21 Best things to do in keswick (United Kingdom)

unusual things to do in Keswick

Looking for the best things to do in Keswick? Keswick is a picturesque town in the Lake District National Park in Cumbria, England. The city of Keswick has been a tourist home for over 150 years and still counting.


Keswick has a long history of being a popular vacation spot, so there is no doubt that the town has much to offer for every traveler.

Keswick is known for its distinct culture, lakes, hills, depth of history, tranquil climate, and hip entertainment venues.


This town, located near Derwentwater Lake, has some stunning scenery that will surely interest people of all ages.

For your better travel experience, here is the list of the top unusual things to do in Keswick Cumbria.

Things to do in Keswick

1 Castlerigg Stone Circle

things to do in keswickCastlerigg Stone Circle is one of Britain’s most impressive prehistoric monuments and sits on a low hill to the east of Keswick with a ring of mountains surrounding it.


It is surrounded by High Rigg, Skiddaw, Castlerigg Fell, Blencathra, and Clough Head Falls. It is one of Britain’s earliest stone circles and dates to the Neolithic era between 4,000 and 5,000 years ago.

With the stones aligned to the sun, moon, and stars, the location is primarily utilized for social gatherings, religious rites, and rituals. It has also been used as an astronomical observatory.

A visit to the Castlerigg Stone Circle should be on your list of things to do in Keswick.

2 Derwentwater

things to do in keswickDerwentwater is a ten-minute walk from the main street and features a shoreline, managed by the National Trust.

You may walk the eight-mile circular circuit in about half a day, and the lake is roughly three miles long. The lake’s dramatic qualities are derived from its mountainous borders and the epic valley of Borrowdale, which extends to the south.

Get up early on a sunny summer morning to take a photo of the lake’s crystalline reflection.

3 Keswick Museum for History Enthusiasts

things to do in keswickKeswick Museum was founded in 1873 by the Keswick Literary & Scientific Society. The early collections focussed on natural history, including James Clifton Ward’s geological specimens from the first geological survey of Cumbria and James Edmonson’s butterfly collection.

Allerdale Borough Council is the only surviving trustee of the Keswick Museum & Art Gallery Trust, which was split off from the Fitz Park Trust in the twentieth century.

The museum has been managed on their behalf by a company formed by a local community group since 2007. The museum was transformed by a complete renovation and extension, re-opening in 2014.

4 Visit Cat Bells

things to do in keswickCatbells is a challenging walk as it’s so steep but it is absolutely worth it It is one of the best walks in the Lakes, according to many people. It is one of the free activities available to you in Keswick.

The trek is highly well-liked because of how close it is to this town. It provides one of the nicest views of the entire town and the adjacent fells. As a result of its short length, it is a fantastic journey for novices.

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5 Hope Park

unusual things to do in keswickOne of the unusual things to do in Keswick is to visit Hope Park. a visit to Hope Park Games and Cafe is a must for all the family traveling to Keswick.

The lovely park, complete with breathtaking gardens, traditional sports, and pastimes, a bird hide and nature walk, picnic spots, and a warm cafe with lots of indoor and outdoor seating, is only a short stroll from the heart of the well-known tourist destination.

Always make sure to bring your camera when visiting Hope Park.  Around the park, you can also have a tasty English Lakes ice cream while seeing the majestic Skiddaw, or play a round of crazy golf with the stunning Catbells as your backdrop.

6 Theatre By The Lake

unusual things to do in KeswickThe most remote-producing theater in Britain is The Theatre by the Lake in Keswick. It is located in Keswick, England, between Hope Park and Derwentwater Lake which is about a 5-minute walk to the town center.

The Theatre by the Lake, which is home to the top professional theater group in Cumbria, creates enduring drama seasons for summertime audiences in Keswick.

The Theatre also hosts concerts, festivals (such as the Keswick Mountain Festival and “Words by the Water”), film screenings, and a variety of other events.

Regular art and craft shows are held there, along with other daytime events. This is a top-recommended place in Keswick to spend your weekend.

7 Derwent Pencil Museum

things to do in keswickThe Derwent Pencil Museum is a museum located in Keswick, in the Lake District of England.

With a focus on the history of the Cumberland Pencil Company and its renowned Derwent brand of pencils, the museum chronicles the tale of the pencil industry in the UK.

