20 Best & Fun Things To Do In Paternoster, South Africa

Fun Things To Do In Paternoster, South Africa

Paternoster is a charming fishing village that hails from the West Coast of South Africa and is known for its sandy beaches, rocky coves, and clear blue waters, giving it the perfect identity of what an ideal tourist destination should be all about.


Be it a time-out or an action-packed adventure, the regional area of Paternoster has something to offer both its visitors and tourists alike. In that respect, below have been highlighted 20 things to do in Paternoster.

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Fun Things To Do In Paternoster

1. Strandloper Ocean Boutique Hotel

Things To Do In Paternoster

With a staggering figure of 4 hotels, 18 guesthouses, and 152 self-catering establishments in Paternoster, there’s no running out of options when it comes to places to pass the night in the area, one such option being the Strandloper Ocean Boutique Hotel.

Popular and famous for its stunning views that oversee the Atlantic Ocean, this lodging facility in Paternoster is one made up of individually decorated rooms and suites which are accompanied by the presence of flat-screen TVs, tea and coffee-making facilities, and outfitted patios.

Why you should lodge here?

This is one very lodging facility offering beach access, outdoor showers, living spaces, and Continental dishes

Address: Patterson Slot, Paternoster


2. Settle for breakfast at the Cathy’s Kitchen Paternoster

Things To Do In Paternoster

For the very fact that Paternoster forms part of the West Coast Ways Foodie Route known for its seafood and plenty of dining experiences awaiting its guests. Then showing up to have breakfast at Cathy’s Kitchen makes its way into our list of things to do in the area

Playing the both roles of being an eatery as well as a non-profit charity organization, this restaurant house is one of the huge recommendations for guests to come dine at knowing fully well that they get to enjoy a great and delicious meal while supporting a good cause as well.

What to expect?

Guests showing up here get to enjoy every one of the fantastic dishes on its meal menu, be it a light bite or a hearty breakfast.

Address: 1 Seeduiker Street, Voorstrand, Paternoster

3. Enjoy the dining options of Mondvol Coffee Shop

Things To Do In Paternoster

The Mondvol coffee shop is a tourist destination of top interest for guests in search of a nice option of a place to come enjoy a delicious and affordable meal in Paternoster, one which has got its meal menu made up of dishes and delicacies perfect for either breakfast or lunch.

This is evident in the fact that this restaurant house which also serves as a charming café, offers a variety of breakfast and lunch items that should indeed get your taste buds pleased at a pocket-friendly price.

What do they offer?

The Mondvol coffee shop does offer ham and cheese croissants, eggs benedict, chicken Caesar salad, and salmon pasta, mostly served with a cup of French press coffee or freshly brewed tea.

Address: 15 Seemeeu Cres, Pelgrimsrust, Paternoster, 7380, South Africa

4. Hangout at the Sea Shack (Pty) Ltd Cape Columbine Nature Reserve

Things To Do In Paternoster

Next on our list of fun things to do in this regional area of Paternoster is paying a visit to hang out at the Sea Shack, which is situated at the Cape Columbine Nature Reserve, measuring a staggering length that covers over 1,650 hectares and boasts 8 kilometers of unspoiled coastline.

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Famous and made popular for its pristine white beaches, sheltered coves, and dramatic limestone cliffs while also holding the bragging rights of being declared a national monument and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, there’s more to visiting this tourist attraction than just merely hanging out.

What to expect?

Since this is a tourist destination blessed with plenty of breathtaking views, guests showing up here get to be stunned by the beauty of its picturesque environment as well as get up close and personal with some of South Africa’s most fascinating history and nature.

Address: Cape Columbine Nature Reserve, Paternoster

5. Visit the West Coast National Park

Things To Do In Paternoster

The West Coast National Park in Paternoster is a tourist destination that embodies nature generally—a world of natural beauty indeed—and has plenty of adventures awaiting both its residents and visitors to get thrilled and entertained with, as well as discoveries waiting to be explored.

Blessed with the presence of attractions such as Postberg, Preekstoel, Tsaarsbank, Eve’s Trail, Geelbek Visitor’s Centre, and Seeberg Viewing Point; this tourist destination has indeed got plenty of adventures in stock awaiting its guests, which makes visiting even more worthy.

What to expect?

Visitors and tourists alike showing up here get to enjoy snorkeling and swimming as it has got a perfect and excellent spot for that in its clear blue waters and beautiful coral reef, as well as enjoying wildflower spotting, hiking, bird-watching, not forgetting as well a breathtaking view of the whole area.

Address: West Coast DC

6. Enjoy the locally prepared dishes of Wolfgat

Things To Do In Paternoster

Present in the heart of Paternoster and just a stone’s throw away from the beautiful coast comes the restaurant House of Wolfgat, famous for its concentration on a seven-course menu prepared with the very best of local,l, and indigenous ingredients.

Talking of its meal menu, it is one birthed from the sweet combination of seafood with unusual plants harvested from the area, which is to be enjoyed in its rare to come across 20 diners per sitting arrangements.

