20 Best fun things to do in Camden (United Kingdom)

Fun things to do in Camden

Camden Town is the spiritual home of London’s counterculture. The town is one of London’s oldest cities with many great historical backgrounds. Camden has developed to be one of the top tourist destinations to visit in London.


Today, locals and tourists gather here to shop at Camden’s markets, stroll along Regent’s Canal, eat food from around the world, and take in live music.

Dylan Thomas, Walter Sickert, and Amy Winehouse are just a few of the renowned people who called Camden home.


If you’re looking for fun things to do in Camden, from themed bottomless brunches and quirky art workshops, and nightlife, here are the top recommended places to check out.

Fun things to do in Camden

1 Camden Street Art

things to do in CamdenOne of the top activities that vibe out Camden is its street Art. Some of the street art is just a 5-minute stroll from Camden Market.

Examples of street art include Kentish Town Road, Bayham Street, Hawley Mews, and Art gallery. The street art consists of a mural of famed singer-songwriter and former Camden resident Amy Winehouse.


Do well to add the street art to your list of top fun things to do in Camden as it usually takes place every September.

2 Camden Art Centre

Fun things to do in CamdenThe Camden Art Centre is another top fun things to do in Camden. Camden Art Centre was originally built as a public library and now combines historic architecture with open, modern spaces, a café, a bookshop, and a secluded garden, with free entry for all.

The center has been enticing tourists for more than 50 years. It is a location to view, create, learn about, and discuss modern art, whether on-site, at off-site projects, or through our online discussion forums.

3 Duo Camden

Fun things to do in CamdenThe duo is the latest addition to Camden’s bustling and vibrant scene. DUO is a nightlife venue with a massive reputation for its themed events and is conveniently close to Camden Station.

There are always activities going on at this Instagrammable location, like drunken bingo games, afternoon tea in the style of Mean Girls, and wacky painting lessons.

There are DUO trademark drinks on one side, while on the other, there are drinks inspired by candy crush. If you enjoy nightlife a visit to the Dua Camden should be on your list of fun things to do in Camden.

4 The Cob Gallery

Fun things to do in CamdenA Visit to The Cob Gallery is among the fun things to do in Camden, and with good reason. This remarkable exhibition space was created in 2011 by curator Victoria Williams and writer Polly Stenham to help up-and-coming artists.

A visit to the Cob Gallery is surely one of the weekend activities to do in Camden. The Cob Gallery holds various activities in addition to its regular exhibitions, such as artist talks, workshops, and movie screenings. The gallery frequently partners with groups and creators who share the same commitment to advancing diversity and inclusivity in the arts.

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5 CyberDog

Fun things to do in CamdenOne of the favorites and must-visit in Camden Market is Cyberdog, a futurist clothing and dance accessory shop with two giant robots at its entrance.

The store is renowned for its distinctive and cutting-edge goods, including LED clothes, cybernetic implants, virtual reality headsets, and high-tech devices.

For those with a passion for cyberculture, rave culture, and sci-fi fandom, CyberDog Camden has grown to be a well-liked hangout. The store is often frequented by electronic music fans and clubbers who are looking for eye-catching outfits to wear to parties and festivals.

6 Visit Regent Canal

 things to do in CamdenIf you’re looking for fun things to do in Camden, then visiting Regent’s Canal should be added to the list. The canal was created by architect John Nash and was named for Prince Regent, who subsequently became King George IV.
Today, most people utilize the canal for recreational activities, including walking, jogging, cycling, and boating along its towpath.

Along the canal, there are numerous other historic structures and sites, such as Victoria Park, the Islington Tunnel, and Camden Lock.

It has also become a popular location for new housing developments, with many people choosing to live in houseboats on the canal.

7 Camden Stables Umbrella Street

Fun things to do in CamdenA well-liked tourist attraction in London, England, is Camden Stables Market. It is located in the neighborhood of Camden Town and is known for its unique and eclectic collection of shops, stalls, and street vendors.

Umbrella Street, a constrained lane lined with bright umbrellas hanging above, is one of the market’s most well-liked locations. As part of a drive to beautify the region, this colorful and eye-catching work was made in 2019 and has since grown to be a popular Camden attraction.

8 Regent Park

Fun things to do in CamdenThis picturesque park, which was once a royal hunting preserve, is now a well-liked recreation area with a man-made lake, tennis courts, a cricket field, kiddie playgrounds, and the London Zoo, located on the park’s northern edge.

Arguably the most scenic and interesting park in London. Highlights include the Queen Mary’s Rose Garden, the Open-Air Theatre, the London Zoo, various lovely gardens, and a variety of walking pathways.

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9 Primrose Hill

Fun things to do in CamdenOne of London’s best views is Primrose Hill Park. It has a 256-foot elevation and provides sweeping views of the downtown skyline. The hill is a well-liked location for picnics and offers a dedicated space for kite flying.

In addition to its stunning natural surroundings, Primrose Hill is renowned for its affluent neighborhood, hip cafes, restaurants, and fashionable shops.

With a combination of exquisite Victorian and Georgian homes, contemporary apartments, and lovely cobblestone alleys, the neighboring neighborhood, also known as Primrose Hill, is one of London’s most coveted residential neighborhoods.

10 Camden Assembly

Fun things to do in CamdenCamden Assembly is a live music and entertainment venue in the district of London. The 400-seat facility, formerly known as The Barfly, features a variety of acts, including hip-hop, indie rock, and pop music.

The theater has a long and illustrious history, having hosted many well-known performers and bands over the years, including Oasis, Coldplay, Franz Ferdinand, The Killers, and The Strokes, to mention a few.

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Camden Assembly holds many events, such as club nights, in addition, to live music performances and also It has a full bar and food menu, making it a popular spot for pre-show drinks and dinner.

