20 Best & Fun Things To Do In Ponta Do Ouro, Mozambique

Things To Do In Ponta Do Ouro, Mozambique

One of the most popular vacation spots in Mozambique as of this very moment is the regional area of Ponta Do Ouro, which is blessed with a whole lot of fun activities and top attractions and is known as well for being a relaxing destination, gorgeous, and beachy.

There is a whole lot to catch up on over here upon paying a visit to the area, specifically during weekends, especially for visitors and tourists alike interested in marine life, watersports, nature, or socializing.

Want to find out more about plenty of fun places to visit and activities to engage in? Below have been highlighted a few things to do in Ponta Do Ouro, Mozambique, that will allow you to enjoy your holiday trip to the fullest.

Fun Things To Do In Ponta Do Ouro, Mozambique

1. Swim with dolphins at the Dolphin Encounters Research Center

Things To Do In Ponta Do Ouro

There are quite a few other places in the world—South Africa, to be precise—where you can come to swim with dolphins, but none comes close to Ponta do Ouro’s dolphin tours, anchored by the Dolphins Encounters research center.

This is an adventure to be experienced with over 250 resident dolphins in the area, one of which guests will get to be informed about the best time to get in the water so as not to interfere with dolphins mating, resting, or traveling.

What should I expect?

This is an ocean safari you get to enjoy to the fullest for just a little token, one for which snorkeling equipment would be provided, though there is also the opportunity to enjoy a boat ride across the bay.

Address: Ponta do Ouro Main Beach, next to Beach Bar Ponta do Ouro, 0025, Mozambique.

2. Visit the Ponta Beach Bar

Things To Do In Ponta Do Ouro

The Ponta Beach Bar is more like a restaurant house in the area, serving as a fast food outlet. It is situated right on the beachfront and is considered a tourist favorite when it comes to enjoying a variety of tasty dishes and fast food delicacies.

Talking about fast food delicacies in the area, this very restaurant house is one offering pizzas, burgers, toasted sarmies, and seafood served alongside its famous smooth lime-based Caipirinha cocktail.

What other things do happens here?

The Ponta Beach Bar has also gotten its surf shop, welcoming both visitors and tourists alike to come shop for gear for their water-related activities.

Address: N Beach Rd, Ponta do Ouro, Mozambique.

3. Go diving with Gozo Azul Diving

Things To Do In Ponta Do Ouro

Ponta is blessed with plenty of fantastic diving destinations, with around 8 diving centers. One such center, Gozo Azul Diving, offers to both its residents and visitors alike diving trips for both beginners and advanced divers.

This is a memorable diving experience spiced up for tourists as they get to swim deep into the warm Indian Ocean with good visibility and clear aqua-colored water.

What to expect?

Gozo Azul Diving offers a sweet combo of accommodation and diving packages, made to fit visitors’ amazing holiday experiences, specifically during quieter times.

Address: 5V5P+F9C, Rua N 5, N Beach Rd, Ponta do. Ouro, Mozambique.

4. Enjoy Italian cuisine at Love Cafe Restaurant

Things To Do In Ponta Do Ouro

Looking for the perfect place in Ponta do Ouro to eat and socialize, well worry no more as the Love Cafe has got you covered, one which is known to be popular in the region and made famous film offering the very best of Italian dishes and cuisine’s hailing from their kitchen serving healthy.

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It is a restaurant house offering an amazing dining experience mostly accompanied by a very relaxed Atmosphere and various local bands in Mozambique such as African Survivor, Afro Jazz, African Rythm, and Rafael & the Rastas performing live to its guests.

What do they offer?

The Love Cafe Restaurant is one offering the very best of fresh Italian dishes, mostly Avaldostana’s, Cripsy Pizza’s, home-made pasta, spaghetti, seafood, salads, soups, chicken livers, breads, cakes, and puddings, and a lot more to satisfy your every tastebud!

Address: Intersection ponta beach drive and ponta do orura road, Ponta do Ouro, Mozambique.

