15 Best Tropical Vacations in Europe

tropical vacations

These are some of the tropical vacations you can back on the European continent, these are places that are made up of islands, beaches, warm seas, and lush scenery.

Europe is spoiled for choice when it comes to summer playgrounds. looking to embark on a tropical trip or vacation in Europe requires you to take note of the best tropical vacations to visit. this country is Italy, France, Latvia, Spain, Croatia, Netherlands, Bulgaria, and Greece are countries that have commonly visited tropical vacations in Europe.

Best tropical vacations in Europe


1 Zahara de Los Atunes Cadiz

tropical vacations

Zahara de Los Atunes Cadiz is in Spain, this is a historical place that is enriched with natural beauty, dreamy beaches, silky warm seas, lush scenery, and endless sunshine.

Cadiz is one of the best places to choose when considering a tropical vacation in Europe, is a popular place where adventurers gather to share experiences and get more tourism information.

This particular beach has a lot to offer when it comes to a tropical vacation, Diving, and snorkeling are the major beach life activities. the best time to have a better experience of this tropical vacation is March-November

2 Sicily Italy

tropical vacations

Sicily is home to tropical vacations in Italy, it is the biggest island in Italy, and the mediterranean sea with a good historical and traditional culture, Sicily is home to natural beauty, and tropical vacations starting from the mountains and volcanos all come together to please nature.

Some of the islands are the Aeolian Islands, Syracuse,& the island of Ortigia, Ragusa Ibla, Scala Dei Turchi, San Vito Lo Capo, and the Zingaro Reserve.

These are some of the best islands in Sicily that are ranked for tropical vacations. the best period to experience a wonderful trip to Sicily is April-October

3 Ventspils Latvia

tropical vacations

Latvia is a country that is based on tourists, and Ventspils is not left out when it comes to the world of a tropical vacation.

Ventspils has all required for your tropical experience, with offers from families, friends, and organizations. there is no better place to fill ease on your tropical vacation than reasoning Latvia as one of the best destinations.

Courtyards are decorated with flower sculptures, figurative flower compositions, and tasteful flowerbeds. Ventspils is in unwithering bloom even during the hottest summer. the best period to visit Ventspils is June-August

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4 Algarve and Costa Vicentina Portugal

tropical vacations

Algarve is one of the tropical resort areas in Europe with its wildlife of beauty, Blessed with a superb coastline and some of the country’s loveliest beaches.

Is home to an average of 50% of tourist visitors in Portugal who spend holidays there because of its comfort and its lusty nature with beautiful and protected natural parks, and a distinctly Spanish atmosphere pervades the border towns and villages.

Whenever you think of a tropical vacation in Portugal, Algarve should be your first destination, Best period to visit Algarve and Costa Vicentina is April-November.

5 Krk Island Croatia

tropical vacations

Krk island is another beautiful destination for tropical vacations in Europe, this island is located at Kvarner Bay. Is one of the top-rated destinations in Croatia. Krk Island is referred to as Gold Island.

It obtains the name because of Its mild Mediterranean climate, good geographical position, and variety of natural and cultural beauties. this island is a reference to Croatian culture. it has small other neighboring islands which are Plavnik and  Skoljić.

Krk island is naturally attractive with its dense forest and submediterranean vegetation, and mountain. the island is 30 kilometers away from the city of Rijeka which is the commercial and traffic base of Kvarner. the best time to visit this island is in April-October.

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6 Sainte Maxime France

tropical vacations

Located in Saint-Tropez, regarded as a seductive beach, Saint Maxime has all the luxury life beach can afford with its naturally crafted structure with refreshes of olive oil and vine trees all boarded.

With its uniqueness, it has a must-visited destination called Petite Corse where you get to witness the rise of the sun. it also offers a parasailing tour where you get to explore the Les Maures mountain range and the Estérel red rocks beauty.

Make the most of the rest of your day with a petanque game, the typical provincial sport, before enjoying a pre-dinner under plane trees on a lively square. Sainte-Maxime is unique in the diversity of its landscapes and the plenty of hobbies, which cover your tropical vocational desire. the best time to be in Sainte Maxime is from April-October

7 Santorini Greece

tropical vacations

Santorini is an island that nearly diminished due to a volcanic eruption that drew the outlines of the island, but today this island is a home of discovery and one of the tropical vacations in Europe.

Santorini is one of the tourist destinations in Greece, This popular Greek island attracts tourists from all over the world with its natural outlook.

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Santorini is home for a honeymoon vacation and a wedding anniversary. taking a walk through the narrow street of Santorini brings you a discovery of several beach houses roofed with blue cupolas and vineyards coupled with a taste of sea product which makes it one of the tropical vacation destinations in Greece.

