20 Best & Fun Things To Do In Kimberley, South Africa

Fun Things To Do In Kimberley, South Africa

The regional axis, area, and town of Kimberley have been in existence for ages now. Blessed with thousands of acres of land and plenty of independent wildlife land; this area paints a clearer picture of what an ideal tourist location should be.


Starting things off with checking out its abundance of wildlife, down to yawning canyons, not forgetting paying a visit as well to any of its outback stations, museum house, and amusement parks; there is no running out of options for exciting and thrilling activities to get yourself engaged with over here.

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Fun Things To Do In Kimberley, South Africa

1. Checkout The Big Hole

The Big Hole

Linked to the historical significance of South Africa’s diamond history is the tourist attraction of The Big Hole in Kimberley, measuring at a staggering length of over 17 hectares with a 1.6 km perimeter of pebbles.

It is tagged A tourist attraction for holding the historical significance of the discovery of precious diamonds in the area which brought about the extraction of 2,722 kilograms of diamonds and left behind the awe-inspiring Big Hole.

What to expect?

Guests showing up here get to be part of its underground experience in the form of a tour of taking a stroll through the Old Town, while also catching a glimpse of its diamond vault.

Address: S Circular Rd, Kimberley, 8300, South Africa.


2. Pay a visit to the William Humphreys Art Gallery

Things To Do In Kimberley

Have you got a burning desire in mind to set your sights on items of arts and crafts? Then it is about time you pay a visit to this tourist attraction, the William Humphreys Art Gallery, nicknamed the artistic heart of Kimberley at the William, one that has been in existence for decades now, as far back as 1952.

Granting free access to kids and just a little token for adults, this gallery house is one to afford you the experience of getting in close touch with some of its rich collections of art, particularly its 17th-century paintings as well as some other modern exhibits.

Why should I visit?

Here, you are granted the opportunity to check out the gallery’s extensive art collections, which have been meticulously kept and put on display, as it encompass items of photography and some other impressive artwork.

Address: 1 Cullinan Cres, Civic Centre, Kimberley, 8300, South Africa.

3. Shop for your loved ones at the Giftly Surprize Gift And Decor Shop

Things To Do In Kimberley

The tourist attraction of Giftly Surprise Gifts and Decor Shop, which serves as an exclusive gift and coffee shop in Kimberley, is designed specifically for visitors either on a holiday or business stay in the area to come to be part of its elegant shopping experience of a variety of likable items.

With plenty of unique offerings lined up on its shelves for sale, there’s no better place in the area to come raise your art of giving game than at this gift and decor shop, with plenty of artificial flowers, crystal glassware, and sophisticated home décor to gift to your loved ones.

What do they offer?

The Giftly Surprize Gift And Decor Shop does offer for sale Frames, both modern and classic, alongside an impressive selection of indoor and outdoor lighting.

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Address: 70 Mac Dougall St, Royldene, Kimberley, 8301, South Africa.

4. Explore South Africa history Duggan-Cronin Gallery

Things To Do In Kimberley

The Duggan-Cronin Gallery nestled in the heart of Kimberley is more like a subsidiary branch of the iconic McGregor Museum dedicated to providing and offering knowledge and insights into the rich cultural history of southern Africa through the lens of prominent photographers.

Covering the span of over 60 years between 1919 and 1980 by the contributions of notable photographers such as Alfred Martin Duggan-Cronin, Aubrey Elliot, Jean Morris, and Alice Mertens, guests showing up here are ushered into the world and lifestyles of the indigenous people of South Africa generally.

What to expect?

Guests showing up here get to behold the photographically documented lifestyle of the indigenous tribes of South Africa before Western influences altered their traditional way of life.

Address: 17 Egerton Rd, Belgravia, Kimberley, 8301, South Africa.

5. Pay a visit to the Sol Plaatje Museum Kimberley

Things To Do In Kimberley

The Sol Plaatje House Museum in Kimberley is an art and craft embodiment that encompasses the history of the country of South Africa, a museum house whose name draws its inspiration from the immortalization of Sol Plaatje’s journey from founder to first secretary general.

Wondering about what types of items you might find on exhibit in this museum house? Well, since Sol Plaatje was a liberation leader who created a big name and personality for himself as a journalist, educator, translator, and editor in Kimberley, most of the exhibits over here revolve around Plaatje’s pen-authored seminal books.

What to expect?

Here, you get to visit a museum house that tells tales of Plaatje’s life and legacy.

Address: 32 Angel St, New Park, Kimberley

6. Stay refreshed at the Star of the West

Things To Do In Kimberley

After you have endured a hectic day touring and exploring the whole of Kimberley, it is ideal one stop by to keep yourself refreshed. There is a provision made for that right over at the Star of the West, the second-oldest pub in South Africa.

Since it also bears some sort of historical significance with conversations about stories of the past converging with the present, it is an ideal location to come catch a unique glimpse into the city’s storied past with a glass of beer in hand.

What to expect?

The star of the West pub is known for its excellent service and atmosphere with snacks at the bar counter.

Address: 2 N Circular Rd, Kimberley, 8300, South Africa.

