20 Best & Fun Things To Do In Cullinan, Gauteng

Fun Things To Do In Cullinan, Gauteng

A brief overview of this small town of Cullinan is that it is a quaint mining town nestled in South Africa’s Gauteng province, famous for its plenty of exciting and thrilling activities that tourists particularly do find interesting


Ranging from exciting and thrilling adventures and the tranquility of nature down to the richness of history, this small town has got it all to offer in line with its guests’ preferences and tastes.

Interested in finding out more about what this town has to offer, Below are 20 things to do and fun places to be at in Cullinan, Gauteng.


Fun Things To Do In Cullinan, Gauteng

1. Visit the Adventure Zone

Things To Do In Cullinan

Adventure Zone stands as an accommodating space for both thrill-seekers and outdoor enthusiasts in Gauteng, one very destination that allows them to spice up their holiday experience with some of its exciting and thrilling wide range of activities.

Talking about its exciting and thrilling range of activities, guests showing up here are either at liberty to explore any of its exhilarating quad biking and ziplining adventures or to just try something less energetic while enjoying the pleasures of hiking and archery.

Why you should visit

The adventure zone is an ideal location for a group of people, be it friends, family, or colleagues, to bond and create lasting memories, with plenty of things of varying interests to find enjoyable.


Address: 103 Oak Ave., Cullinan

2. Visit the Ditsong Sammy Marks Museum

Things To Do In Cullinan

Next on our list of places to visit in Cullinan, we have paid a visit to the Ditsong Sammy Marks Museum, one of the most popular tourist attractions in the area that brings history to life with every single one of its exhibits on display.

It is an experience that sees guests embarking on a guided tour through the magnificent Victorian-era Sammy Marks Mansion for basically nothing else other than catching a glimpse into the lives of the Marks entrepreneur and family during the South African War

Why should I visit?

Since this is a destination of historic significance, showing up here is to get captivated by the museum’s rich history and the pristine condition in which it is kept; with exhibits such as an array of Victorian silver, porcelain, and furniture, each piece narrating the story of a time long past.

Address: Savannah Country Estate, Cullinan

3. Fall in love with nature at the Windy Brow Game Reserve

Things To Do In Cullinan

The Windy Brow Game Reserve in Cullinan is a private nature reserve known primarily for its natural embodiments, as well as a go-to area to enjoy all manners of activities as it concerns hiking, mountain biking, team-building events school outings, and corporate occasions.

Blessed with a rich diversity of wildlife and birdlife, this is indeed an ideal location for both nature enthusiasts and bird watchers to come camp on, offering them the opportunity and platform to reconnect with nature and escape the hustle of city life.

What to expect?

Visiting this private nature reserve, guests get to enjoy the rewarding experience of exploring the reserve’s natural beauty, and breathtaking views, as well as getting up close to its local wildlife.

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Address: Cullinan, Pretoria

4. Enjoy golfing at the Cullinan Golf Club

Things To Do In Cullinan

The Cullinan Golf Club, which has been in existence for over a century, having come into existence in the year 1905, is one to come. Enjoy a golfing experience par excellence in a picturesque setting of stunning natural beauty.

Famous for its well-maintained top-tier nine-hole course, there is no other ideal location in the whole area for you, as a golf enthusiast, to come to enjoy the fullest immersive round of golfing at the Cullinan Golf Club.

What to expect?

Guests showing up here basically get to enjoy their golfing experience to the fullest, which is both historically significant and enjoyable.

Address: 1 Main Road, Cullinan

5. Behold South African Birdlife and Wildlife at the Rietvlei Nature Reserve

Rietvlei Nature Reserve

The beautiful surroundings of Rietvlei Nature Reserve, which measure a staggering landmass of over 4,000 hectares, with the Rietvlei Dam included, are another place to visit should you happen to find yourself in Cullinan at any point in time, one where you get to enjoy an array of South African wildlife, plants, and an impressive variety of birds.

Blessed with clean and well-kept surroundings, making it a safe and family-friendly environment. In most instances, it serves as a picnic area and is also a perfect spot for family outings or enjoying hanging out with friends and colleagues.

What to expect?

Since the Rietvlei Nature Reserve is an ideal retreat for nature lovers and birding enthusiasts, this is the perfect spot to come catch the sights of different species of animals such as eland, buffalo, and cheetah.

Address: 14 Game Reserve Ave, Rietvallei 377-Jr, Pretoria

6. Take part in the Cullinan Mine Tours

Things To Do In Cullinan

Should you be looking forward to checking out one of the world’s most exquisite diamonds in the country, then taking part in the tour of the Cullinan Diamond Mine might just be exactly what you need, checking out the now famous 3106-carat Cullinan Diamond.

This experience is one catering to the adventure of giving both visitors and tourists alike a glimpse of the diamond mining process in the most friendly and informative of mediums.

What to expect?

Here, you get to be part of an adventure considered worthwhile and memorable, offering you a glimpse into the fascinating world of diamond mining.

