20 Best & Fun things to do in Buxton (United Kingdom)

things to do in Buxton

Buxton is a spa town in the Borough of High Peak, Derbyshire, England. The town is the highest market town in England. It is bordered by the Peak District National Park and is near Cheshire to the west and Staffordshire to the south.


Whether you’re a local or guest unsure of how to pass the evening, your day, or your few days off. There are theaters, comedies, movies, kid-friendly activities, outdoor activities, walks and hikes, picnic sites, and a few lesser-known jewels you definitely should be aware of.

For a better trip experience, here is a list of the top things to do in Buxton.


Things to do in Buxton

1 Pavilion Gardens

things to do in BuxtonPavilion Gardens is one of the precious sites that Buxton has to offer for its visitors and locals. This ideal garden was opened in 1871 and designed by the prolific Edward Milner.

This 10-hectare park is the pride of Buxton. The park’s decorative lakes, flowerbeds, old trees, meandering walks, and bandstand are made of wrought iron and are dripping with Romantic grandeur.

Before traveling to Buxton, check the schedule because you might be there during one of the summertime jewelry, antiques, or arts and crafts fairs held in Pavilion Gardens.


2 Poole’s Cavern & Buxton Country Park

things to do in BuxtonA day excursion to Poole’s Cavern & Buxton Country Park is designed for groups of friends and families to enjoy. If you’re up for a stroll, the park also offers a pleasant woodland walk.

Discover the magnificent crystal stalactites and stalagmites that have lined the limestone caverns of the cave over the course of millions of years as you explore its immense limestone tunnels.

3 Solomon’s Temple

things to do in Buxton for freeSolomon’s Temple or better called Grin Low Tower by locals is a distinctive landmark crowning the skyline above Buxton and stands at 437m above sea level.

The temple was constructed in 1896 and was restored in 1988. It contained several skeletons from the ‘Beaker’ period, along with later Roman items.

surrounded by the Grin Low plantation, now known as Buxton Country Park, which conceals the remains of the quarrying and lime-burning operations that originally existed on the hill. You can climb the tower, but be careful because the steps are narrow, steep, and weathered.

4 Attend a show at Buxton Opera House

things to do in BuxtonBuxton Opera House is one of the finest examples of Frank Matcham theatre design, offering a year-round program of entertainment.

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This 902-seat theater was built in 1903, and Frank Matcham was responsible for both the interior and outside designs. The theater is host to the renowned annual Buxton International Festival as well as many other regular festivals. The year-round schedule includes drama, comedy, music, family events, and opera.

5 Treetop adventures at Go Ape Buxton

things to do in BuxtonChecking out the treetop activities at Go Ape Buxton is among the coolest things to do in Buxton.

Go Ape Buxton is within walking distance from the historic spa town and you’ll also find the two-million-year-old natural limestone cave Poole’s Cavern, in Buxton Country Park.

If you want to give your students a memorable school trip if you want to have a memorable birthday party for your young monkeys, or if you want to swing through the trees on your next hen or stag do, this exhilarating outdoor activity is great fun, and the forests are also very attractive.

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6 Buxton Museum and Art Gallery

things to do in buxton for freeThrough its many permanent collections and varying exhibitions, Buxton Museum and Art Gallery offer a fascinating, enjoyable, and cost-free method for visitors to learn about the Peak District.

You may stroll through a prehistoric woodland, spot a bear in an Ice Age cave, and “meet” a mermaid thanks to the seven meticulously recreated environments that are available for exploration.

In addition, you can salute a Roman soldier, crawl through a Neolithic burial chamber, and enter a Victorian scientist’s office.

Along with the numerous people who have traversed these slopes, you will also uncover proof of a variety of fascinating species, including saber-tooth cats, sharks, dragonflies, and trilobites.

7 The Crescent

things to do in BuxtonThe Crescent is a great starting point for your day of exploring Buxton. There are other places to view in this location beside the historical site that is recommended by other tourists.

Spend some time exploring nearby attractions like the Devonshire Dome, Pavilion Gardens, and Buxton Opera House.

Traveling to The Crescent is sure to be enjoyable for history buffs as the seasoned structure offers a wealth of knowledge.

8 Derbyshire Dales National Nature Reserve

things to do in BuxtonOne of the interesting things to do in Buxton is to visit Derbyshire Dales National Nature Reserve. One of the best free things to do in Buxton is this nature reserve.

The Derbyshire Dales National Nature Reserve is home to a wide variety of animals. Take a stroll through to see the ecosystem in its natural state and spend some time outside.

If you’d like to see what’s beyond Derbyshire Dales National Nature Reserve, Chatsworth House, Peak District National Park Authority, and Peak Cavern are also top recommended to spend your day.

9 Devonshire Dome

things to do in BuxtonOne of the most stunning settings in all of Europe is the enormous Devonshire Dome. The Dome was built in 1779 by the 5th Duke of Devonshire, commanding the Buxton skyline in the heart of the breathtaking Peak District.

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It is one of the most striking venues available anywhere with the grandeur you would expect from such an ancient building, and with its 44 pillars, it is the largest unsupported Dome in Britain.

Learn a little bit about the area’s unique history at Devonshire Dome, and don’t forget to take pictures of the Dome.

10 Cavendish Golf Club

things to do in BuxtonAt Cavendish Golf Club, put yourself to the test and see if you can sneak in a few birdies. Whatever your golfing level, this location provides an excellent test for all golfers.

