18 Fun things to do in Chesterfield (Missouri)

things to do in Chesterfield Mo (Missouri)

Looking for the best fun things to do in Chesterfield Missouri? a fascinating city located in St Louis and a perfect destination for a family gateway. It is surrounded by fun and exciting features: landmarks, parks, the famous Spirit of St. Louis airport, etc.

Chesterfield, Missouri, experienced a severe flood in 1993 that completely flooded the whole city. Good news because the city needed to be completely renovated as a result.

In addition, there are numerous restaurants that serve both regional and global cuisine and provide pleasant treats while ensuring a welcoming, comfortable, and fun atmosphere for its visitors.

For a better travel experience, here is a list of fun things to do in Chesterfield Missouri.

things to do in Chesterfield Missouri

1 Chesterfield Amphitheatre

20 Best and Fun things to do in Chesterfield Mo (Missouri)

Chesterfield Amphitheatre is a beautiful, fairly new outdoor Amphitheatre in Chesterfield, Missouri. It is truly a unique place with the best setup for concerts. It is a great place to enjoy live music performances from your favourite artists.

A trip to Chesterfield, Mo, without a visit to Chesterfield Amphitheatre, is incomplete. The Amphitheatre features so many attractive spots to take a nice picture. I advise you to come on time when visiting this Amphitheatre to get a better place for a nice view.

2 Faust Park

20 Best and Fun things to do in Chesterfield Mo (Missouri)

Faust park is regarded and known as one of the unique parks of St. Louis county. The park was established in 1968 to preserve the original estate of Missouri’s second governor, Frederick Bates. The park currently extends to about 200 acres of land.

Faust park is home to Thornhill estate, Faust historic village, the St. Louis carousel, the Sophia M. Sachs butterfly house, a large playground, and the governor Bates walking trails. It is a very entertaining and educational park, rendering guided tours for all ages.

If you are looking for a fun place outside your home, then Faust park is the best choice. Start planning now,

20 Best and Fun things to do in Chesterfield Mo (Missouri)

St Louis carousel is located within Faust park. It is a nice and lovable park to explore with kids. It has very friendly and experienced staff who treat visitors passionately.

St Louis carousel Shields over 60 exquisitely hand-carved deer and horses. The carousel features exhibition areas and a gift shop with luxuries ranging from t-shirts, books, water globes, postcards, music boxes, balloons, and other children’s toys.

St Louis carousel is also a popular destination to host birthday parties, showers, anniversary celebrations, corporate meetings, graduation parties, etc. Book now to enjoy a lifetime memory with your kids.

4 Chesterfield Mall

20 Best and Fun things to do in Chesterfield Mo (Missouri)

Chesterfield mall is a large shopping mall in Chesterfield, Missouri, situated at the Interstate 64/U.S. intersection and Clarkson road. The mall was built in 1976 by Richard Jacobs, housing over 30 shops, three anchor stores, three restaurants, and an AMC megaplex theater.

It is a very nice destination to shop your vintage clothing, jewelry, etc. With nice restaurants to relax in and great meals.

5 Sophia M. Sachs Butterfly House

20 Best and Fun things to do in Chesterfield Mo (Missouri)

The history of Missouri can be traced back to the honor bestowed on the Sophia Sachs family and its butterfly garden. Sophia M. Sachs butterfly house is a cultural and educational attraction with over 80 butterfly species in free flight and 150 tropical plant species on display.

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Sophia M. Sachs butterfly house started in 1997 but was opened to the public in 2000, currently a division of the Missouri Botanical Garden.

It features several exhibits ranging from small to large exhibits, including small wonders, butterflies of the world, etc. The Emerson family theatre is a must-visit in Sophia M. Sachs butterfly house. Your first travel bucket list is served.

6 Thornhill estate at Faust Park

20 Best and Fun things to do in Chesterfield Mo (Missouri)

Thornhill estate is one of the oldest structures at Faust park, built in a Virginia-styled format. Thornhill estate is a trip back into the history of the mid-1880s of Missouri, owned and resident by the second governor of Missouri.

