20 Best & Fun Things To Do In Mozambique

Fun Things To Do In Mozambique

It is interesting to find out more about what it feels and takes to have a memorable holiday experience on your trip to Mozambique. Well, it is safe to say that you are at the right place, as this article is to guide you through that


From relaxing on the shores of its beach down to trying out some other activities considered adventurous, there are indeed a whole lot of amazing things to do in Mozambique that both visitors and tourists alike, in most instances, do consider their favorites

In no particular order, below have been highlighted some of the fun and great things to do while on holiday in Mozambique.


Fun Things To Do In Mozambique

1. Go Diving at the Quirimbas Islands

Things To Do In Mozambique

The coastline of Mozambique is blessed and naturally endowed with some of the most intact reef ecosystems in the World, and that of Quirimbas Islands is no exception, as it allows guests to enjoy spectacular diving.

It is an adventurous experience that sees guests getting to swim with Whale Sharks and Manta rays between September and February in favorable weather conditions

What should I expect?

This adventure provides guests with an avenue to set their sights on mostly endangered species of turtle and be very lucky to see a very rare Dugong.


Address: Ibo Island, Province of Cabo Delgado, Mozambique.

2. Spot Lions at Gorongosa National Park

Things To Do In Mozambique

There are only a few tourist destinations to spot African lions in the whole of Mozambique, one of which is Gorongosa National Park, nicknamed Mozambique’s most alluring safari destination.

Spotting lions aside, guests showing up here are also privileged to enjoy sightseeing of some other animal creatures of wild nature, such as elephants, buffalo, zebras, and a variety of antelope, such as impala, nyala, waterbuck, and more.

Why should visit?

Gorongosa National Park is a biodiversity hot spot to spot lions as well as some other wild dogs.

Address: 5FMW+F9J, Goinha, Mozambique

3. Get in close touch with history at Ilha de Mozambique

Things To Do In Mozambique

The tourist destination of Ilha de Mozambique is an island of historic significance that is just quite adjacent to the coast of mainland Mozambique, which in the days was famous for being a major trading port and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Measuring a staggering length of about 3km long and 500 meters wide, this landscape is one that houses plenty of historic sites on the island, especially that of the Chapel of Nossa Senhora de Baluarte, which was built in 1522 and is considered to be the oldest European building in the Southern Hemisphere.

Why should I visit?

There are plenty of interesting buildings of historical significance over here for those interested in history.

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Address: Mozambique

4. Shop for your daily needs at the Maputo Central Market

Things To Do In Mozambique

The Central Market in Maputo is the embodiment of the different varieties of cultures that have influenced Mozambique, one of which has a landscape so large that it can be compared to that of 6 football pitches.

It is one of the nicest places to be in the area, as not only do you get to go on a shopping spree for your daily needs and wants, but you also get to haggle with the vendors to arrive at a satisfying bargain while also interacting with some other residents on the ground.

What do they offer?

The Maputo Central Market does offer for sale mostly vegetables, fresh seafood, and spices, not forgetting home appliances and vibrant carpets.

Address: 2HH9+FFW, Av. 25 de Setembro, Maputo, Mozambique.

5. Enjoy your stay at the Polana Hotel

Things To Do In Mozambique

The Polana Hotel of Maputo, Mozambique, is a designated place of rest for the high-class citizens in the area. Basically, should you be in search of a lodging facility to cater to your interests and craving for luxury, look no further than the grand old dame of African hotels, the Polana Hotel.

Considered to be one of the favorite and most wonderful places to stay in Maputo, this is an ideal lodging facility to come past the night by grabbing some cocktails, soaking up the atmosphere, and enjoying the sweeping views over Maputo Bay.

Why you should lodge here?

Aside from being a top-notch lodging facility that is well equipped, they also offer some other light meals and tropical cocktails to sip on while admiring the view across the bay.

Address: 1380 Av. Julius Nyerere, Maputo 1900, Mozambique.

6. Enjoy Swimming with Wild Dolphins in the Indian Ocean

Things To Do In Mozambique

Though swimming generally should be best enjoyed with fellow humans, right over at the Indian Ocean in Mozambique, that experience is spiced up a whole lot more with the introduction of swimming with totally wild dolphins.

Starting at Ponta do Ouro in southern Mozambique, guests signing up to be part of this very adventure get to dive into the deep sea to spend some time underneath the water with these wild dolphins while being accompanied by researchers.

What should I expect?

Guests signing up for this particular adventure get to learn about how intelligent and playful these mammals are, though they might also be lucky to touch them at subsequent intervals.

