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15 Best Romantic things to do in Seville with couple

Looking for best romantic things to do in Seville with couple can be daunting especially if is your first time or probably don’t wanna miss out on some of the seasonal events the city has to offer.

Along with being the capital of the autonomous community of Andalusia, Seville is well-known throughout Spain for its massive cathedral and towering La Giralda.

The city also has a thriving Moorish cultural sector that tourists will always find enjoyable to explore. Seville is everything tourists are looking for with its orange-scented courtyards, gorgeous Mudéjar architecture, and lively, spontaneous flamenco dance in quaint plazas at night.

Consider the best romant things to do in Seville with couple if you’re traveling there to indulge in some tourist exploration, take a winter holiday, or simply want to experience a new vicinity with spouse or loved ones.

 things to do in Seville


1 Seville Cathedral

things to do in Seville this weekendSeville Cathedral is among the list of best things to do in Seville. The beautiful tower is rich with architectural designs that looks like an isolated nation on its own. The Seville Cathedral is a wonderful site to spend some time in the city, and you won’t regret it.

Visiting the Cathedral comes with exploring some of the temple vicinity in the cathedral. the cathedral which is a Roman Catholic church is the biggest cathedral ever known which was build in the 16 century. The Cathedral is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a great location for a background photograph.


2 Alcázar Palace

romantic things to do in Seville with coupleWhen visiting Seville, make out time to revolve in Alcázar Palace for a memorable experience. This royal palace was constructed for King Peter of Castille on the site of a Muslim fortress and is among the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Your excursion will lead you through a labyrinth of astonishingly exquisite rooms, chambers, towers, gardens, and finally to the magnificent castle.

Make sure to visit the King’s former lodging, the Salon de Embajadores aka the Ambassadors Reception Room. The room was then the palace’s most opulently adorned room.


3 Plaza de España

romantic things to do in Seville with couplePlaza de Espana is among the ideal location to explore in Seville. The Plaza is one of the state’s most breathtaking views in Seville, and was constructed for Seville’s Ibero-American Expo at the 1929 World’s Fair.

The Plaza is a structure that consists of a large mosaic patio with a waterway and a neo-Moorish structure that occupies more than half of the site’s circumference. Due to its splendid background, the plaza is a wonderful location for sight-seeing and is home to some of the city’s artwork.

On the grounds of the Plaza de Espana, you’ll find exquisite murals, towering marble columns, and virtually the entire plaza covered in ceramic tiles in vibrant colors.


4 Parque de María Luisa

romantic things to do in Seville with coupleParque de María Luisa is among the best things to do in Seville, located just next to the Plaza de Espana. The location is so unique with a greenish background.

The gardens can be explored on foot, by bicycle, or by horse-drawn carriage. The park also contains a number of notable structures and museums, including the Costurero de la Reina, the Pabellón Mudéjar, and the Pabellón del Renacimiento.

Exploring the park may consume your time of the day due to the abundance of things to see and do in the premises. The park is a great area to people-watch and relax in the sun.


5 Visit a Flamenco Show

romantic things to do in Seville with coupleVisiting the custom show of the Spaniard is among the best Romantic things to do in Seville with couple.

The flamenco dance style has its origins in Andalusia, southern Spain; it is a tradition of the “gitanos” or gypsies in this region with roots in Indian, Arabic, and Spanish culture.

Flamenco performances often consist of three parts: a song, a guitar, and a dance. A flamenco dancer would frequently begin by standing still before beginning to clap and stomp her foot at a regular rhythm.

No number of words can adequately convey the sensation of being present at the event. It’s advised to take your love one or partner to the show because it’s a romantic performance that don’t needs a single life.


6 Visit La Giralda Tower

romantic things to do in Seville with coupleLa Giralda is a bell tower just after the cathedral of Seville. The Tower, which served as the mosque’s minaret, has Moorish heritage.

34 ramps instead of a stairway lead to the tower’s summit, which is what makes it so unique.
This was done so that the muezzin, who proclaimed the call to prayer, could ride his horse up the tower rather than climb it on foot.

It is recommended to visit the tower with friends, family, or loved ones to experience the grandeur nature of the tower.


7 Explore Metropol Parasol

romantic things to do in Seville with coupleSeville’s Metropol Parasol is a wooden structure that has won the hearts of many tourists and is undoubtedly popular among the travelers. The Metropol Parasol is one of the world’s largest wooden structures and a massive work of art centered in the city.
The wood is joined together to make a shape and texture that resembles a group of mushrooms, giving it the title  “Las Setas”.
The area around the Metropol Parasol is intended for public usage. In the basement, there’s a tiny museum featuring Roman and Moorish ruins and relics. Is undoubtedly among the romantic things to do in Seville with couple.


8 Maria Luisa Park

romantic things to do in Seville with coupleMaria Luisa Park is a romantic day trip in Seville for couples. The park is lush and beautiful, dating back since 1500s of it origination.

The park has a lush green backdrop, a lake, and a forest, making it an ideal day out for couples to explore.