From the first pencils created from graphite mined in the Lake District to contemporary colored pencils, there are many different types of pencils on display at the museum.

Visitors can watch demonstrations of the processes used to make pencils, such as the blending and shaping of graphite and the use of colored pigments to produce a variety of colors. Also, there are exhibits of watercolors, sketches, and drawings made using Derwent pencils.

8 Visit Latrigg

unusual things to do in keswickOne of the top recommended things to do in Keswick is to stop at Latrigg,  just a 6-minute drive from the town.

From the summit’s breathtaking views over Keswick town, Derwentwater, and the surrounding fells, you can fully gain your bearings.

There is a small parking area at Gale Road with a limited mobility path to the viewpoint. Latrigg is the perfect place for a quick but rewarding hike.

9 Whinlatter Forest Park

things to do in keswickWhinlatter is a beautiful place with breathtaking views, wonderful walks, thrilling mountain biking, unusual fauna, and adventurous activities.

Whinlatter, which is located in the Lake District, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, offers unparalleled views of Bassenthwaite Lake, Derwentwater, and Keswick. It is also home to the longest purpose-built mountain bike trails in the Lake District.

The Lakes is a dramatic and unique landscape that has been formed through man’s activities, such as forestry and land management. This landscape has inspired many of the world’s greatest artists, writers, and thinkers.

10 Keswick Market

things to do in keswickKeswick Market is a traditional outdoor market located in the town of Keswick, in the Lake District National Park in Cumbria.

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The market is held on Saturdays in the Market Square and has been a fixture of the town for over 700 years, making it one of the oldest markets in the country.

At Keswick Market, visitors can find a wide range of goods for sale, including fresh produce, handmade crafts, local art, clothing, jewelry, and more.

The market also offers a variety of street food vendors, selling delicious hot and cold food and drinks, including traditional Cumbrian dishes such as Cumberland sausage and locally brewed ale.

In addition to the market, Keswick is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts, with a range of walking and hiking trails, as well as water sports and other activities available on nearby Derwentwater.

11 Walla Crag

unusual things to do in keswickWalla Crag is a hill located in Keswick and a popular destination for hikers and walkers, offering stunning views of Derwentwater and the surrounding fells.

The most common route to the summit starts at the Great Wood car park, which is about a 10-minute drive from Keswick.

The views start to open up as you ascend from there along a clearly designated trail through the woodland and onto the open fell.

A sizable cairn marks the top, and walkers can enjoy expansive views of Keswick, Derwentwater, and the nearby fells, including Catbells, Skiddaw, and Blencathra, from there.

12 Family Fun at Puzzling Place

The core idea of The Puzzling Place is it is a fascinating illusion. They have a Hologram Gallery, an Anti-Gravity Room, an Ames Room, and an Eyelusions Exhibition there.

It’s incredibly fascinating and fun to take this journey into the amazing world of optical illusions. This illusion realm is a wonderful Keswick activity to participate in and enjoy with loved ones.

People of all ages have found optical illusions to be appealing. The building is accessible all year long. As a result, visitors can have fun on the weekends.

13 River Cruise At Keswick Launches

things to do in keswickSee the magnificence of Derwentwater with breath-taking vistas of the surrounding fells by taking a lake trip on one of the Keswick Launches. See unique views of the “Jaws of Borrowdale,” Catbells, and Skiddaw, the fourth-highest mountain in England.

A particularly unique way to experience the Northern Lake District is on a cruise on Derwentwater.

Take the 50-minute round-trip boat ride or get off at one of the eight jetties along the way to go on a Lakeland walk to famous sites like Ashness Bridge, Lodore Falls, Grange in Borrowdale, Brandelhow, and Lingholm, Beatrix Potter’s vacation home. The Lakeland walks are well-marked and pass by a number of well-known sites.

14 Moot Hall

things to do in keswickThe Moot Hall is a prominent historic building situated at the southern end of Main Street in Keswick, Cumbria, England.

The Moot Hall contains lime-washed quoins, dressings, and slate walls.

Although the current structure dates from 1813, but assembly hall/courthouse has stood on this site since the 1570s.

The Moot Hall may have once served as a prison, as suggested by the bars on the ground-floor windows, but during the majority of the 19th century, the hall housed Keswick Museum.

