20 Best & Fun Things To Do In Gansbaai, Western Cape

Fun Things To Do In Gansbaai, Western Cape

Gansbaai, just like some other towns in the Western Cape Province of South Africa, is a very adventurous town famous for the presence of plenty of water bodies catering to its intense fishing and hunting industries.

Regardless of the fact its guests get to enjoy some sort of proximity to its shark-filled waters off the coast, there is still a whole lot more to catch up with and keep yourself engaged with as well; though its most popular activity remains visiting African penguins at the sanctuary or taking a whale-watching tour.

Within that same context, below has been outlined and highlighted some of the fun things to do and places to visit in Gansbaai, Western Cape.

Fun things to do in Gansbaai, Western Cape

1. Check out the African penguin and seabird sanctuary

things to do in Gansbaai

Paying a visit to the tourist attraction of African Penguin and Seabird Sanctuary walks its way through our list of fun things to do in the area, which is famous for being home to over 250 penguins and a variety of other seabirds.

The sanctuary is designed in a way to play the role of being a haven for every single one of these bird species to breed and raise their young without the threat of predators or human interference.

Why you should visit?

Visiting this tourist attraction affords guests the opportunity of getting Visitors to learn about penguins and seabirds generally.

Address: Kleinbaai, Gansbaai.

2. Explore the water bodies of Gansbaai with Ivanhoe Sea Safari

things to do in Gansbaai

Next on our list of fun things to do in Gansbaai is an adventure anchored by the tour agency of Ivanhoe Sea Safari that has to do with catching up with the unforgettable sights of whales from aboard their glass-bottomed boat.

In an area blessed with plenty of water bodies, as earlier mentioned, this is one of the few exceptional adventures you might experience during your stay in the area. Experiences that should see its tour guides take you out into the open ocean

What to expect?

Guests choosing to take part in this adventure get to position themselves well in a front-row seat to enjoy the incredible sight of these gentle giants of the sea.

Address: 3 Have Weg, Gansbaai

3. Take part in the Shark Lady Adventures

things to do in Gansbaai

Tharklady Adventures, like a few other tour agencies in the region, offers boat trips around Dyer Island, bringing to the tables of its guests the opportunities to enjoy sightings of the different aquatic species of seals, penguins, dolphins, sharks, and whales.

Choosing to be part of this adventure and birthing memorable experiences, guests here are left under the care of its tour guides, who are to take it upon themselves to teach them about the various animals they get to set their sights upon during the trip.

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What other things happen here?

The Sharklady Adventures also caters to scuba diving trips for individuals interested in exploring the underwater world surrounding the island.

Address: 14 Geelbek Street, Van Dyks Bay, Gansbaai

4. Go Whale Watching with Dyer Island Cruises

things to do in Gansbaai

Whale watching is one of the most popular things to do at any point in time should you happen to find yourself in an area with plenty of water bodies around, and Gansbaai is no exception with the presence of Dyer Island cruises.

Dyer Island Cruises is another tour agency offering whale-watching trips between June and November every year.

What should I expect?

This adventure offers guests the magnificent chance of coming across any of these gentle giants up close.

Address: Van Dyks Bay, Gansbaai

5. Settle down for some seafood delicacies at the Kleinbaai Harbour

Kleinbaai Harbour

Visiting the Kleinbaai Harbour, which happens to be one of the few functioning harbors in GGansbaai,is an ideal location to enjoy the very best of the delicious seafood delicacies the region has to offer while watching boats move to and fro.

Paying a visit here isn’t just only limited to the dining experience alone, as guests are also allowed to watch humpback whales pass by here on their migration between Antarctica and Mozambique.

Why you should visit?

Visiting the Kleinbaai Harbour is to enjoy the sweet blend and combo of dining and enjoying wildlife with the presence of penguins, otters, dolphins, mongooses, eagles, ostriches, and flamingos.

Address: Van Dyks Bay, Gansbaai

6. Go Shark Cage Diving with Great White Shark Tours

things to do in Gansbaai

Looking forward to experiencing some wild and crazy adventures during your stay in Gansbaai, well look no further than the Great White Shark Tours; a tour agency in the area catering for one of the most popular things to do in Gansbaai.

This particular tour agency is one taking care of the affairs of anchoring shark cage diving in Gansbaai, especially as it concerns cage diving experiences first with a great white shark and then with a tiger shark.

What to expect?

This is one very fascinating and thrilling adventure that offers both its residents and visitors alike the opportunity of an up-close look at these fantastic creatures.

Address: 8 Swart Street, Kleinbaai, Gansbaai

7. Explore and check out the Klipgat Caves

things to do in Gansbaai

The Klipgat caves which are nestled in the De Hoop Nature Reserve are yet another tourist attraction worth visiting in the area, of which records have it to be about 160 million years old.

It is one of the few worthy items of interest to check out in Gansbaai, especially bearing in mind that it was once home to ancient humans and now reminds us of our origins.