7. Visit The Rudd House

Things To Do In Kimberley

Looking to try out something weird at any point in time you happen to find yourself in Kimberly, then you might as well want to consider visiting The Rudd House, known for its architectural structure that has existed for over a decade now and is seen as one of the most haunted houses in South Africa.

Why you should visit?

The Rudd house of Kimberley is definitely a fascinating place to be with plenty of South Africa’s rich history to check out, as well as its tales of paranormal activity and mysterious fixtures.

Address: 24 Park Avenue, Belgravia, Kimberley, 8301, South Africa.

8. Enjoy the natural embodiments of Kamfers Dam

Things To Do In Kimberley

The tourist attraction of Kamfers Dam which is nestled at the far north end of Kimberley is a place to be at specifically for nature enthusiasts; a rainfall habitat now turned wetland, where guests showing up as well get to enjoy a little bit of birdlife.

Since it is a habitat famous and made popular for its astonishing array of birdlife, there shouldn’t be any sort of second thought on the mind of birders and nature lovers alike when it comes down to considering visiting, since it is the only medium through which you can only get to witness what a flamingo breeding colony is all about in South Africa.

What to expect?

Showing up at this dam is to come to be stunned by the wonders of nature and enjoy some sort of birdlife watching as well.

Address: Kimberly, South Africa.

9. Check out the Honoured Dead Memorial

Things To Do In Kimberley

The Honoured Dead Memorial is one which though holds the bragging rights of being one of few provincial heritage sites in Kimberley, is also one which bears the infamous recognition and significance of being a poignant reminder of the city’s turbulent past during the Anglo-Boer War.

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With its monument taking the form of a convergence of five roads; should you be interested, it is right at this very spot you get to tag along with the local residents of the region to join in paying tribute to those who valiantly defended Kimberley during the Siege.

What to expect?

Here, visitors get to check out one of the most important South Africa historical monuments which is a symbol of resilience and struggle.

Address: Memorial Road Area, Kimberley, 8301, South Africa.

10. Get in close touch with farm animals at Germar Biltong Mekka, Padstal & Petting Zoo

Things To Do In Kimberley

The tourist attractions of Germar Biltong Mekka, Padstal & Petting Zoo are a favorite and popular destination among tourists, famous for their delightful and exceptional experience of getting in close touch with different species of farm animals.

With its doors that grant access to its premises flung wide open with no admission fees attached, both visitors and tourists alike should consider themselves in for a nice treat of having a safe and fun interaction with a variety of farm animals.

Why you should visit?

This tourist destination is of top recommendation among tourists since it provides them with the opportunity to go out on a family-themed outing and immerse themselves in the tranquil world of Fairyland.

Address: Corner of Landbou Rd &, Memorial Rd, South Ridge, Kimberley, 8301, South Africa

11. Hangout on the Mokala National Park

Things To Do In Kimberley

Characterized by its presence and abundance of wildlife, the Mokala National Park is one with loads of exciting activities and adventures for guests, which are oftentimes based upon offering guided drives at all times of the day.

It is one very adventurous experience that should see both tourists and visitors alike visiting to uncover the cultural legacy of guided rock art drives, though there is also an established avenue for enjoying picnics beneath open skies at Matopi.

What other things does happens here?

Visitors showing up at this open-spaced park are also opportune to enjoy a bush braai or make a tasty potjie kos, perfect for enjoying picnics with family and friends.

Address: Modder River, Herbert District, Kimberly

12. Enjoy the wildlife of Felidae Centre

Things To Do In Kimberley

Dedicated as A Safe Place For Cats Generally, the tourist attraction of Felidae Centre comes in next on our list of fun things to do in Kimberly, specifically for wildlife enthusiasts, since it is the only opportunity they have gotten to immerse themselves in the marvels of untamed Wildlife.

To enjoy this particular experience to the fullest, guests showing up here get to sign up for any of its knowledgeable and informative tours of getting and keeping in close touch with these wild cats in their natural habitats.

Why should I visit?

Visiting this tourist destination, guests get to move up close and catch the sights as well of cheetahs, lions, caracals, leopards, serval cats, monkeys, and meerkats.

Address: 30 km from Kimberley, N8, Kimberley

13. Enjoy the birdlife of Kamfer’s Dam

Things To Do In Kimberley

Just at the far end towards the northern region of Kimberley is where you get to locate the Kamfers Dam measuring a staggering landmass of 400 hectares amidst the lush wetland; a tourist destination known for its birdlife.

Talking of its birdlife, it is an ideal location to come catch the beautiful sights of birds painting the skies with feasting and nurturing their kind. Being a haven for endangered birds, there also exists a big chance of coming across any of those endangered species.

What to expect?

The Kamfers Dam is an ideal location for both local residents and visitors alike to cherish its birdlife of enrapturing the beauty of flamingos all season long.

Address: 6 km north of Kimberley in the ecotone

14. Have a taste of the Mediterranean-flavored delicacies of The Fat Greek Kimberley

Things To Do In Kimberley

This favorite and popular spot among foodies in the area is one you might as well want to consider and prioritize visiting, especially should you be craving the Mediterranean magic of any one of those items on its meal menu.

