18 Best fun things to do in Mildura

fun things to do in Mildura

Are you looking for the best fun things to do in Mildura, a cool serene town in Northern Victoria? The city has Murray River running down one side of the town and separating it from New South Wales. Mildura is a holiday gateway as it has plenty of idea packs, wineries, and open farms with an abundance of fresh fruits.


Mildura’s prosperity has historically depended on the Murray River, which irrigates farmers and aids in the transportation of their goods.

In Mildura, you may see the site where this vast waterway was made navigable in the 1920s and have a wonderful afternoon riding along the city’s lush riverbank.


Going on an expedition in Victoria should start in sunny Mildura. In addition to some fantastic dining options, art deco buildings, and some of the most excellent weather in Victoria, it has everything you could expect from a Murray River town, including paddle steamer excursions and water sports like canoeing and fishing.

For better travel conveniences here is a list of the best fun things to do in Mildura.

Things to do in Mildura

1 Mildura Riverfront

fun things to do in MilduraThe Mildura Riverfront is an iconic attraction situated on the banks of the mighty Murray River and is just a short stroll from the Mildura CDB.


There are a series of parks running along the river, starting in the north at Rio Vista and continuing into Jaycee Park and Ornamental Lakes Park.

Take a stroll along one of the many trails that run along the river, sip coffee, play around at Water Play, or simply relax and take in the warm winter sun. The Mildura Water Play Park, a popular summer destination for families with young children, is located at the latter, where you may board a paddle steamer for a journey along the Murray.

Along the way, there are grand old trees, well-kept lawns, picnic sites, and spots to enjoy local sculpture while drinking coffee and watching the river run.

2 Mildura Holden Motor Museum

fun things to do in MilduraThis museum, which lies on the Buronga side of the river, will take any motoring fan down memory lane. There are around 30 cars on display along with Holden memorabilia and merchandise.

Visitors enthusiastically exchange experiences and anecdotes about driving thanks to the welcoming atmosphere it provides. Adult admission is $12, and family admission is $30.

If you appreciate the history of a well-restored vehicle then the Mildura Holden Motor Museum is a must-stop if you are in the Sunraysia district.

Come and enjoy a quiet coffee and lunch in the cafe while reminiscing over the history. And of course, there is a merchandise store there for you to take home a souvenir or two. For history buffs, a trip to the Mildura Holden Motor Museum is undoubtedly among the greatest things to do in Mildura.

3 Australian Inland Botanic Gardens

best time to visit MilduraThe Australian Inland Botanic Gardens is a collection of native Australian plants from both desert and higher rainfall locations, as well as exotic species rooted in their native countries.

The mature eucalyptus mallees, which are estimated to be up to 2,500 years old, are particularly captivating, and the breathtaking rose garden boasts more than 1,600 plants that are arranged in color-coordinated patterns.

The garden is popular for weddings, and church services. The historic shearing shed at Magenta in the Gardens is a unique location for events like dinners, conferences, and celebrations.

4 Mungo National Park

fun things to do in MilduraMildura is a hope to Australia one of the most incredible landscapes in the country, which is saying something about the nation.

Mungo National Park is made up of white dunes and dried-up lakebeds that resemble the moon, and it is an important gathering place for many Aboriginal Nations.

The 40,000-year-old remains of Mungo Lady and Mungo Man were found here, preserved by the sand and low humidity.

The park gives up new archaeological discoveries by the year.

At the visitor center, you can learn about the megafauna that previously roamed this area and get a sense of the landscape’s human and natural history.

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You can go on a guided tour to get an Aboriginal perspective, where you will see over 40 millennia of fireplaces and ancient burial sites.

5 Lock 11

fun things to do in MilduraAustralia’s longest river wasn’t always easy to navigate because it may flood or even entirely dry up.

An engineering project from the 1920s was the construction of Lock 11. It was designed to make it easier for Mildura to transport goods to markets, including wine grapes, wool, and grain.

With 24 steel trestles weighing 11 tonnes apiece, Lock 11 is a significant feat of engineering. During floods, however, the weir can be totally removed from the river.

The lock is a sizable concrete container that holds 4.5 megaliters and is refilled through two tunnels. Lock 11 has grown to be one of the fascinating places that needed to be seen in Mildura.

6 Vineyards and Wineries

fun things to do in MilduraMildura and its surroundings serve as the primary harvesting locations for more than 75 percent of the grapes grown in the State of Victoria.

In fact, many of Australia’s wineries source their grapes from this part of the country.

Traditionally, varieties like Shiraz, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Chardonnay do well in Mildura’s warm Mediterranean climate, with low rainfall and lots of sunshine.

As a result, you’ll have time to explore a wine region that has been making vintages since 1891. Near Mildura’s central business district are hundreds of vineyards and cellar doors (tasting rooms), including some of Australia’s most prestigious wineries.

