15 Best & Fun things to do in Tenby (United Kingdom)

things to do in Tenby for families

One of the most popular and highly regarded seaside towns in Wales is Tenby. Tenby is a known town that draws tourist visitors from all over the world thanks to its abundance of medieval walls and colorful stretch of homes that look out over a beautiful beach.


With incredible beaches and a history that dates back to the Norman Conquest in the 12th century, the southwest Welsh coastline exudes a getaway for vacation.

You may access Tenby’s central district through the Five Arches, which is characterized by colorful historic structures surrounded by elaborate landscaping and exquisite flowers. You can stop by one of the many little restaurants or cafés and have some coffee.


Nevertheless, Tenby has a ton of enjoyable activities and is a great place to start a peaceful weekend trip if you want to explore the magnificent Pembrokeshire Coast.

Spend some time relaxing on one of the picturesque beaches surrounding the city or exploring the harbor’s bustling fishing community.

For better travel convenience, we have a list of the top fascinating things to do in Tenby.

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Things to do in Tenby

1 Visit Manor Wildlife Park

things to do in Tenby for familiesManor Wildlife Park is a highly recommended place to observe a variety of wildlife animals if you’re looking forward to contacting animals in the city of Tenby.

The park is one of the best family day out experiences in the city where children can enjoy up-close encounters with everything from giant rabbits to wallabies.

You will appreciate exhibits like the Lemur Walkthrough, Valley of the Apes, and Red Panda Woods as this is not a zoo but rather an opportunity to interact with animals.

The Manor Wildlife Park is designed to be both fun and educative. There are activities like the Digiwall climbing experience, a sizable indoor dome play area, and a café-equipped Hay Barn where parents can relax with a cup of coffee while their children play.

2 Tenby Harbour

things to do in TenbyIf you want to taste Tenby, a visit to Tenby Harbour is one of the fascinating things to do in the city. Tenby Harbour is a cozy, little harbor where you may go fishing, take a boat trip to the nearby Caldey Island, rest on the beautiful beach, or just sit and watch people.

There are plenty of restaurants, cafes, and bars close by to replenish in the Harbour. The location is right in the center of Tenby’s coastline.

Alternatively, if you’d want a snack while lounging on the beach, stop into Tenby Harbour Snack Bar. There, the bacon sandwiches are especially well-liked.

3 Tenby Lifeboat Station

things to do in TenbyAmong the main things to do in Tenby is to head on to the Tenby Lifeboat Station. The Station is among the most educational things to do in the region and it offers fascinating insights into those who travel to the sea to carry out lifesaving operations.

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This is an easy stop to include while strolling around the harbor and Castle Hill. lifeboat is housed inside a modern slipway station situated on the north side of Castle Hill complete with a public gallery where visitors can watch the lifeboat launch.

You get really close to the modern lifeboat inside this lifeboat station. Entry is free – but there is a little gift shop and they do hope that you’ll leave a donation to their funds.

Also, they’re so many good places to eat—florentine amazing Italian food. Mykonos also has amazing Greek food.

4 Tudor Merchants House

things to do in TenbyLocated in Quay Hill, Tenby, Tudor Merchants House is an ideal place to visit if you’re interested in the historical past of Tenby.

At Tudor Merchants House you can step back 500 years and discover how the Tudor Merchant and his family would have lived in this fascinating three-story house, situated close to the harbor within the historic walled town of Tenby.

Features of the house include a fine ‘Flemish’ round chimney and the original scarfed roof trusses. The house also has the kinds of goods that merchants typically sold at the time, such as vinegar, wool fabric, spices, and sea coal. On display are art collections and painted textiles that were frequently used in place of tapestries throughout the 1500s.

5 Visit Tenby Castle

things to do in Tenby for familiesTruthfully, Tenby Castle’s attractiveness lies in the fact that not much of it is still standing. With its masonry from the 13th century, which was built high on Castle Hill, the castle’s remnants suffice to explain why it was one of the most significant fortifications on the nation’s coast.

Take a leisurely stroll along the twisting trails of Castle Hill to observe the remnants of the watchtower, as well as the monuments, walking paths, and benches that are located at the highest point and offer views of the ocean.

6 Tenby Museum and Art Gallery

things to do in Tenby for families

Tenby Museum and Art Gallery is a perfect place to visit as it abounds with kids-friendly activities.

There are quizzes on pirates, a museum selfie opportunity, CBBC trials, dinosaur hunts, and the chance to dress as a pirate, with a cutlass, hook, and eye patch.

In the archaeology gallery, you can view skulls, teeth, axes, and meteorites; in the museum, you can learn more about the man who created the equals sign (he was from Tenby! ).

Discover the story behind the arrest of the pirate Leekie Porridge, dress as a 17th-century plague doctor, learn about Henry Tudor’s escape from the town, measure yourself against a Tudor cannon, experience wearing a cork lifejacket like 19th-century lifeboatmen, learn about Roald Dahl’s connection to the town, Tenby has everything for anyone.

7 Caldey Island

things to do in TenbyAmong the fascinating things to do in Tenby is to embark on a Boat trip to Caldey Island. Not only is it home to seals and birdlife but also to a group of Cistercian monks.

The monks have been worshipping and living in peace on these remote shores for a thousand years. It’s a fantastic activity in Tenby because the island is teeming with anomalies.

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Check out the neighboring church, the great whitewashed abbey, the lighthouse, the historic priory, and many more. The gardens and beaches are excellent places to unwind.

The monks offer free tours, but if you wish to help them out, buy some of their locally-produced chocolate or Caldey perfume.