What to expect?

Checking out the Klipgat caves is to be part of its guided tours of coming to learn about the fascinating history of inhabitants of the area

Address: Enter via De Kelders gate at Walker Bay Nature Reserve.

8. Enjoy the wine-tasting experience of Lomond Wine Estate

lomond wine estate gansbaai, western cape

The favorite destination among wine lovers of Lomond Wine Estate is located which is about 30 minutes drive from the heart of Gansbaai, which has gotten the doors to its premises flung wide open for guests to come grab a glass of wine while enjoying the beautiful views of Walker Bay.

Aside from that, the Lomond wine Estate also caters to the tour experience of guiding guests on a walk into its vineyards, which ultimately should lead them to participate in its wine-tasting experience.

What other things does happens here?

The Lomond wine Estate has also gotten some on-site restaurants within its premises for guests to come to settle down for either lunch or dinner.

Address: Avoca Road, Gansbaai

9. Take a stroll at the Walker Bay Nature Reserve

things to do in Gansbaai

The tourist attraction of Walker Bay Nature Reserve is a nature reserve in the area housing the beautiful beaches, lush vegetation, and diverse wildlife of the area; making it ideal and worth visiting, particularly should you be a nature enthusiast.

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This tourist attraction has got that ideal setting perfect to come take a stroll during anyone of your leisure hours or Periods, especially taking into consideration the presence of a Take a boardwalk.

What other things does happens here?

Guests visiting this location are also opportune to enjoy hiking through one of the many trails crisscrossing the reserve while spotting some interesting birds or other animals along the way!

Address: 16 17th Avenue, Hermanus

10. Have an encounter with the Fish Lady

things to do in Gansbaai

Guests staying in Gansbaai wouldn’t be considered to be fulfilled and satisfied if they hadn’t made a stop by yet at the shop outlet of a fish lady; your one-time stop of coming over to pick up the freshest seafood ingredients from the Kleinbaai Harbour.

What does she offer?

The Fish Lady does offer for sale the freshest of seafood ingredients to both its residents and visitors alike, such as fresh fish, crayfish, and mussels caught that day.

Address: 36 Main Road, Gansbaai

11. Enjoy your stay with Romans Villa Boutique guest house

things to do in Gansbaai

Nestled at the outskirts of the Cape Whale Coast, the Romans Villa Boutique Guest House can also pass as a nice option for a place to reside temporarily upon visiting Gansbaai, one which stands out unique when being placed with some other guest houses in the area, judging by the fact that it is within the secure gated Romansbaai Beach & Fynbos Estate.

It is one very lodging facility made up of 6 bedrooms with luxury bedding and linen, alongside a spacious en-suite bathroom and private veranda, not forgetting some other bathroom amenities to compliment the luxury experience.

Why you should stay here?

Here, you get to enjoy great value for money, top-notch experience services, and even greater hospitality.

Address: 340 Oystercatcherroad, Gansbaai, 7220, South Africa.

12. Enjoy the Italian flavors of Guiseppes Trattoria and Cocktail Bar

things to do in Gansbaai

The Guiseppes Trattoria and Cocktail Bar is an Italian-style trattoria nestled in Gansbaai, open all days of the week for guests Italian cuisines and delicacies so great, a few drinks and interacting with like-minded people.

Famous for being a vibey bar with a seating arrangement of cozy and outside picnic tables, this is an ideal location to come take in and enjoy all of the authentic Gansbaai experience when it comes to eating and drinking.

What do they offer?

The Guiseppes Trattoria and Cocktail Bar does offer pizzas with generous toppings, juicy homemade burgers fall-off-the-bone spare ribs, and some other delicacies.

Address: c/o Dirkie Uys & Fabriek Street, Gansbaai, 7220, South Africa.

13. Enjoy comfort far away from home with Benguela Accommodation

things to do in Gansbaai

The favorite spot among tourists of Benguela Accommodation present in Gansbaai is one characterized by its scenic ocean views, a beautiful pool, outdoor private patios, a braai, and a delightful restaurant.

It is one of few accommodations in the area that guests would truly find intriguing, especially taking into consideration it can serve as a perfect place for a restful getaway, especially with relaxing by the pool. However, there is also the option of exploring Gansbaai and nearby towns like Hermanus and Cape Town.

What other things does happens here?

Since Gansbaai is a fishing village, right over here there is also the option of enjoying cage diving with the great white shark or watching the whales from shore or on a boat.

Address: 24 Eiland St, De Kelders, Gansbaai, 7220, South Africa.

14. Pass the night at Oom Piet Accommodation

things to do in Gansbaai

The Oom Piet Accommodation is known for its self-catering options while being situated in the small fishing, an ideal accommodation option catering and serving as a place of retreat for couples, families, and group getaways.