After the death of Frederick Bates (the second governor of M, O), the estate was resided by his family but was later recovered after there was no longer a family residence. The states have preserved the estate as a historic village to date.

Thornhill estate features a flower garden, barn, Bates family cemetery, trails, etc. It is a perfect destination for family tours and picnics.

7 The neutral zone

20 Best and Fun things to do in Chesterfield Mo (Missouri)

Chesterfield is known as its perfect destination for fun activities. One of the reasons is the “Neutral Zone. The neutral zone is a gaming center with top-notch experience you won’t get elsewhere. Whether you are exploring with your kids, older family members, or friends, make a day in the neutral zone.

The neutral zone is a center that offers arcade games with over 80 cabinets, party rentals, corporate rentals, large groups, arcade game customization for your office and home, and many activities.

Why do you choose the neutral zone out of all? Well, a neutral zone is not only the best for entertainment but very affordable. In the Neutral Zone, you will explore all the games with just your flat admission charge paid at the entrance. All the games are in a free mood, making it perfect for a family.

Make your trip unforgettable with this List of 18 best fun things to do in Chesterfield, MO.

8 Bowlero Chesterfield

20 Best and Fun things to do in Chesterfield Mo (Missouri)

One of the best and most fun things to do in Chesterfield, MO, is to explore Bowlero Chesterfield.

Bowlero Chesterfield is a bowling alley that offers interactive fun to its visitors. It features billiards, arcade games, snacks, bowls, and other distractions at every corner.

If you are exploring with kids, I bet you to pick this best-of-a-kind entertainment hub. Bowlero Chesterfield is not just for entertainment, but a wide range of hipster-inspired atmospheres, nice background to take awesome photos, and quite an awesome venue.

Don’t just visit Chesterfield without scratching the ground, make it memorable.

9 Topgolf St. Louis

20 Best and Fun things to do in Chesterfield Mo (Missouri)

Do you think of creating an unforgettable experience with your friends and family in Chesterfield? Then you have only one place not to miss, “Topgolf st Louis.”

Topgolf St. Louis is a great spot for entertainment, with a swanky lounge for drinks and games. It is a place to create an unforgettable memory in Chesterfield, Missouri.

As a group on a Chesterfield tour, Topgolf has every activity for all ages. It features competitive golf games for all, climate-controlled playing bays, HDTVs, and lots of other fun. There is also full service for entertaining your stomach.

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Golf games are always significant for relaxation, exercise, making new friends, improving business relationships, building character, and so many others, which entails you not missing out on this great destination.

10 The Magic House

20 Best and Fun things to do in Chesterfield Mo (Missouri)

If you are looking for an exceptional place for children only? Chesterfield, get you covered with the Magic house.

The magic house is a children’s museum in St. Louis, implying its name “The Magic House.” It is a place to see a lot of magic featured in artifacts, exhibitions, and other events.

When I say it’s a children’s museum, it doesn’t make it excludes adults because it’s built in a children’s style. It is a discovery area and an educational center you won’t like to miss out on.

If you are planning a fun-filled vacation, don’t miss out on the funs the magic house has to offer.

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11 Marcus Chesterfield Cinema

20 Best and Fun things to do in Chesterfield Mo (Missouri)

Most people love seeing movies, and I don’t like them. Well, Chesterfield is not just blessed with destinations but great ones at that.

Marcus Chesterfield Cinema is one of the best to pick from if you are looking for what to do in Chesterfield. One of the best venues for dates is a cinema. Friends and family can also have fun here.

One of the best places to visit in Chesterfield is Marcus Chesterfield Cinema.

12 Chesterfield Central Park

20 Best and Fun things to do in Chesterfield Mo (Missouri)

One of the most amazing parks in Chesterfield remains Central Park. Chesterfield Central Park is a recreation area for group gatherings. Whether you are exploring as a family or a group of friends, this destination is for you.

Central Park features large playgrounds, a large amphitheater, an aquatic center, and picnic tables. It is very accessible to all, both cars and wheelchair entrances.