You’ll quickly understand why many travelers visiting Buxton include this golfing spot on their travel plans. Make a day of it by entering after paying the entrance fee.

Looking for other activities to keep you occupied close to Cavendish Golf Club? Visit the Devonshire Dome, Pavilion Gardens, and Buxton Opera House.

11 Goyt Valley

things to do in Buxton for freeGoyt Valley is the ideal spot for an exciting day trip in the Peak District because of its breathtaking views across the Errwood Reservoir, beautiful natural surroundings, and endless rolling hills.

The Goyt Valley still has a lot to offer, such as a large pine forest, azalea and rhododendron shrubs, the family cemetery, and the remains of workers’ cottages.

Additionally, there is a shrine that is believed to have been built at the behest of Miss Dolores, the Spanish woman who accompanied Mrs. Grimshawe.

12 Treak Cliff Cavern

things to do in Buxton for freeTreak Cliff Cavern is an underground wonderland of stalactites, stalagmites, rocks, minerals, and fossils. Home to Blue John Stone, a rare form of Fluorite with beautiful colors.

The guided tour takes you farther into the cave to explore Aladdin’s Cave’s multicolored flowstone walls, and further still, you may marvel at the stalactites and stalagmites in Fairyland and the Dream Cave.

Visitors of all ages can enjoy a trip to Treak Cliff Cavern, which offers 45-minute guided tours as well as special activities periodically throughout the year.

13 Chatsworth House

things to do in BuxtonDiscover the ever-changing Chatsworth Garden, which surrounds one of Derbyshire’s most well-known country homes. The 105-acre landscape, which includes an arboretum, a rock garden, fountains, sculptures, and more, is the result of nearly 500 years of meticulous maintenance.

The historical garden has plenty to offer everyone, whether it’s marveling at the ancient and contemporary waterworks, finding hidden gems, or finding your favorite spot.

As soon as you arrive, you’ll feel enchanted by one of the UK’s most opulent houses, which is decorated with sculptures from Roman and Ancient Egyptians and ancient works of art by Joshua Reynolds, Veronese, and Rembrandt.

14 Axe Edge Moor

things to do in BuxtonAxe Edge Moor is located on the border of Derbyshire, Staffordshire, and Cheshire.

There are natural swimming holes here if you can handle the chilly water.

About two miles southwest of Buxton, Axe Edge Moor starts and rises to a height of more than 550 meters.

To experience the breathtaking views from the high trails across the moor, try to visit on a clear day.
There’s no more fitting place to take a rest than England’s second-highest pub, the Cat and Fiddle Inn.

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15 Ride a bike along the Monsal Trail

things to do in BuxtonCycling from Blackwell Mill, near Buxton, to Bakewell is now possible thanks to the Monsal trail, a former railway route that was abandoned in 1968 and turned into a modern, traffic-free cycling track in 2011.

The trail is beautiful, and you can see remnants of Derbyshire’s industrial past as well as a ton of Peak District wildlife along the way.

In the summer, there are frequently lots of butterflies, birds, wildflowers, and, if you keep an eye out, enormous dragonflies.

16 St Ann’s Well

things to do in Buxton for freeA visit to St Ann’s Well is one of the things to do in Buxton for free. You can sample the renowned mineral water of Buxton at Ann’s Well, which is direct across the street from the Crescent. Just be sure to pack a bottle.

There has been a shrine to St Anne here since the Middle Ages. For a time this was housed in a chapel, which was closed down during the reign of Henry VIII.

Mary Queen of Scots is known to have taken the waters when she was a prisoner at Chatsworth House in the 16th century.

17 Visit the Gallery in the Gardens

things to do in BuxtonYou can check out this gallery in the main building close to the visitor information desk while you’re relaxing in the Pavilion Gardens.
The Gallery in the Gardens is a platform for painting and arts and crafts by more than 40 local artists and craftspeople.

Their works are for sale and include textiles, ceramics, paintings, calligraphy, embroidery, glass, linocuts, etchings, woodcarvings, and prints

Anytime you visit, one of the gallery’s featured artists will be there and happy to discuss how they develop their work.

18 See a Movie at Buxton Cinema

things to do in BuxtonOne of the interesting things to do in Buxton as a couple is to visit the See a film at Buxton Cinema. The Buxton Cinema is different from the typical multiplex.

Buxton Cinema addresses the cinematic hole that previously required residents of Buxton to drive for up to an hour to satisfy their craving for movies by showing both the newest blockbusters and all-time favorite oldies. The cafe also serves beverages, snacks, and popcorn.

19 Ride the miniature train at Pavilion Gardens

things to do in BuxtonIf you haven’t yet taken a ride on the toy train in the Pavilion Gardens, you should do well to try it out. Although it’s not exactly an exciting rollercoaster ride that will send your heart racing, the kids will nonetheless like it. While passing through the tunnel, don’t forget to shout and wave.

This is without a doubt among the family-friendly things to do in Buxton.

20 Attend Buxton Carnival

things to do in Buxton for freeA major annual event in July that draws tens of thousands of people to Buxton and Derbyshire is the city Carnival.

Every year, during the first two weeks of July, the Peak District of Derbyshire hosts the Buxton Well Dressing and Carnival.

Observing the carnival and enjoying the live performances is customary in Buxton.  Never miss out on this fascinating annual event this brings the city back to life every July.

Best time to Visit Buxton

The busiest month for tourism in Buxton, the United Kingdom is June to August, followed by October and December. This is the best time of year to travel to this fascinating town and take advantage of all the seasonal activities it offers.




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