Address: Mozambique

7. Explore Limpopo National Park

Things To Do In Mozambique

The tourist destination of Limpopo National Park is one of the most treasured among tourists visiting the area. It is an open-space landscape nicknamed and tagged as one of Africa’s “Lost Edens”.

Being a destination of historical significance as well, there are a whole lot of items to come across as far back as the ancient days, specifically items of exhibits linked to its years of civil war.

What other things happen here?

Guests showing up here can also get to enjoy its wildlife, blessed with the presence of plenty of antelope, as well as its diverse birdlife.

Address: 85WF+3RQ, Bingo, Mozambique

8. Experience Sailing in a Traditional Dhow with a sunset Safari

Things To Do In Mozambique

For the record, the Dhows are traditional sailboats that came into existence as far back as a century ago and have been in existence even until now, one of which does bear some sort of historic significance of being the main form of transport up and down the African coast for centuries.

This experience happening on the water bodies of Mozambique is one that should see guests journeying to and from every single one of its beautiful islands that lie off the coast.

What should I expect?

Guests signing up to be part of this very experience get to enjoy snorkeling while also taking out their time to discover the beauty of the reefs

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Address: X8RC+G39, Vilanculos, Mozambique

9. Enjoy horseback riding at Wimbe beach

Things To Do In Mozambique

Enjoying horseback riding on the beach is a romance-filled adventure that couples should come to be part of. An adventure that should see lover birds riding on the back of a horse along the endless stretches of sandy white beaches.

That aside, this destination is also perfect for guests to come to soak up themselves under the heat of the day with the sun beaming brightly thousands of miles away in the sun.

What should I expect?

This adventure is one that can be enjoyed fully by both experienced and novice riders, taking into consideration the fact that its horses are well-trained.

Address: 2GHV+893, Avenida da Marginal Norte, Praia do Wimbe, Pemba, Cabo Delgado, Pemba, Mozambique.

10. Enjoy Big Game Fishing on the water bodies of Zalala Beach

Things To Do In Mozambique

When we talk about Mozambique, we are talking about big game fishing in the same manner as well, since it is a very rich region endowed with the presence of plenty of water bodies.

Turning up at any one of its water coasts is to come to take part in every single one of its variety and abundance of big game fish scheduled to be held all season long and all year round.

What should I expect?

This fishing adventure takes place on a tag-and-release basis, with guests advised not to do much of themselves.

Address: Travessa 1 de Junho No. 175, Anexo, Quelimane, Zambezia, Mozambique.

11. Dine on the beach with South Beach Maputo

Things To Do In Mozambique

The South Beach Maputo restaurant house, just as its name implies, is nestled on the shores of the Maputo beach in Mozambique. A place you would love to visit is situated on the beach and famous for its great food and wonderful drinks.

Known as well for its staff service, which is considered so attentive and super friendly, dining over here is spiced up in an atmosphere of great vibe, complimented by its menu of excellent food and tasteful delicacies.

Why you should dine here?

The South Beach Maputo is an outdoor seating area that has an on-site bar/lounge and restaurant catering to guests’ appetizing demands.

Address: Maputo, Mozambique

12. Enjoy the seafood dishes of Zambi

Things To Do In Mozambique

The Zambi Restaurant, located in the heart of Maputo Bay, is one of the ideal date locations in the area, judging by the fact that it has a picturesque setting and spectacular views of the sea.

Considered a tourist’s best bet for spending their leisure hours settling down for a fantastic lunch in Maputo, this restaurant house caters to the fantastic lunch of prawns and chicken, tagged as the most flavorful by guests who had previously visited.

What do they offer?

The Zambi restaurant house does offer Seafood dishes and delicacies that are considered the most yummy

Address: 2H9H+WQV, Av. 10 de Novembro, 8, Maputo, Mozambique.

13. Enjoy the coffees and desserts of Restaurant Ancora d’Ouro

Things To Do In Mozambique

The Restaurant house of Ancora d’Ouro serves the dual purpose of being a bar-restaurant and pizzeria on Mozambique Island. A fast food service catering for coffee, desserts, and snacks on a sunny afternoon.

That aside, it has also gotten its own menu made up of seafood dishes and delicacies of lobster, which can be very appetizing on a very good day.

what other things do they offer?

They also offer ice-cold, freshly squeezed lemon juice with a teaspoon of sugar, providing sweet relief.