It is a place to get a chance for family storytelling and hanging out around the lake or pond. Central Park is simply a beautiful, neat, scenic environment to explore in Chesterfield.

If you find the best and most fun things to do in Chesterfield, then you are right with this option “Chesterfield Central Park.

13 Museum

20 Best and Fun things to do in Chesterfield Mo (Missouri)

Your fun is not yet over when you haven’t done the most fun things, and the museum is another most interesting thing to do in Chesterfield, MO. Whether traveling alone, with family, or with friends, your fun will have no bounds.

The museum is a very interactive family-owned play center, especially for kids around 2 to 12 years old. The exhibit is gauged for different ages with appreciative directives on each.

The staff is some of the friendliest on Earth so you won’t have a hard time exploring. Start now! Plan your trip for the better.

14 Upper limits

20 Best and Fun things to do in Chesterfield Mo (Missouri)

The upper limit is another interesting thing you can do in Chesterfield, MO. It is a place where both children and adults go for fun all day.

Chesterfield is a place of fun, which was contributed by the likes of the upper limit. The upper limit is an indoor gym with lots of fun things, including rock climbing, tall top rope climbing, wacky walls, rope walls, etc.

It is accessible to wheelchairs and has enough parking lots for its visitors. As the name implies, reach the upper limit of each climb. It is quite fun. Tag along your kids and friends to this amazing location.

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15 Chesterfield Antique Mall

20 Best and Fun things to do in Chesterfield Mo (Missouri)

This is another place to be if you are looking for what to do in Chesterfield, MO. Chesterfield Antique Mall seems small but larger than it seems from the inside. It sells items at a very affordable rate.

They have some amazing sculptures like the chalkware ratfink statue, Tarzan from a rope from the ceiling, sponge Bob statue, cast iron bear, and other weird sculptures. Chesterfield Antique Mall is home to nice antiques with thousands of items.

You can give your house a living atmosphere with these antiques.

16 Spa Lucca

20 Best and Fun things to do in Chesterfield Mo (Missouri)

One of the great places to relax after a long and stressful day is Spa Lucca. After that long day under the sun, a worn-out pedicure and manicure feel weird, but this space does a great job of bringing back your beauty.

Spa Lucca offers great massages, facials, lash extensions, manicures, pedicures, etc. Booking a bed for two couples on vacation will go a long way toward igniting that fire of love.

Don’t sit and watch that beautiful wreck when Spa Lucca is always at your service.

17 St. Louis premium outlets

20 Best and Fun things to do in Chesterfield Mo (Missouri)

If you want to purchase your outlets at an affordable range, I recommend you. St. Louis premium outlets are a great place to shop over 90 brands of top-notch quality.

Fancy vacations entail fancy outfits, which can be attained with their brand of designers ranging from Adidas, Michael Kors, Coach, Nike, Vera Bradley, and so on. Enjoy this brand at an exceptional savings price in the comfort of the store.

It sells designer clothes, sunglasses, watches, shoes, canvas, etc., and is worth every trip. Don’t get sucked out when you have us.

18 River Edge Park

things to do in Chesterfield MOIf you want to explore a beautiful lush park with an abundance of outdoor amenities, River’s Edge Park is an ideal place to visit.

Visit this park along North Outer Road with 188 acres of green open space beside the famous Missouri River. You may go hiking, paddle boarding, fishing, jogging, and playing catch with your dog, among other outdoor activities.

River’s Edge Park is the spot to go in Chesterfield if you want to do something fun without paying a dime.

This park offers more than just outdoor recreation; you can also unwind and unwind, particularly in the afternoon when you can lie down on the grass and pass the time.

Best time to visit Chesterfield MO (Missouri)

The best and busiest month for tourists to visit Chesterfield, Missouri, is March, followed by May and February. The most expensive times of year for hotels and flights will be during these months, though you can save money if you book early.

Tourists are unlikely to visit Chesterfield in November Those who are willing to travel at these times will probably discover that it is the cheapest month.








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