11 Koko

Fun things to do in CamdenOne of the fun things to do in Camden is to attend the Koko concert in the town. KOKO Camden serves primarily as a concert venue, showcasing a wide range of musical performers from a number of genres, including rock, pop, indie, dance, and more.

With numerous levels and balconies for observing shows, the space can accommodate about 1,500 spectators.

Other types of events, like comedy shows, club nights, and private gatherings, have also been held at KOKO Camden. The building is well recognized for its elaborate interior, which features a substantial central dome and several delicate architectural embellishments.

12 Blues Kitchen Camden

Fun things to do in CamdenThe Blues Kitchen Camden is a popular restaurant and bar located in the Camden neighborhood. The location is well-known for its live music performances, which feature numerous blues, soul, and rock ‘n’ roll bands.

The Blues Kitchen Camden offers live music as well as traditional Southern fares like BBQ ribs, fried chicken, and mac and cheese. Additionally, the restaurant offers a wide range of alcoholic beverages, including whiskey, artisan beers, and cocktails.

The venue is popular with locals and visitors alike and often gets busy in the evenings and on weekends, particularly when live music is on.

Overall, the Blues Kitchen Camden is a must-visit destination for those looking to enjoy great food, drinks, and live music in a vibrant and unique atmosphere.

13 Visit the Roundhouse

Fun things to do in CamdenThe Roundhouse, a renowned music and performance facility in Camden, opened in 1966. This location is well-known for its rooftop summer “beach” and the yearly Roundhouse Rising concert festival.

Theater performances are also excellent since some of them are set up in a round fashion, almost like Shakespeare’s Globe.

As a former railway engine shed that was transformed into a performance space in 1847, the interior design is equally as fascinating as the events that take place there. Make time to go to the Roundhouse because it will enhance your experience in Camden.

14 Taste Delicious Food at Alexander the Great

Fun things to do in CamdenIf you want to taste delicious Greek food, then no other place does it better than Alexander the Great. it is the best Greek restaurant in the British Isles.

Greek favorites like moussaka, kleftiko, stuffed vine leaves, and grilled octopus are among the dishes offered here. The kebab, a delectable combination of marinated lamb with peppers, mushrooms, and onions, served with a side of rice, might, however, be the star of the show.

15 Ma Petite Jamaica

Fun things to do in CamdenMa Petite Jamaica, a popular Camden eatery that has been serving up real Jamaican food since 1985, takes pride in being London’s first Caribbean diner.

This restaurant is quite well-known in the area and offers dishes like curried goat, a lot of jerk, ackee, and saltfish dumplings.

Also, they provide great rum cocktails and delicious unlimited brunches. If you’re a food lover of Caribbean extraction, Ma Petite Jamaica should be added to the list of fun things to do in Camden.

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16 Edinboro Castle

fun things to do in CamdenThe bar Edinboro Castle is located near Camden Town tube station at the intersection of Mornington Terrace and Camden High Street. The structure that houses the pub has a lengthy history and was constructed in the early 19th century.

The Edinboro Castle serves a large selection of beers, ales, and other alcoholic beverages in addition to classic pub fare such burgers, fish and chips, and Sunday roasts. The bar is a favorite hangout for both locals and visitors because of its welcoming environment, low lighting, and cozy seating areas.

In conclusion, Edinboro Castle is a terrific place to unwind and partake in a meal or a drink right in the middle of Camden.

17 The Dublin Castle Camden

Fun things to do in CamdenThe Dublin Castle is located at 94 Parkway in Camden. Since the 1970s, The Dublin Castle has been a significant part of London’s music scene, featuring both established bands and several up-and-coming performers. Acts like Madness, Amy Winehouse, Blur, and The Arctic Monkeys have performed at the venue.

Along with hosting live performances, The Dublin Castle is renowned for its Monday night comedy shows. The bar provides a variety of beers and pub meals in a traditional setting with low ceilings and dark wooden beams.

18 Visit Jazz Café

Fun things to do in CamdenThe Jazz Café, one of Camden’s most well-known venues, is legendary and features a wide variety of musical genres on its schedule, including jazz, hip-hop, and electronic music.

The Jazz Cafe is celebrating its 30th anniversary and has played host to some of the most well-known figures in jazz and soul, including D’Angelo, Amy Winehouse, Adele, Roy Ayers, and Bobby Womack. The venue has a reputation for booking both established international artists and up-and-coming local artists.

The venue has a restaurant on the second floor that looks out over the stage and can accommodate 450 people altogether.

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19 The Underworld

Fun things to do in CamdenThe Underworld, 174 Camden High Street, London. The Underworld is where you should go if you want to groove to some alternative music.

This live music venue is a basement location near Camden Town station where acts like The Cranberries, The Offspring, Placebo, Queens Of The Stone Age, Radiohead, Smashing Pumpkins, Foo Fighters, Suede, The Darkness, Sum 41, and Fall Out Boy have performed. Also, there are some extremely wild club nights held here.

20 DNA VR Camden

Fun things to do in CamdenOne of the fun things to do in Camden is to top at the DNA VR Camden. The arcade offers a variety of VR experiences, including multiplayer games and immersive simulations.

At DNA VR Camden, some of the most well-liked activities are first-person shooter games, escape rooms, and zombie survival games. The arcade also provides alternatives for group gatherings and team-building exercises for businesses.

A variety of VR headsets, such as the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Windows Mixed Reality headsets, are available for customers to pick from.

Frequent-Asked Questions About Camden

The busiest month for tourism in Camden Town, the United Kingdom is January, followed by September and October. These are designated tourist months when most of the city’s seasonal attractions are wound down and open to visitors.









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