Popular for its delicate cuisine, which includes the delightful Pita Bread, The Fat Greek Kimberley is a restaurant house in the area that takes both local residents and visitors alike on a journey to Greece with every bite of its selected premium-grade meats.

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What to expect?

Here, local residents, visitors, and tourists alike get to dine with the very best of mouthwatering curry delights that should spice up their day, especially with its meal options of Greek cuisine’s rich flavors.

Address: 229 Du Toitspan Rd, Belgravia, Kimberley

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15. Pay a visit to Queens Park

Things To Do In Kimberley

Queens Park is yet another tourist attraction in Kimberly dedicated to saving rhinos from extinction, implementing and bringing into play the different innovative conservation methods to safeguard these magnificent beasts, even though it is actually not their natural habitat

Checking into this venue, guests are ushered into all manner of experiences as it relates to having a great time with rhinos and in nature, especially when it comes down to witnessing their health checks and feeding baby rhinos in any of its guided nursery tours.

What to expect?

Guests showing up here gets to catch the sights of Southern White Rhinos in a natural setting, one of which they are also at liberty to capture and take pictures of.

Address: Park Rd, Belgravia, Kimberley, 8301, South Africa.

16. Enjoy the burger and fries of McDonald’s Kimberley Drive-Thru

Things To Do In Kimberley

The McDonald’s Kimberley Drive-Thru is a fast food chain restaurant in Kimberly, proving to be a perfect spot for both visitors and tourists alike to come settle for dinner after a long day touring the whole of the area.

Known for its premises so clean and food perceived to be okay, this is also an ideal location to come order a chicken fold regular meal which bite should create a lasting impression I’m your dining experience.

What do they offer?

The McDonald’s Kimberley Drive-Thru is a Classic and long-running fast-food chain restaurant offering the very best of burgers & fries for guests’ consumption.

Address: North Cape Mall, Memorial Rd, Royldene, Kimberley, 8301, South Africa.

17. Enjoy the steaks of The Hussar Grill Kimberley

Things To Do In Kimberley

The Hussar Grill Kimberley is one of few steakhouses in Kimberly, offering the very best of steak cooked to perfection and deliciously made with garlic baby potatoes were delicious; and dished out by its ever-present staff with good customer service.

Considered one of the very best places in Kimberly to come eat and have a fantastic experience, with its meal menu stocked up with steaks cooked to perfection. A must-visit for steak locals generally who one way or the other happen to find themselves in the area at any point in time.

What do do they offer?

The Hussar Grill Kimberley offers the very best of steak at a reasonable price; one which should see guests running back to ask for more .

Address: 229 Du Toitspan Rd, Belgravia, Kimberley, 8301, South Africa.

18. Come check out the Kimberley Town Hall

Things To Do In Kimberley

Admiring the architecture of Kimberley town Hall also makes its way into our list of fun things to do in Kimberly; a building edifice that was built as far back as the year 1899 and has been standing firm and solid ever since then.

Famous for its stunning architecture of the marvelous piece of marble behemoth as designed by Fergus Carstairs Rogers, guests showing up here get to enjoy the fulfilling experience of setting their sights on this standing edifice of cream and white color.

Why you should visit?

Visiting mostly by visitors is to come along with their camera lens to enjoy some photo-taking sessions in this magnificent edifice.

Address: 5 Market St, Kimberley, 8301, South Africa.

19. Grab a glass of wine at the Hartswater Wine Cellar

Things To Do In Kimberley

Should be bearing a strong desire in mind to attend a wine-tasting event before departing Kimberly, then you shouldn’t hesitate to stop by the Hartswater Wine Cellar which has producing wine since as far back as the year 1977.

Known and famous for its bountiful harvest of the finest grapes in the area which it makes use in its production, the wine-tasting experience of this very cellar is one that permits guests to taste the wine before making the decision to purchase a bottle or two of their choice.

What do they offer?

Primarily, the Hartswater Wine Cellar does offer tours of their cellars, while secondarily they offer a wide range of choices of wines like the most notable “Elements” & “Overvaal”.

Address: 43 Df Malan St, Hartswater, 8570, Kimberly South Africa

20. Take a sunset cruise with DaRiva

Things To Do In Kimberley

Ever wondered what experience a long ride on an ocean body of water is to bring, then going on a sunset cruise The DaRiva made up of a world-class kitchen and genial accommodation is certainly an adventure you should strive to be part of.

It is an adventure-turn experience that gives birth to its guests enjoying a long ride on its spacious top deck accompanied by a barbeque facility; an adventure that should see one journey for over 50km on the water while also enjoying its diverse bird life.

What other things does happens here?

Apart from enjoying the cruise, guests are also opportune to catch the rare sights of some of Vaal River’s own Big Five such as the Otter, African Fish Eagle, Giant Kingfisher, Goliath Heron, and Iguana.

Address: Kimberly, South Africa.


In conclusion, despite being a remote area, this regional area of Kimberley also happens to be a town to find tasty food, friendly locals and romantic beach towns on the globe, awesome other top attractions which have already been highlighted above.

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