5. Enjoy the Beach walks of Ponta Douro Beach

Things To Do In Ponta Do Ouro

This is something to try out for both visitors and tourists alike in search of proper activists to spend their leisure hours with, as enjoying the beach walks of Ponta Douro beach is one you might as well want to consider trying out, especially for those who one way or the other might be a bit nervous when it comes to diving into the sea.

This is an adventure that sees you enjoy walking along the white sandy beach, one where you get to feel the beautiful touch of fresh sea air while walking along its shores. It also has some nice relaxation spots around, should you desire to calm your nerves down a bit.

What other things do happen here?

The Ponta Douro beach has also gotten some beautiful spots to come and flash your camera lens to enjoy amazing photo-taking sessions with both family and friends, though there is also the opportunity to get to pick up some lovely shells and stop for a swim in the warm shore break.

Address: Ponta do Ouro, Mozambique.

6. Grab a bite of peri-cooked chicken at Mama Alice Chicken

Things To Do In Ponta Do Ouro

The Mama Alice Chicken is a Restaurant in Ponta do Ouro, Mozambique, one which just as its name insinuates is a quiet home-style venue located within the local community village, known for dishing out the very best of Mozambican peri-cooked chicken in Ponta do Ouro.

Providing value for its customer’s money most of whom are visitors and tourists alike, this is an ideal location to come enjoy chicken made with love, for either breakfast, lunch, or Dinner.

What to expect?

Guests showing up here get to enjoy the very best of peri chicken in Ponta do Ouro under a lovely homely atmosphere, with R&R drinks to support.

Address: 5V6M+79X, Ponta do Ouro, Mozambique.

7. Go Shopping and Eating with Magenta Moon Boutique

Things To Do In Ponta Do Ouro

The Magenta Moon boutique Is a specialty and gift shop to go on a shopping spree at during your stay in the area, a designated location designed for all to come shop for items or interests of mostly Indonesian, Indian, and local delights.

Courtesy demands that when you travel to a faraway land, you bring back gift items while returning them to your loved ones. So you might as well want to stop by this gift shop store to pick up gifts for your loved ones in their different forms, such as wooden statues, necklaces, and brightly colored t-shirts.

What other shopping experience can be enjoyed here?

The Magenta Moon boutique also has a marketplace nearby, from which you can walk up the hill into town to buy fresh fruit and vegetables.

Address: Ponta do Ouro, Mozambique.

8. Come try out something delicious with Tarragons Snack Bar

Things To Do In Ponta Do Ouro

The Tarragons Snack Bar is more like a fast food outlet that is also into Catering and Events packaging services, one which has gotten its doors flung wide open to usher guests and tourists particularly to come enjoy the very best of its Freshest of meals made with the finest of ingredients.

It is an ideal location to come settle down and cool off while also enjoying the amazing dining experience of having a feel for the taste of its healthy yet wholesome breakfast and lunch of delicious chef prawns fried in garlic butter and sweet chili sauce drizzled with Granadilla sauce served with basmati rice and green salad.

What do they offer?

The Tarragons snack bar does offer Butter Cinnamon and Brown Sugar Pancakes, French Toast drizzled with Basil Pesto, Sunrise Omelletes, Tarragons BLT, Toast sandwiches, and a whole lot more.

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Address: Ponta do Ouro, Mozambique.

9. Go Diving with Blowing Bubbles Diving

Things To Do In Ponta Do Ouro

The Blowing Bubbles Diving is a tour agency in the area as well, offering scuba and snorkeling along with shark diving amid tiger sharks, bull sharks, silvertips, hammerheads, and even more.

Being a famous and popular name among divers, this is a tour agency in the area as aforementioned, blessed with numerous diving centers in the area of which tourists can come over to dive into its beautifully clear aqua waters

What other things happen here?

Tourists might as well get to enjoy an amazing sightseeing experience that would see them spot whales, turtles, and a variety of indigenous fish, including sharks!

Address: Ponta Beach Drive, Ponta do Ouro, Mozambique.

