this fascinating town in the heart of Toronto.