Nestled just at a a short walking distance from the harbor, alongside some of the popular restaurants, shops, galleries, and collectible stores in the area; guests staying over here should consider themselves in for a ride of exploration, relaxation, and treasured moments.

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Why you should stay here?

The Oom Piet Accommodation known for its self-catering options has gotten provisions made for its guests for Equipped kitchenettes, Microwave/Refrigerators, DSTV/ Satellite television, BBQ/patio area, and a whole lot more.

Address: 6 Fabriek Street, Gansbaai

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15. Enjoy the bed & breakfast experience of Sea Star Lodge

things to do in Gansbaai

The Sea Star Lodge famous for its Bed & Breakfast experience in the area is a designated private home, particularly for both visitors and tourists alike looking for an ideal escape from the routine European winter month, one which also affords guests the opportunities to meet and greet with different people from all over the world.

Situated directly at Walker Bay facing the Atlantic Ocean, this lodging facility is one accompanied by a little touch of luxury and wonders of nature in its full glory.

What other things does happens here?

Lodging over at the Sea Star Lodge, there is also the option of going on a shark cage diving trip to discover the Great White Sharks in their natural habitat

Address: 19 Ingangstraat De Kelders, Gansbaai.

16. Enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of Casa Balena

things to do in Gansbaai

The Casa Balena lodging facilities of Gansbaai is a Seafront accommodation in the area, famous among visitors for its established provisions of backup power, air-conditioned accommodation, and a patio.

Situated in the most peaceful and tranquil setting of a beachfront, this lodging facility offers guests an escape route from the hassle and buzz of city life.

Why you should stay here?

The Casa Balena lodging facility has gotten provisions made for access to a terrace, pool at the pool table, and free private parking; all of which makes it stand out from other accommodation options in the area

Address: 27 Kus Rd, Gansbaai, 7220, South Africa

17. Dine at the Great White House Restaurant

things to do in Gansbaai

Located only 200m from the harbor in Kleinbaai of Western Cape, the Great White House Restaurant is one designed for guests to come to settle down for meals so tasteful and drinks so flavorful in the area

Its meal menu is considered that of a full English style, made up of mostly seasonal delicacies of the freshest of ingredients of local Abalone and Mussels, though they also do offer some other traditional dishes.

What to expect?

The Great White House restaurant is one offering the sweet blends and combo of luxury accommodation, great food, and incredible surroundings for sightseeing.

Address: 5 Geelbek St, Van Dyks Bay, 7220, South Africa

18. Enjoy the seafoods of Die Wielhuis

things to do in Gansbaai

The Die Wielhuis restaurant house nestled in Gansbaai is one taking the form of a private dining reservation, considered a favorite spot among tourists due to its staff that is super friendly and helpful while offering fantastic seafood.

Present In a region short of eating options, It is considered the best bet of one of the few places to come settle down for lunch, especially with its calamari options.

What do they offer?

The Die Wielhuis restaurant house of Gansbaai is one with a meal menu of mostly Hake and Calamari combo options.

Address: 2 Mark St, Gansbaai, 7220, South Africa

19. Book your stay at the Cliff Lodge Guest House

things to do in Gansbaai

The Cliff Lodge Guest House is one of the outstanding stylish seafront guest houses nestled in Gansbaai, perfectly located on top of, superbly positioned on the dramatic cliffs of De Kelders overlooking Walker Bay; making it an ideal location as well for a whole lot of sightings.

This is a lodging facility with a little touch of luxury offering a unique B&B an idyllic retreat, accompanied by great value for money through excellent personal service.

Why you should stay here?

The Cliff Lodge Guest House is an Upscale B&B offering stylish rooms with patios and ocean views, plus an outdoor pool.

Address: 6 Cliff St, De Kelders, Gansbaai, 7220, South Africa.

20. Lodge over at the Saxon Lodge

things to do in Gansbaai

The Saxon Lodge is situated in an excellent location to stay at in Gansbaai, where guests can also come enjoy the adventures of White Shark diving and whale watching; since the lodging facility is just a stone’s throw away from the Gansbaai harbor.

Lodging over here is usually accompanied by experiencing a little touch of luxury with its splash pool as well as an uninterrupted view of the Gansbaai harbor, Walker Bay, and the Hottentots Holland.

Why you should stay here?

The Saxon Lodge of Gansbaai is one offering Simple rooms and suites in a harbour-view B&B with an outdoor pool, a pub, and a seafood restaurant.

Address: 1 Muller St, Gansbaai, 7220, South Africa


In conclusion, the regional area of Gansbaai though might be deemed small in terms of its landscape and population size, but not in terms of exciting activities and adventures lying in wait, particularly for its guests

Ranging from wine tastings and whale watching, down to shark cage diving and exploring caves; there is no running out of options for exciting activities and adventures to keep yourself engaged within this little town. Enough reasons why both visitors and tourists alike should pack their bags and head to Gansbaai for an adventure they will never live to forget again.

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