10. Enjoy Portuguese delicacies and cuisine at Ponta’s Restaurant

Things To Do In Ponta Do Ouro

The Ponta’s Restaurant is a restaurant and bar in Ponta do Ouro, Mozambique, with an open arm spread wide open for both its residents and tourists alike to come to settle down for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Holding the Beat rights of being one of the Ponta’stop-rated restaurants, guests showing up here are all but guaranteed to get served the very best of its dishes and delicacies that are never going to disappoint in terms of taste

Why you should eat here?

Guests showing up here get to enjoy its excellent service in an easy and relaxed atmosphere, with plenty of contemporary dishes and delicacies to spice up their dining experience.

Address: 5V5M+VWM, Ponta do Ouro, Mozambique.

11. Go diving with Back To Basics Adventures

Back To Basics Adventures

Since this is an area made famous and popular with plenty of water bodies as well as the presence of resident bull sharks, trying out diving with Back to Basics Adventures, which is a boutique dive center in the area, is also something amazing to try out and engage with as well.

Ever-welcoming to its residents, the people who work here, or just tourists merely listening to have fun, this is a tour agency offering a memorable diving experience with both excellent macro and wide-angle opportunities.

What other services do they render?

The Back to Basics Adventures tour agency also renders the services of underwater photography which they specialize in, while also offering various naturalist courses and interesting marine talks with known wildlife authors.

Address: N Beach RD, Ponta do Ouro, Mozambique.

12. Dine over at the Mango Cafe

Things To Do In Ponta Do Ouro

The Mango Cafe has its relaxing atmosphere located directly opposite the Dolphin Center, which is famous for its amazing dining experience that revolves around superbly fresh, flavorsome, and simply cooked meals and delicacies.

Standing out unique amid other restaurant houses in the region due to its relaxed, sophisticated tropical lifestyle that is complemented by pristine beaches, turquoise waters, and sunshine-filled days, this cafe has a beautiful setting worth visiting as well as being open for sightseeing.

What do they offer?

The Mango Cafe offers a menu of tropical fruits, crisp salads, and ingredients bursting with a taste of paradise.

Address: 5V4Q+84F, Ponta Beach Drive, Ponta do Ouro, Mozambique.

13. Enjoy the amazing seafoods of Roaz Do Índico

Things To Do In Ponta Do Ouro

The restaurant house of Roaz Do Índico in the area should be your best bet for places to dine during your stay in the area, especially if you are operating on a pocket-friendly budget on your holiday trip.

A new gem of a restaurant to enjoy the best local food in Ponta, specifically Seafood’s with the best of cod fish in town during weekends, while hanging out with family and friends as it pleases you.

What do they offer?

The Roaz Do Indico restaurant offers cuisines of mostly European and Portuguese flavors, accompanied by seafood, for either breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Address: Rua A-Praceta N 65 N Beach Rd, Ponta do Ouro Ponta de ouro, Matutuine Maputo, 1100, Mozambique.

14. Explore the untouched shores in the area with Scuba Adventures Day Trips

Things To Do In Ponta Do Ouro

Scuba Adventures is one that at the moment, holds the bragging rights of being the largest dive charter and scuba training facility in Ponta do Ouro. It has been in existence for over two decades now, offering daily trips for tourists and divers, particularly to come explore the untouched shores of the area.

This day trip is one to be experienced to the fullest by tourists in the presence of offshore-qualified instructors, dive masters, and skippers, with an emphasis laid on safety, education, and marine conservation.

What to expect?

This day trip would see tourists stay overnight, though there is little or nothing to worry about as provision has already been made for cutlery and dishes for self-catering while on the trip as well.

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15. Swim with Dolphins at Kaya Kweru

Things To Do In Ponta Do Ouro

Enjoying swimming with dolphins at Kaye Kweru is an adventure to be experienced, preferably by nature lovers and enthusiasts, one that has to do with experiencing nature in a heartwarming way and should leave a lasting impression on your holiday experience.

All that is expected of tourists to do is to book a reservation for themselves by contacting the operators at Kaya Kweru to be fully part of this experience that has got to do with catching up with the group of 400 dolphins that swim along the coast.