8 St Catherines Island

things to do in TenbySt Catherine’s Island is a small tidal island linked to Tenby. St Catherine’s island is home to a Palmerston fort and a WW2 Anti-aircraft gun placement.

The island is home to a variety of birds and is covered in tide caves. During the Napoleonic Wars, a fort was built on the island as a component of a vast nationwide fortification. The fort has recently reopened to the public. The best times to enter depend on the weather and the tides.

Despite its tiny size, it’s a fascinating location to see in Tenby and well worth the walk across.

9 Visit Heatherton World of Activities

things to do in TenbyHeatherton World of Activities is a day-out place to visit in the city of Tenby. For families looking for more traditional fun and games, the Heatherton World of Activities can fill an entire day. The fact that it is a free attraction and you just pay for the things you wish to do is its best feature.

The property is built up with several activity zones, so you can select from experiences like navigating hedge mazes, a treetops trail, paintball, golf, and a kid-friendly Land Rover experience.

Families with kids of all ages can participate in the complex’s activities. The park is dog friendly, so you can take the family pet and even let them tackle a dog agility course.

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10 Visit Dinosaur Park

things to do in TenbyThe Dinosaur Park is a famous family attraction located in Tenby. It is an ideal place for children of all ages. Explore the woodlands along the Dinosaur Trail and search amid the bushes and trees for the 30 life-size dinosaurs.

Children can test their knowledge by identifying a T-rex, velociraptor, stegosaurus, and other dinosaurs. You can explore on your own, or take a short, guided safari walk, which is great for smaller children.

Other numerous things to enjoy at the park include picnic areas and snack stands.

Shopping and eating are two of life’s great pleasures, and Narberth offers bountiful opportunities for both. But just beyond the buzz of the high street, you’ll find quiet lanes and lush woodland walks.

11 Colby Woodland Garden

things to do in TenbyAt Colby Woodland Garden, explore a forested valley brimming with surprises. This wonderful secret garden is a naturally great place for kids to play.

You’ll have a delightful family day out, away from the bustle of the city, taking leisurely strolls in the woodlands, soaking up the sun in the lovely gardens, and having fun with the small ones beside the stream.

Colby’s offers lots of activities for kids! e.g. Playing pooh sticks on the log bridge, hopping around the stepping stones, and chasing dragonflies and butterflies in the lush meadow next to the creek.

Have you ever participated in a duck race? You can rent some quick ducks at Colby Woodland Garden to race them in the creek. Pond dipping is another must-do and the kits are free!  Just bring a picnic, enjoy games with the kids in the meadows, and relax.

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12 Oakwood Theme Park

things to do in TenbyJust a few miles from Tenby, Oakwood Theme Park is a top destination to visit if you’re looking for plenty of outdoor activities to do for families.

Oakwood Theme Park is an amusement park with a little slice of fantasy and lots of fun and friendly rides thrown in! Is it also Wales’ biggest theme park?! It’s definitely worth visiting.

Looking for family-friendly amusement park rides that the kids will love? Climb on board the Dizzy Disk and try it out for a spin-tactic trip that will have you floating back and forth and whirling in circles.

The Treetop might be what you’re looking for if you want a fantastic journey. Hike through the forested areas that surround Oakwood Theme Park.
These iconic rides have been a part of the memories of thrill-seekers for generations. This is one of the top recommended things to do in Tenby.

13 Go for Fishing

things to do in TenbyTenby is a well-known fishing destination, especially for mackerel and sea bass, and it has many beaches where surf fishing can be done. One of the town’s first traditions was fishing. In actuality, Tenby is known in Welsh as Dinbych-y-Pysgod, which translates to “small stronghold of fish.”

Fishermen frequently cast a line from the land from the Harbour Wall in search of flounder, mackerel, dogfish, sea bass, bream, and triggerfish. Other top locations for fishing include Bandstand Rocks, North or South Beaches, and Castle Beach.

There are many charter boats available for hire if you do not have your own equipment and want to take a fun trip just off the coast for some mackerel.

14 Take a Detour to Carew Castle and the Tidal Mill

things to do in TenbyCarew Castle and Tidal Mill, which has a history dating back more than 2,000 years, are only a short drive from the center of Tenby which has Wales’ sole tidal mill.

Walk the one-mile circular path around the castle grounds at the beginning of your tour to discover the various secret spaces, including the walled garden.

The castle is regarded as one of the most architecturally diversified in the nation because it has a Norman fortress on one end and an Elizabethan palace on the other.

The front of the castle grounds is a place of special biodiversity.  You will discover more about the owls and bats that call this place home, as well as the preservation measures being made to save them.

15 Manorbier & Skrinkle Haven

things to do in TenbyIf you’re looking for an ideal place near Tenby for a surfing lesson, Manorbier & Skrinkle Haven is a perfect place to go.

Manorbier Castle, a Norman defensive stronghold with magnificent towers and lovely planted gardens, is located in a magnificent location with a view of the coastline.  Manicured lawns roll in picture-perfect contrast up to the decaying castle walls.

The wonderful natural arch at Church Doors, a fine finger of rock at Shrinkle Haven, and the quite magnificent dolmen of Kings Quoit are all within a short distance east along the coast from Manorbier. See them all in a 2-hour stroll, alternatively, each has parking nearby to allow you to pop in and out.

Best Time to visit Tenby

The busiest tourist months in Tenby, England are May, June, and July. The majority of the city’s fascinating locations are best explored during this period. Also doubtful are tourist visits to Tenby in November.

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