You can sample an estate-grown Shiraz, Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc, or Pinot Gris at the cellar door, or sit down to an elegant meal at the restaurant, with a menu incorporating Mildura’s famous fresh produce.

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7 Take A Paddle Boat Cruise on the River Murray

fun things to do in MilduraTaking a paddle steamer ride is among the best things to do in Mildura river. Mildura Paddlesteamers, a local tour operator, operates a fleet of three historic paddle steamers that depart for tours on the lovely Murray River every day of the year.

The P.S. Melbourne, which was built in 1912 and updated in 1965, is the ship’s flagship and today the vessel that tourists utilize the most frequently when river cruising.  Departing Mildura Wharf, this makes twice-daily two-hour cruises, accompanied by commentary and gliding downstream to the iconic Lock 11.

This is an all-weather ship with heated, glassed interior rooms, and a kiosk for food and beverages. Visiting Murray River and partaking in the boat cruise will surely inspire your weekend.

8 Mildura Arts Centre

Frequent-Asked Questions About MilduraThe premier arts and culture center in North West Victoria is the Mildura Arts Centre. The center houses a regional art gallery, a performing arts theater, the Rio Vista Historic House, a Sculpture Park, and a cafe bar all in one place.

This modern building houses a 444-seat theatre for live music, plays, dance, talks, and children’s fun.

The gallery inside the center, which also organizes traveling exhibitions, features curated rotating presentations that highlight Mildura’s art collection.

9 Have Fun At Mildura Water Play Park

best things to do in MilduraThe Mildura Water Play Park should not be missed if you are traveling with your children under the age of 10. Along with various enjoyable water gadgets and water that sprays, this water play area features shallow “streams” for children to play in. It’s ideal on a hot day!

This is a lovely spot for a picnic, exploration, or using the dry playground right by the river. Along with the riverfront promenade, there is also a choice for dining here.

10 Taste Fresh Oranges At Orange World

things to do in MilduraOne of the favorite destinations for travelers to explore in the Mildura is the Orange World. This 50-acre orange and mandarin farm are just a short drive away from NSW’s location over the river.

Visitors are welcome to stop by the on-site modest cafe and shop. But it is advised to go on one of the several times daily one-hour tours.

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The tour is entertaining and educational. The presentation begins with a roughly ten-minute introduction to the farm, the oranges, and a demonstration of the orange sorting machine in a shed next to the shop.

The remaining portion of the tour circles the property on a train pushed by tractors. Fruit lovers will find Orange World an appealing destination to visit.

11 Eat at Langtree Avenue

things to do in MilduraSince the early beginning of the town, Langtree Avenue has served as Mildura’s primary commerce and dining street.

Most people begin their exploration at No. 7, the Grand Hotel, which takes up an entire city block! The hotel, which was once known as the Coffee Palace, has existed since the beginning of the community.

Between Eight and Ninth Street, an entire block is designated as a pedestrian mall, and the palm- and gum-tree-lined stretch to the north is known as Feast Street because of its profusion of cafes, bars, and restaurants from all over the globe.

You may find the old photographs inside and to the right of the main entrance as you stroll down Langtree Avenue. Then, after passing through the glass doors, you’ll notice one of Mildura’s original Chaffey fountains proudly positioned in the rose gardens.

Other sites along Langtree Avenue include Mildura Public Offices, Mildura Fire Station, and Banjo’s Bakery which was once the location of the town’s first resident dentist.

12 Visit Psyche Bend Pumping Station

things to do in MilduraThe Psyche Bend Pumping Station is a fascinating piece of Mildura’s irrigation history. It is only 10 minutes from Mildura in Kings Billabong Park.

Visitors will be overwhelmed seeing the sight of the old steam engine body and tall chimney stacks is impressive. They power the steam engine during school and government holidays, which would be a sight to witness.

13 Kings Billabong Park

fun things to do in MilduraIf you’re interested in paddling or getting on the water, head to Kings Billabong for amazing water and outdoor sports activities. Located just down the road from Pysche Bend, is also an amazing birdwatching spot.

There are many camping spots in this area, and the majority of them are quite accessible from either end of the park. There are some fantastic cycling and walking trails, so don’t forget to also try biking. A really simple ride that has bird hides along the way.

14 Hike And Admire The Sunset at Merbein Common

things to do in MilduraSeeking a tranquil river view and an afternoon spent alone in nature? Head over to Merbein Common. This is among the top fascinating things to do near Mildura located on a bend of the Murray River just northwest of Mildura.

You’ll find wetlands such as Cowanna Billabong, and unusual landscapes filled with River Red Gum and Black Box forests. A few examples of abundant birdlife include the Pacific Black Duck, Crested Pigeon, Cockatoos, Parrots, Honeyeaters, Silver Gull, and Australasian Darter.