Why is this an adventure you should try out?

There is nothing to worry about as regards your safety, so long as you are mature and well-groomed enough to swim, as dolphins are friendly and unique creatures.

Address: Talhao 385, Ponta do Ouro, Mozambique.

16. Quad Bike to and fro through O Lar do Ouro

Things To Do In Ponta Do Ouro

This is yet another adventure worth trying, to which visitors who have previously visited Mozambique can attest. This is one very spot blessed with an incredible coastline to come to enjoy quad biking.

It is an adventure that offers tourists the greatest of opportunities to come explore and see the whole of the area to perfection while biking through from the southernmost tip of the country at O Lar do Ouro

What to expect?

This is an amazing adventure to try out, one in which you get to end your leisure hours outdoors enjoying biking—an experience to be cherished in your memory.

17. Enjoy some photo-taking sessions at the Ntusty Lodge

Things To Do In Ponta Do Ouro

The Ntusty Lodge is a place to be for tourists who love to glam and slay on Instagram as well as other social media platforms, as it is one of the few beautiful places in the whole area, allowing them to come flash their camera lens and take some photos.

Taking photos at the Ntsuty Lodge is indeed a worthwhile experience you would want to behold, as it is one very location blessed with tropical gardens that come with a sublime setting colored and beatified by nature to fulfill such a purpose.

Why you should visit?

Colored by nature with the beautiful presence of Flora and fauna as well as its birdlife, this is the perfect location to be at for visitors and tourists alike who are passionate about photography.

Address: 5V3Q+9MR, Ponta do Ouro, Mozambique.

18. Go fishing at the Ocean View Cabanas

Things To Do In Ponta Do Ouro

The Ocean View Cabanas is a designated location open to both visitors and tourists alike in need of a fun adventure to try out in the region’s water bodies, one that would see them experiencing fishing in a whole different manner.

There is no denying the fact that there are quite a few beautiful places to go fishing within its neighboring area, but the Ocean View Cabanas stand out among them all when it comes to the thrilling adventure that has to do with casting a rod as the Ponta Do Ouro coast.

What to expect?

Here, you get to enjoy an amazing fishing experience accompanied by gears for fishing already made and provided for.

Address: 356 Point Hill Drv Ponta do OURO Maputo, 1100, Mozambique.

19. Try out something different with Kitesurf in Ponta do Ouro

Things To Do In Ponta Do Ouro

This adventure is one to be tried out preferably by tourists with the hunger and drive to try out something adventurous and exciting at the same time, one which is guaranteed to have them freaked out.

Talking about this adventure in question, it has got to do with kitesurfing in one of the most scenic spots in South Africa and the world at large, a fun activity indeed to try out other than just going biking, hiking, or merely taking a stroll.

What to expect?

This is the perfect adventure for you to come and enjoy the sweet combo of an adrenaline boost and majestic scenery. It is a must-have adventure you would want to experience.

20. Enjoy a sundowner at Beach Bar

Things To Do In Ponta Do Ouro

The Beach Bar on the Ponta Do Ouro coast is more like a relaxation center open all days of the week, a wonderful place ever welcoming to both visitors and tourists, particularly to come to have a nice time easing their stress while enjoying the sun as well.

It is an ideal location to quench your thirst with a local beer or a refreshing cocktail, though guests are also presenters with the opportunity to order a seafood platter which is to be delivered to the beach.

Why you should dine here?

It is one of few top-notch performing bar houses open for guests to come to please their ocean-induced appetite with the very best of exquisite cuisine; an excellent value for your money indeed.

Address: N Beach Rd, Ponta do Ouro, Mozambique.


In conclusion, there are plenty of popular places of choice you might as well want to consider checking out during your stay in the area, and most of them are within walking distance from each other.

Summarily, guests are ushered to come to be part of something truly magical, ranging from spending their leisure hours coming face to face with the Dolphins of Ponta down to munching tasteful meals and delicacies, not forgetting hanging out on the shores of its beaches as well.

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