Today, Keswick’s visitor center is located on the first floor, and an exhibition gallery for transient visual arts is located upstairs.

For history buffs, a visit to the Moot Hall should be on the list of top things to do in Keswick.

15 Visit Lodore Falls

things to do in keswickWith a wide variety of fantastic eating options, the Lodore Falls Hotel & Spa is the perfect vacation spot for foodies. Offering both a Lake View Restaurant, which serves opulent afternoon teas throughout the day and regionally inspired culinary masterpieces at night, and Mizu, a pan-Asian restaurant where you may sample diverse foods from across the nations of the Far East.

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The bar and lounge rooms also provide bar meals and light lunches. Whatever your preference, there is always a delicious option available at Lodore Falls.

This Lake District Hotel & Spa is opulently sophisticated amid the countryside, offering the ideal fusion of romance, luxury, and lakeside adventure.

Every accommodation at the Lodore Falls Hotel & Spa is stylish, cozy, and comfortably sophisticated, and it includes a dog-friendly area for well-behaved canines.

16 Visit Old Keswickian Fish & Chips Restaurant

things to do in keswickEstablished for over 40 years, and are still run by the same extended family. It is the perfect location to enjoy typical British fish and chips as it is situated in the center of this historic market town and in the heart of Keswick.

Recently, they added a range of home-cooked meals made using local ingredients to their menu. The renowned Cumberland sausage is included.

It is a fiery local delicacy made in Keswick. You could also want to try their other popular dish, which is their handcrafted steak, ale, and mushroom pies.

17 Stop for a Cricket Match at Fitz Park

things to do in keswickFitz Park is close to Keswick Market Square and is situated on a riverbank. It offers stunning, unrestricted views of Latrigg and Skiddaw. The environment makes it a perfect location for picnics.

The location is renowned for providing multipurpose sports areas, including playgrounds, workout equipment, and BMX tracks.

Moreover, there are tennis courts, gardens, and a bowling alley in Lower Park. When arriving, check the cricket pavilion’s schedule and stop by to watch a few exciting overs.

18 Thyme Bistro

things to do in keswickThyme Cafe takes great pride in offering friendly, accommodating service.   This ideal place has a specialized romantic area for memorable date evenings.

Here, you may pick from a wide selection of pasta sauces, gourmet burgers, and pizza toppings. After you’ve done all the best things in Keswick, you might even treat yourself to a multi-course lunch.

19 Friars’ Crag

things to do in keswickFriars Crag is only a short walk from the town center and well worth visiting as the view over Derwentwater to the jaws of Borrowdale is amazing. From Market Square, take Lake Road, pass through Hope Park’s lovely gardens, follow the shoreline past the boat landings on Derwentwater, and you’ll soon reach the viewpoint.

Friars’ Crag is a headland offering a view of Derwentwater that is close to Keswick. It draws a lot of people. It is well known for its literary and artistic ties such as J. M. W. Turner, Robert Southey, Arthur Ransome, and John Ruskin.

20 Mirehouse & Gardens

things to do in KeswickA magnificent ancient home with beautiful gardens that overlook Bassenthwaite Lake, Dodd Wood, and Skiddaw. The gardens have four wooded adventure playgrounds, a variety of sheltered gardens to explore, and lakeside paths through parks and woods.

These beautiful, natural gardens at Mirehouse offer stunning views of the dramatic Lakeland landscape they are set in.

Enjoy the peace and quiet of the walled Bee Garden, take a contemplative stroll along the Poetry Walk through forests and fields, or relax by the Bassenthwaite Lake shoreline. this is one of the unusual things to do in Keswick.

21 Head to WildPlay Trail with Kids

things to do in keswickChildren were considered when designing this trail across the mountain forest. They provide roughly nine playgrounds in gorgeous outdoor settings.

Swings, splash pads, and slides wind through the trees. Also, they have developed a delightful play area that allows you and your kids to engage in enjoyable activities.

There are numerous family-friendly activities in Keswick for young children. They have the option of using a wall or a sizable wooden climbing structure. The log swings add to the attractiveness of the WildPlay Trail.

Best time to visit Keswick

The best and busiest month for tourism in Keswick, the United Kingdom is March, followed by May and July.  At certain times, tourists from all over the world swarm to this interesting town to take advantage of its history, climate, cuisine, and entertainment.




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