A visit here is fantastic if you’re seeking things for kids to do in Mildura because there are designated swimming sites and facilities for fishing, cycling, and canoeing that are currently being developed.

There are a few small beaches and sandy riverbank sections, but the major attraction is the area’s serene atmosphere. There are often just a small number of guests staying at the free riverside camp or going on bushwalks.

15 Fossey’s Ginporium and Whisky Distillery

fun things to do in MilduraA visit to Fossey’s Ginporium and Whisky Distillery is one of the fun things to do in Mildura. The delicious Fossey’s Ginporium and Whisky Distillery is the perfect spot to indulge your palate with gin and whiskey. Meet Stanley the Still, the magnificent Gin Soaked Distiller, and the Master Ginnovator to participate in the event, and let them take you on a magical tour of the gin- and whisky-distilling process.

In Fossey’s range of artisanal infused gins, you’ll find imaginative creations like Christmas Pudding, Shiraz, Gin Toddy, Rose Petal, Hot Cross Bun, and Desert Lime, along with single malt whisky.

The team is eager to provide you with excellent service and in-depth information about a variety of gins as you relax and enjoy a Tasting Paddle, Whisky and Chocolate Taster, Gin & Tonic, or other fantastic options from the well-stocked bar.  Open at 2 pm local time on Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays.

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16 Enjoy Mini Golf Game At The Putt Putt Family Fun Centre

fun things to do in MilduraSeeking kid-friendly activities in Mildura No need to search further—the time it’s to have some fun at the Mildura Putt Putt.

This is your one-stop entertainment complex, featuring an 18-hole putt-putt golf course, dodgem cars, laughing clowns, air hockey, a pool table, and a wide variety of arcade games. Let the family competition begin with this enjoyable choice of Mildura nighttime activities.

Putt Putt Family Fun Centre also offers 18 holes of mini golf, Dodgem Cars Arcade Games, and V8 simulators and also hosts Birthday Parties. This is a top ideal location to take your kids to.

17 Old Wentworth Gaol

things to do in MilduraA small border town called Wentworth has a beautifully restored 19th-century jail that is located a short distance from Mildura down the Murray River.

This structure was constructed between 1879 and 1881 using locally fired brick and bluestone dressings that were transported over 500 kilometers to Malmsbury, Victoria.

Up until 1927, the jail served its original duty before some of it was converted into a school for a short while.

The basic framework and cellblock, which survived the entire ordeal, are now an informative museum that paints a realistic, albeit unsettling, image of life and circumstances within a colonial prison.

18 Woodsies Gem Shop

things to do in MilduraAmong the best things to do in Mildura is to visit Woodsies Gem Shop. A family-owned and operated business just 10 mins from Mildura. In its showroom, you’ll see gifts, classic jewelry, priceless diamonds, and much more.

Family attractions include Aladdin’s Cave – a walk-through display of gemstones sourced internationally in the Woods’ family private collection.     Adults pay $2; kids pay $1.

The cave decor of the cafe is a fun novelty the children would love. There is a playground out the back that is a little dated but does the job and a maze that we did not utilize. The cave is filled with the most amazing display of all of Doug’s treasures he has accumulated from across the world.

Woodsies Gem Shop is a highly recommended destination for families wishing to have a great time.


Frequent-Asked Questions About Mildura

Is Mildura worth visiting? Ans  Yes While Mildura thrives as its own destination, it is also a great base for touring many iconic natural wonders and picturesque locations nearby it is worth visiting.

What is Mildura famous for? Ans Mildura is known as the center of Victoria’s Food Bowl and is a major producer of citrus fruits (especially oranges) and wine. It is also notable for its grape production.

Does Mildura get cold? Ans In Mildura, the summers are hot, the winters are cold, and it is dry and mostly clear year round.

Does Mildura have snow? Ans Considering humidity, temperatures feel very nice much of the year but hot in the summer and cold in the winter with a very low chance of rain or snow throughout the year.

Is Mildura a good place to live? Ans  YesToday Mildura Rural City offers a sunny and active lifestyle, with a vibrant cultural scene, great schools, and diverse employment choices, therefore, is a place to live.

Can you swim in the river in Mildura? Ans  Yes the Murray River is a beautiful place to swim.

Can you catch a train to Mildura? Ans Yes Train services operate from Melbourne to Swan Hill or Bendigo with coach services connecting to Mildura.

What towns are close to Mildura? Ans  Dareton Coomealla,  and Wentworth.

How far is Mildura from Victoria? Ans It is approximately 543.7 km to drive.

Best time to visit Mildura

January, February, and May are the ideal months for tourists to visit Mildura. Tourists come in droves during this time to relax and enjoy the city’s many seasonal activities.






















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