Address: 99 Oak Ave, Cullinan

7. Explore South Africa’s agricultural past at the Ditsong Willem Prinsloo Agricultural Museum

Things To Do In Cullinan

As much as there are plenty of exciting and thrilling activities waiting for guests to engage with, there is also the opportunity to try something different while having a much closer view of the rich tapestry of South Africa’s agricultural history.

Right over at the Ditsong Willem Prinsloo Agricultural Museum, guests are ushered into an insightful experience of the country’s agricultural past, mostly centered on live farm animals, horse rides, and a lush garden.

What to expect?

Guests showing up here get to experience a well-rounded exploration of agricultural evolution in the country of South Africa, under the guidance of its friendly and helpful staff, enhancing the experience.

Address: R104 Old Bronkhorstspruit Road, Rayton, Cullinan

8. Enjoy Horseback riding with Horse Riding Adventure

Things To Do In Cullinan

Have you ever wondered what experience comes with hopping on the back of a horse? Well, with Horse Riding Adventure, you can get to relieve what such an experience is to look like with its horseback riding experience for both beginners and seasoned riders.

An experience in which, with little or no horse-riding skills at all, you get to enjoy the comfort of saddling a horse, as you journey and enjoy a ride inside and out of the stunning landscapes of Cullinan, creating unforgettable memories amidst natural splendor.

What to expect?

This is more like a once-in-a-lifetime experience of enjoying horseback riding, from tranquil, isolated trails to enjoyable lunches post-ride.

Address: R513, Cullinan

9. Enjoy the tasty treats of Harrie’s Pancakes

Things To Do In Cullinan

Your stay be it for business or a holiday trip wouldn’t be considered well spent as a foodie if you’ve not enjoyed the very best of pancakes Cullinan has got to offer you through the tasty treats of Harrie’s Pancakes.

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Carrying out its operations for over 30 years now having been established as far back as the year 1986, this restaurant house is famous for its simplicity and traditional look and is perceived by many to be an ideal location to come sit for an hour or two and enjoy its tasty treats

What do they offer?

The Harrie’s Pancakes does offer an assortment of pancakes of either sweet or savory treats.

Address: Cullinan, 1000, South Africa

10. Enjoy the breakfast and burgers of Wimpy

Things To Do In Cullinan

The Wimpy Restaurant House is a family restaurant in Cullinan that happens to be one of the favorite places to come spend some family time together with your loved ones, dining under an ambiance of services that are so great and the staff so friendly.

Sharing similar traits with those of other restaurants in the area, guests showing up here are ushered into an amazing dining experience under the umbrella of sensational music, with a background video or TV showing amazing footage of Africa’s wild and other.

Why you should eat here?

The Wimpy Family Restaurant is a relaxed eatery of a long-standing chain with a menu of burgers, mixed grills, & other comfort food.

Address: And, Cullinan Jewel, Shop 32 Corner Oak Avenue, Main Street, Cullinan, 1000, South Africa.

11. Grab a bucket of fried chicken at the KFC Cullinan

Things To Do In Cullinan

Just as its name insinuates, KFC Cullinan based in the heart of Cullinan as well is a Chicken restaurant offering its customers the opportunity to grab a taste of the taste of fried chicken in the area upon visiting

Showing up here is to come be served original recipes of fried chicken, of which there is also the opportunity of consuming on-site or placing an order online for collection or delivery.

What do they offer?

KFC Cullinan is a Restaurant chain offering buckets of fried chicken, plus combo meals & slices

Address: Colin Rd, Cullinan, 1000, South Africa

12. Go back in time with history at the McHardy House Museum

Things To Do In Cullinan

A trip to the McHardy House museum based in Cullinan that takes you back in time with historical stories of some of South Africa’s notable personalities is yet another fulfilling experience you might want to consider being part of.

The doors to the premises of this museum house are always open all days of the week except on Tuesdays, to usher guests in to come be part of its tour guides who tell the stories of the McHardy family, who were relatively well-off in the pioneering and mining sectors.

What to expect?

Here, visitors get to check out some of the amazing collections of historic significance the museum house has gotten on exhibit, portraying the museum’s riches, which include the rooms.

Address: 101 Oak Ave., Cullinan, 1000, South Africa.

13. Enjoy an amazing time at the Kevin Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary (Lion Whisperer)

Things To Do In Cullinan

This experience is one for travelers who, one way or another, might have read about or heard stories about the wildlife of South Africa. Well, it is about time you get to see it for yourself and experience it in reality.

Though you might have gotten to experience some of the most amazing things to do in some other tourist attractions in the area, the experience of being present at this sanctuary offers something even more, especially as it concerns enjoying unique interactions with African animals.

What to expect?

Guests showing up here get to enjoy interactions with animals such as the black leopard, the spotted hyena, and the striped hyena.

Address: Cullinan, South Africa.

14. Get up in the sky with Life Ballooning

Things To Do In Cullinan

This right here could be one of the craziest adventures you might ever get yourself involved with in your lifetime, a magical experience of getting right up into the sky to view the sunrise over the mountain while floating in the air.