Address: XP9P+5R4, Moçambique, Mozambique

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14. Enjoy Diving and Snorkeling at Bazaruto National Park

Things To Do In Mozambique

The Bazaruto National Park is one housing the Bazaruto Archipelago, characterized as an idyllic, palm-lined, and white sandy isolated beach in Mozambique, considered the perfect Indian Ocean island retreat.

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Showing up here is primarily for its main attractions that are linked to diving and snorkeling since it has become one of the top snorkeling spots in the area where whales and sharks are regularly spotted.

What other things happen here?

The Bazaruto National Park has a peaceful environment for relaxation as well as a beach perfect for taking a stroll.

Address: 9F28+7VM, Asneira, Mozambique

15. Enjoy the nightlife of Gypsy’s Bar

Things To Do In Mozambique

Next on our list of fun things to do in Mozambique is one that involves dancing your sorrows away at the Maputo Concert, vibing, and jamming to nice tunes as its mounted loudspeakers keep blazing the trails all night long.

What should I expect?

Happening in the capital city famous for its vibrant nightlife, this is the perfect place to grab a glass of beer, watch live music, and dance the night away in this city that never sleeps.

Address: 243 Rua Do Bagamoyo, Maputo, Mozambique

16. Take part in the Ocean Safari adventures of Tofo

Things To Do In Mozambique

The tourist destination of Tofo is a village considered small in terms of size and population but remains popular among tourists visiting Mozambique, which is evident with the presence of plenty of low-key eateries, guesthouses, and shops.

Though there are plenty of attractions to catch up with over here, one that remains popular among them all is its ocean safaris, a worthy sight of marine wildlife such as manta rays, dolphins, turtles, and whale sharks.

What should I expect?

To be part of this adventure, visitors must first be well-equipped with snorkels and then wait a little bit for the green light before diving into the ocean.

Address: Beach Road, Tofo, Praia de Tofo, Inhambane, Mozambique.

17. Enjoy the Delicious Seafood at Fish market

Things To Do In Mozambique

Should you be interested in settling down to try out the very best of local cuisine hailing from Mozambique while journeying, then the fish market should be your best bet as you get ready to be taken on a treat in Mozambique.

Showing up here is basically to come to dine and bite through its freshly grilled fish, lobster, crab, and octopus. You might as well choose to try out its prawns delicacies, which it is famous for.

What other things do they offer?

The fish market also offers hot peri-peri sauce, a local concoction made with chilies, lemon, and garlic.

Address: 3J8H+5RX, Maputo, Mozambique

18. Enjoy Snorkeling at the Lago Niassa

Things To Do In Mozambique

The tourist attraction of Lago Niassa holds the bragging rights of being one of the third largest lakes in Africa, serving as a habitat for a variety of over 850 species of fish.

It is a place of milestone in the area for you to come and enjoy every single one of the snorkeling opportunities the area has gotten to offer because it has more than all the freshwater species in North America and Europe combined.

What should I expect?

Here, visitors get to enjoy every single one of its fantastic snorkeling opportunities as well as explore every one of its eco-friendly lodges.

Address: Mozambique

19. Hangout at Maputo National Park

Things To Do In Mozambique

Visiting Maputo National Park should be at the at the top of the priority list of guests looking forward to enjoying the sweet blend and combo of beach and bush in the area. A landscape that has been in existence as far back as the year 1960.

Established primarily to protect a population of several hundred elephants resident in the far south of Mozambique, there is no other location considered ideal in the whole of the area to come enjoy a bush and beach experience while also enjoying the sightings of some of its onsite creatures than at Maputo National Park.

What should I expect?

Guests visiting this national park get to enjoy a game drive accompanied by sightseeing of elephants, as well as an ocean safari spotting whales and other marine giants.

Address: Estrada N200, Km 68, Mozambique

20. Behold the beauty of the Rock Art at Chinhamapere Hill

Things To Do In Mozambique

The tourist attraction of Chinhamapere Hill, nestled as well in Mozambique, is one of the preferred choices of outdoor enthusiasts and one of the most sacred rock-art sites you might ever get to come across in the whole of your lifetime.

It is one of few options for refreshing activities and adventures to try out in the area since you can go about checking out and exploring its environs without having to come across any other explorers as well

What should I expect?

Guests showing up here get to go on an exploration tour while also enjoying the serenity and tranquility of the environment.

Address: Mozambique


In conclusion, Mozambique is known for its beaches and remote islands, making it a center of attraction among visitors. With plenty of places worth visiting to come, have a relaxing holiday with plenty of sun and sea.

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