What to expect?

This is a restaurant house providing an intimate dining experience for its guests.

Address: 10 Sampson Street, Kliprug, Paternoster

7. Try something different with Noisy Oyster

Things To Do In Paternoster

The Noisy Oyster Restaurant House, situated on the outskirts of Paternoster, gives utmost dedication to all these seafood in the area, offering its guests the opportunity to try out something different with the various dining experiences it caters to daily.

Talking about trying something different as it relates to its dining experience, this is an ideal location for both visitors and tourists alike to settle down for the very best of South African cuisine alongside its specialty in a wide variety of seafood, steaks, and pizzas.

Why you should come here?

This restaurant house in the area is blessed with a charming atmosphere made perfect for a night out with friends or a romantic dinner for two.

Address: 62 Saint Augustine Road, Paternoster

8. Grab a glass of beer at the Paternoster Brewery

Things To Do In Paternoster

The highly regarded Paternoster Brewery which also serves as a family-owned restaurant and microbrewery, is one coming to the rescue of both local residents of Paternoster as well as guests as it concerns catering for dining experiences that cover the sweet combination of beer and food.

Blessed with an ever vibrant atmosphere which can also be casual and relaxed in subsequent times, this is perceived by many to be an ideal location to come grab a glass of beer under the care and services of staff’s who are way too friendly and knowledgeable.

What do they offer?

The Paternoster Brewery has an amazing menu featuring local seafood as well as handcrafted beer.

Address: 2 Seemeeu Crescent, Pelgrimsrust, Paternoster

9. Enjoy the bites of seafood at the Die Gaaitjie Restaurant

Things To Do In Paternoster

The Gaaitjie Restaurant has been in existence for over a decade, having come into establishment in 2009, and has ever since been blessing both residents and visitors alike with their favorite and most delicious seafood.

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Naturally endowed and blessed as well with a view that should certainly and definitely make you swoon, this restaurant house is also made perfect for an intimate dinner for two or a fun night out with friends, Gaaitjie is the perfect spot.

What do they offer?

The Die Gaaitijie restaurant house has its meal menu made up of mouth-watering dishes like seared tuna and Patagonian calamari that should certainly and definitely get your taste buds.

Address: Off Sampson Street, Paternoster

10. Catch up with the sights of Paternoster Waterfront

Things To Do In Paternoster

The Paternoster waterfront is one of the tourist attractions in the area blessed with a beautiful sight to behold as well, making it an ideal location to unwind while exploring some other things to do in Paternoster.

Holding the bragging rights as well as being one of the most checked-out tourist attractions in the area according to statistical data put forward, this site is blessed with plenty of things to catch up with and a variety of entertainment options ranging from arts to live theatre.

What other things does happens here?

The Paternoster waterfront has also a nearby vintage shop with a lot of hidden treasure to check out and get for yourself.

Address: Kreefte Street, Kliprug, Paternoster

11. Shop for gifts for your loved ones at Jêm & Pantoffels

Things To Do In Paternoster

Choosing to travel to a region as far as that of Paternoster, courtesy demands that upon returning back home to your loved ones, you shouldn’t come back empty-handed with loads of gifts, which is where the storehouse of Jêm & pantoffels comes in to help.

A store known to be a one-stop shop for all things artisanal, homemade, and organic products in Paternoster, there’s no visiting this store without coming across something nice to gift your loved ones or that special someone.

What do they offer?

This storehouse does offer for sale plenty of lifestyle gifts and pampering products, made suitable and perfect as a present and gift.

Address: Augustine Road, Paternoster

12. Find a dish of your liking at Benguela Blue

Things To Do In Paternoster

The Benguela Blue restaurant house just like most restaurant houses in Paternoster as well is one offering to guests particularly a platform to come enjoy a meal with a view as well as the stunning coastal views of its neighborhood.

Highly recommended for bookings, especially should you consider visiting during the holiday season, this tourist destination is one to come to settle down for a wide variety of options of tasteful and flavorful dishes of your liking.

What other things happen here?

Since it is one very destination blessed as well with the advantage of outdoor seating; this location can also serve as an ideal spot to come hang out with family and friends enjoying its calm atmosphere and weather all together.

Address: 54 Saint Augustine Road, Kliprug, Paternoster

13. Enjoy the fish dishes of Voorstrandt Restaurant

Things To Do In Paternoster

Showing up at the Voorstrandt Restaurant also comes in next on our list of fun things to do around the regional axis of Paternoster, a hidden gem on a white sandy beach accompanied with panoramic views of the sand and sky; all suiting and befitting for a romantic date.

Bearing in mind this is a restaurant house specializing in all manners of fish dishes, you shouldn’t just bother up if you aren’t a fan and lover of fish delicacies, except in the instance you are just interested in taking a stroll around the shores of its beach perfect for a leisure day or romantic evening.

What do they offer?

This restaurant house of Voorstrandt has its meal menu made up of dishes and delicacies ranging from Malay Seafood Curry to Fresh Crayfish served alongside the very best of local wine.