It is the peak of all manner of sightseeing experiences you can ever think of, one that allows you to gently move over houses, vineyards, and dams and enjoy the beautiful sights that come with that.

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Why shouldn’t it out?

This is something worthy of trying out for individuals looking to try out something different as adventure travelers since that might just be the only chance you’ve got to experience that.

Address: N 1 at Junction 39 Between Cape Town And Paarl, Cullinan 1003, South Africa.

15. Come ease up your mind at the Ukuthula Bush Spa

Things To Do In Cullinan

The Ukuthula Bush Spa Ukuhtula is a charming location present in an indigenous and timeless garden I’m Cullinan, which had gotten its door wide open for guests to come to calm their nerves and ease their minds.

Being a location to come get refreshed and pampered in a complete change of scenery, guests here are exposed to different routines of massages and treatments; most notably that of the Turkish bath.

What other things do happen here?

The Ukuthula Bush Spa also has a nearby restaurant where its guests can enjoy some of the delicious and fresh dishes and delicacies prepared to suit their appetites.

Address: Leeuwkloof Valley, Cullinan 1002, South Africa.

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16. Lodge over at The Cullinan Lakeview Cottages

Things To Do In Cullinan

The Cullinan Lakeview Cabins is a lodging facility that not only comes to the rescue of individuals looking for a place to enjoy a relaxing stay in Cullinan but also offers breathtaking views of Cullinan Lake and its surroundings; an ideal location to come unwind for a few days in the middle of nature.

Characterized by its calm, cozy, and welcoming atmosphere, this lodging facility is made up of 2 roomy cottages that hold the capability of housing close to 16 people

Why you should stay here?

Guests are guaranteed to have a great stay here either in the summer or in the winter, with provisions made for lovely lush gardens, outdoor patios, and indoor grills to make your stay here even more comfortable

Address: Baobab Ave, Cullinan, 1000, South Africa

17. Behold the beauty of nature at The Somabula Nature Reserve

Things To Do In Cullinan

The Somabula Nature Reserve is yet another tourist attraction of natural embodiments in Cullinan dominated by the presence of plenty of natural shrubs, native trees, and different bird species of which it is made up.

Primarily, showing up here is to come to enjoy its blend of wildlife and birdlife, with the presence of a wide variety of zebras, giraffes, antelopes, and wildebeest. Insects, intriguing reptiles, and more make it possible for guests to come to enjoy sightseeing with them all.

What other things do happen here?

The Somabula Nature Reserve has also gotten provisions made for accommodations in renovated ox carts and self-catering cottages; though there are also provisions made for a shaded camping area for guests interested in camping.

Address: Off R515, Cullinan, 1000, Cullinan, 1000, South Africa.

18. Take part in the Fundani Tours

Things To Do In Cullinan

The Fundani tour is one with plenty of knowledgeable local guides giving a brief overview and perspective about life in South Africa generally. An experience that’s best enjoyed in the company of family and friends, creating lifetime memories for yourself

What do they offer?

Fundani Tours does offer a variety of tours, most notably its beer tastings and pub crawls, as well as paying a visit to some of the highly regarded places of attraction in the village and community.

Address: Tour Operators Offices, 99 Oak Ave, Cullinan, 1000, South Africa.

19. Hangout on the Windy Brow Game Reserve

Things To Do In Cullinan

The Windy Brow Game Reserve holds the historical significance of being the location where the renowned Cullinan diamond was found in 1905. But in recent times, it has now been transformed into a tourist attraction offering beautiful views of the area by taking a stroll on any one of its adventure paths.

With its premises and surrounding areas made up of 48 different tree species, over 150 different bird species, and 15 different mammal species, there are more than enough reasons for you to come enjoy sightseeing at this very destination.

What other things do happen here?

The Windy Brow game reserve has also gotten designated trails for mountain bikers, trail runners, and hikers to come to explore, though there are also provisions made for a wonderful picnic and braai for guests interested in having picnics.

Address: Unnamed Road, Cullinan, Pretoria, 1000, South Africa.

20. Enjoy rock climbing with The Barn Climbing

Things To Do In Cullinan

The Barn Climbing Gym is an indoor recreational facility in Cullinan designated for individuals of all ages to come to try out and learn new climbing techniques, exercise in a whole different way, and interact with fellow visitors and tourists alike.

It serves as an alternative option when it comes to things to try out during one of your leisure hours since it certainly should make your leisure worthwhile and also allows you to learn new experiences.

What to expect?

This is a designated location for rock climbers to meet up in its frequently held social gathering centered around different climbing courses, and tutoring for beginners through specialists.

Address: Cullinan, South Africa.


In conclusion, this quaint mining town of Cullinan promises to assure its guests of a memorable experience should they choose to visit since it is known to be vibrant and full of life, as well as being blessed with plenty of tourist attractions tailored to meet up with the adventurous and relaxation demands.

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