Maria Luisa is one of those parks where every walk leads to a delightful surprise, whether it’s a beautiful pool, pavilion, sculpture, or tiled fountain.

The park’s vast avenues are lined with twin rows of tall palm trees, while the park’s core, braided with small trails, is a large botanical garden filled with unique species from all over the world.


9 Tomb of Christopher Columbus

romantic things to do in Seville with coupleTomb of Christopher Columbus is among one of the best things in Seville to visit. The tomb is located in the Cathedral of Seville.

The tomb focuses on the intricacies of the great man whose life was an inspiration to not only the people of Spain, but Europe as a whole.

Columbus, who died in the Spanish city of Valladolid, was buried in Seville. His coffin is carried by figures showing the monarchs of Spain’s four regions: Castilla, Leon, Navarra, and Aragon, each wearing a tunic depicting the numerous coats of arms of Spain’s component kingdoms.


10 Cruise on the Guadalquivir River

Guadalquivir RiverWhen visiting Seville, be assured of fun life cause the city has much to offer when it come to tourist attractions. If you want to have a perfect time in the river visit the river of Guadalquivir.

Kayaking, boat sailing, and ship tours are all available on the river. The cruise will take you under the Triana and San Telmo bridges, as well as past the site of Seville’s 1929 Ibero-American Expo.

Sailing on the Guadalquivir River allows you to see Seville’s major landmarks, such as the Torre del Oro and the Plaza de Toros de la Real Maestranza, from a variety of viewpoints. this is definitely among the best things to do in Seville


11 Museum of Arts and Traditions

romantic things to do in Seville with coupleAnyone who knows Seville understands that the city is rich in culture, tradition, and history. The Museum of Arts and Traditions presents the whole picture of what happens in Seville on any given day.

Here in the museum you can see ordinary artifacts from Seville’s history, such as 16th-century ceramics and vast displays of swords and blades manufactured in the city.

One segment takes you through the numerous workshops related to Seville’s old trades, like as tile-making, metalwork, lacework, and barrel-making for the local sherry. Revolving in this historic Spanish city will never be a dull experience.


12 Barrio Santa Cruz

romantic things to do in Seville with coupleBest things to do in Seville is not that difficult as you’ll attend Barrio Santa Cruz. It definitely worth the visit when it comes to amazing places to explore  in Seville.

Santa Cruz, Seville’s old Jewish Quarter, was established in 1248 and is now one of the city’s most prominent neighborhoods. The streets here are impossibly tiny in order to retain precious shade during the hot summers. Building facades are whitewashed and towering.

If you keep walking around the neighborhood, you’ll arrive to the barrio’s beating heart: Plaza de la Santa Cruz. This plaza once housed a synagogue, but it has since been replaced with a church. Make sure to have the taste of Barrio Santa Cruz when you visit Seville.


13 Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán Stadium

romantic things to do in Seville with coupleSport lovers will definitely have some thing to visit the great city of Seville. The Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán arena definitely worth to visit. Since its origination in 1958, the stadium has hosted a handful of World Cup and European Cup tournaments. Soccer games at the stadium – which has the capacity to seat 45,500 people – are full of energy thanks to the enthusiasm of Seville’s fans.


14 Feria de Abril

romantic things to do in Seville with coupleIf you’re searching for romantic things to do in Seville with couple or bubbling weekends vibe in the city of Seville, make sure to attend Feria de Abril show.

Southwest of Seville, in Los Remedios, are the fairgrounds where five-day event takes place, beginning on the Tuesday and wrapping up with fireworks on the Sunday.

During the Fair, people will eat, drink, and dance traditional Sevillanas till morning. The fairground has fun for kids in the early evening, with horseback rides and traditional fair amusements.
The most unique aspect of the Feria de Abril is that couples or groups of friends can attend dressed in their traditional attire. This makes it an ideal site for travelers and tourist visitors to explore.

15 Italica

romantic things to do in Seville with coupleItalica is a sprawling archaeological site in Seville that was the home to European Emperors Trajan and Hadrian. The location, which is an amphitheatre. The place is among the list of things to do in Seville.

This formerly held 25,000 spectators, and you can poke your nose around the tunnels beneath the seating terraces to observe the subterranean structure at the center of the stadium.

On the background of the Italica, you’ll see many castles and tamples belonging to the Emperor of the state. Seville is an excellent starting point for a journey of discovery and appreciation for nature’s beauty.

Facts About Seville

Seville is Spain’s fourth largest city. It is the capital of the autonomous community of Andalusia and is situated on the Guadalquivir River. It is the sixth largest city in the European Union, with a population of 1,510,095 people.

Santa Maria de la Sede Cathedral in Seville, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the world’s biggest Gothic cathedral.

In addition, the city is the world’s largest generator of vitamin C, with over 25,000 orange trees dotting its streets.


Best time to visit Seville

According to various people who have visited the city before, the best season to travel to Seville with perfect cool weather and fewer tourists and also meet most of the city’s festivals is March, April, and early May.


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