Address: Strandloper Street, Paternoster

14. Shop for your daily wants at Paternoster Xpress

Things To Do In Paternoster

The Paternoster Xpress is more like a retail outlet of top recommendations particularly to guests with plans of spending weeks perhaps months as well in Paternoster; giving them a reliable platform for shopping for all of their daily needs while going about exploring things to do in Paternoster.

Interestingly enough, this retail outlet isn’t only concerned with food items; they also offer a great selection of fashion apparel and accessories for both men and women to match whatever occasion they actually might be heading out for.

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What do they offer?

The Paternoster retail outlet offers a wide list of various items which includes mostly fresh bread, deli meats, salads, and snacks. Though they also make In the form of rentals, provisions for wood, ice, and coolers for whatsoever events you might be interested in hosting.

Address: Saint Augustine Road, Paternoster

15. Enjoy a magical dining experience with De See Kat Restaurant

Things To Do In Paternoster

All roads should definitely lead to the restaurant house of De See Kat, should you happen to be one of those visitors craving a magical dining experience. Located just on the shores of the beach, visiting this restaurant house gives you the assurance of enjoying its stunning water views while also having a meal.

A restaurant house is unique in its own way and staoutrent from the rest, evident in the fact that you get to enjoy the beautiful sights of the incredible sunset from your table.

What do they offer?

The De See Kat restaurant offers a variety of international dishes, perfect for those who want to explore new cuisines.

Address: 32 Saint Augustine Drive, Paternoster

16. Enjoy everything Waffle Wharf has to offer you

Things To Do In Paternoster

This is something of a huge recommendation for individuals on the hunt and searching for an eatery outlet with the very best of waffles while discovering things. As regards this, the Waffle Wharf is best recommended since it is a very popular spot known for its delicious and unique waffles.

It is considered ideal to drop by this location after you have been done checking out some of the exciting and thrilling activities of Paternoster, to come enjoy some of its sweet and savory varieties.

What do they offer?

The Waffle Wharf does offer classics like strawberry and whipped cream, while at other times it offers bacon and cheese.

Address: Nr. 1 Kreefte Street, Kliprug, Paternoster

17. Seek comfort at the Paternoster Lodge

Things To Do In Paternoster

The Paternoster Lodge is one of the very best places to stay for both visitors and tourists alike on the lookout for accommodation in Paternoster that matches their tastes and desires of being convenient and comfortable.

Famous for its interiors and soft furnishings, which to a large extent reflect on its services rendered revolving around maximum comfort, as well as its combination of sandy beaches and seashells, it is indeed worth staying here.

What do they offer?

The Paternoster Lodge does offer to both its local residents and visitors alike spacious en-suite rooms accompanied with magnificent sea views, made up of double beds (some of which can split into single units), fans, a fridge with a mini-bar, and DSTV.

Address: 64 Saint Augustine Road, Kliprug, Paternoster

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18. Drink and enjoy colorful themed music at The Panty Bar

Things To Do In Paternoster

The Panty Bar present in the heart of Paternoster is another tourist destination of top interest in the area as well, blessed with a unique and colorful decor, while also offering up for sale various panty-themed items

Known to be one of the major hosts and anchors of nightlife in the area, this is indeed a place to be should you be interested in partying all night long with a glass of beer in hand, accompanied by sensational background music.

What to expect?

Drink, party and have a great time hanging out in the company of family and friends

Address: 56 Saint Augustine Road, Kliprug, Paternoster

19. Grab a bite of the pizzas of Blikkie Pizzeria

Things To Do In Paternoster

Looking for craving to have the feel of the taste of a delicious pizza, then the eatery house of Blikkie Pizza is one very location you should prioritize visiting, as they are the very best in the game when it comes to offering wood-fired pizzas.

Situated on the shores, which are just a stone’s throw away from the beach, this eatery house also allows guests to behold the stunning views of its neighborhood while also going about enjoying their meals.

What do they offer?

The Blikkie pizzeria apart from offering wood-fired pizzas also does offer pasta, burgers, and seafood.

Address: Corner of Saint Augustine and Tamaryn Road, Paternoster.

20. Make your final stop at the Paternoster Place

Things To Do In Paternoster

Visiting Paternoster just cannot be classified and considered a satisfying experience if you haven’t stopped by this well-established, family-run business in the heart of Paternoster yet. One that, in an ideal sense, serves as a connecting link to some of the top tourist attractions in the area.

Why you should stop by over here?

The Paternoster place is one very popular spot in the area that grants both visitors and tourists alike a one-time access to some other exciting shops and restaurants in the area such as the Noisy Oyster, Hobnobbary, Lilies, and Oep ve Koep.

Address: 13 Kormorant Street, Voorstrand, Paternoster.


In conclusion, there are actually plenty of indoor and outdoor activities to get yourself engaged with which include art tours, horse riding, beach buggy rides, and a whole lot more. All that is expected of you to do is to just make yourself present and available to get entertained and thrilled by them all.

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