The best time to be in Santorini is in April-November

8 Malaga Spain

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Malaga is a coastal and tropical city in Spain a collaboration with the Mediterranean Sea which has the requirement of tropical life in Europe. Malaga is a unique destination in Europe and a mix of modern, traditional, cultural, beach, and gastronomy with cultural and historical heritage.

Is one of the oldest cities in the world and has tropical and cultural exploitation. The city of Malaga is a destination that combines overwhelming tourism, and business with an incredibly extensive cultural offering of worldwide recognition as well as amazing.

The Phoenicians founded Malaga and today it is a beautiful, friendly, and cosmopolitan city that enchants tourists from all over the world. the best time to visit Malaga on a tropical vacation is in November

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9 Malta Island

tropical vacations

Malta is described as one big open-air museum with mysterious islands and cultural combinations. it known for holidaying and vacation, with the island tours and cruise nightlife, Malta has all you desire to explore and experience in you’re quest for a tropical vacation.

Malta has wellness and spa facilities at luxury hotels and club resorts. Sea and land lend themselves to activities from rock climbing and so on.

The island offers much of specialist holidays for those seeking to fasten their English, learn a new skill, and discover and explore historical inhabitants.

If you’re interested in sports, there’s enough on offer to satisfy the seasoned enthusiast as well as the casual first-timer. the best time to explore Malta is March-October.

10 Barcelona Spain

tropical vacations

Barcelona is another destination when considering your tropical vacation in Europe, with its nightlife and Islands enriched with Art, Culture, Science, and Entertainment. Barcelona offers a tropical vacation for everyone: kids and adults, thrill-seekers, and also people in search of peace of mind.

You can walk among sharks, stroke dolphins, take a head-spinning ride on a roller coaster, or enjoy the magnificent views of Barcelona and the peaceful atmosphere of the parks. The best time to visit Barcelona is October

11 Sozopol Bulgaria

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With its tropical nature and natural beauty, Sozopol is regarded as one of the tropical vacation destinations in Europe. Being the oldest city in Bulgaria with the cultural inheritance of their Greek colonial masters, Sozopol is referred to as a museum town.

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Sozopol is Bulgarian main marine and tropical tourist destination with architecture and archaeology, diverse cultural program, excellent hotel facilities, and modern tourist infrastructure, the town welcomes a hundred thousand tourists each year. Sozopol The best time to visit Sozopol is May-October.

12 Hague Netherland

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Hague is a combination of a beach revolving around a city in the Netherlands. is home to tropical vacations that offer visitors the lush pleasure of beach and modern city life with a touch of historical events.

Hague developed into international recognition with its tropical nature and its peace & justice motto which makes it home to the International Court of Justice, the only legal body of the United Nations apart from New York.

Hague is the heart of its nation’s governmental character with much history abounding. The best time to visit the city is September

13 Bonifacio France

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Bonifacio is a popular vacation center in France with its nightlife which have hosted numerous world adventurist who came over to discover and explore the city.

Also called the Garden of Eden, Bonifacio is rich in land and aquatic animals. Getting to Bonifacio requires you to visit some of the popular places like U capu Biancu, Solemare which are popular beaches

The African Fish Eagle planes over Sperone, and wild orchids, found nowhere else in France, covering the countryside. 

Marine mammals of all kinds and the White-Blue Dolphin are omnipresent all year long. it covers all you desire for a tropical tourist’s vacation with additional aqua-life mammals. The best time to visit Bonifacio is November

14 Porto Portugal

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Porto is one of the greatest tourist destinations in Europe, which is also a Portuguese artistic and heritage center of the Portuguese cultural center. also with modern structural building for your satisfaction.

The historical center of Porto was also recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. At night, Porto turns into a new and different city, with entertainment and leisure opportunities that cater to all tastes and excitement that bubbles up to fill the streets with energy and cheerfulness.

As the main gateway to the North of Portugal and three other World Heritage Sites, Guimaraes, Foz Coa, and the Douro Valley, a whole world of experiences awaits the visitor.

Because of its density, Porto is a discovery-filled destination for a tropical vacation. The best time to visit Porto is May-October

15 Sibenik Croatia

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A flourishing landscape with beautiful seas, Sibenik is protected by the limestone rocks and mountain hinterland, with more than 250 islands, Sibenik is a blessed land by nature with a rich vineyard treasury united in a unique poetry of the urban center.

Sibenik is one of the most highly recommended locations in Croatia for your tropical vacation due to its natural beauty.

On your trip to Sibenik, take in the stunning waterfalls of the Krka National Park or explore Plitvice Lake. The best period to visit Sibenik is May-November


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